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Sex stories fantasies

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Started by Lvphose at 27,Feb,24 21:27  other posts of Lvphose
Here is a sex fantasy I’ve had a long time!

They probably don’t know I have fantasies like this!

I have jerked off many times to this fantasy!

I was very horny and so was my girlfriend we went to visit my friend but he wasn’t there but his wife was! My gf talking to her and told her she was reallly horny and bet together they could really get me super horny!
My friends wife agreed and I instructed both gals to put on pantyhose and then lay down on the bed on their stomachs. I then blindfolded them! I got between them admiring their ass, legs and feet in pantyhose. I then started with my gf on the left using my left hand rubbing her pussy on the outside of her pantyhose, I could feel the moisture and she would sigh in pleasure! Still stimulating my gf I did the same to my friends wife, she too was hot and moist and moaned!
I then positioned them where my gf ass & pussy were of my friends wife face & My gf face hovered over my friends wife’s pussy! I then had them lick each others pussy on the outside of the pantyhose. When I then ripped open the crotch of each gals pantyhose. Still blind folder I had the eat & lick each others pussy & clit!
They were writhing in pleasure when I took off their blind folds so each could see the others pussy as they pleasured it!
This made me real horny and I got behind my gf and entered her with my hard cock having my friends wife tongue my cock and balls while I fucked my gf. Not wanting to cum too soon I pulled out and told my gf I was now going to have her watch and lick my friends wife’s pussy while I fucked her!

We were all hot & bothered and I wasn’t sure how long I could keep from cumming! So quickly I had them lie on their backs and told both to use their pantyhose covered feet to continue to stimulate my hard cock and my balls!

I couldn’t take it anymore and I pulled my cock from their feet and in a couple of strokes with my hand I was so horny that I had enough cum load I shot my warm cum hitting both gals face, breast, nylon covered legs and feet! I then had both pleasure my cock and balls with their hands and mouth!

The post orgasm stimulation was so pleasurable and got to be so sensitive I had to make them stop. The view is in my minds eye, seeing my cum on their face & breast Ali g with the wet shine of their pantyhose where my cum landed made me want to start another fantasy!

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