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kinkiest sexual experiences or fantasies

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Started by #552392 at 23,Jul,18 15:43
Curious about some of the most kinkiest sexual scenario's out there. i love dirty stories and am open to anything

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By Lilboi at 27,May,22 22:04 other posts of Lilboi 
On grindr a guy with a BBC asked me if I wanted to hookup.
At his place I met his 4 roommates and in his room he took my pants off and touched me. On my knees he took my shirt off while I took his uncut 9 inch hung BBC out and licked it
On my back he spread apart my legs and fingerd me with lube. He squirted lube in my ass. Before trying to fit his big dick in my tight skinny ass making me squirm and moan loudly. He told me to be quiet while playing with my smooth cock n balls. He has to cover my mouth while pushing his thick curved black cock into my hole. My shriek got the other guys attention and 2 came in the room. Gagged and surrounded by by huge bbc's I sucked and got face fucked. Sobbing while one of the guys chocked licked bit my neck and held me up arms under my thighs and up my back. After they each came in me they took me to the living room where the other 3 guys rubbed each other's dicks.

By lovetolickyou at 21,May,22 01:26 other posts of lovetolickyou 
When I look at porn, one of the things I feel drawn to is medical themes where a nurse or female doctor is handling a guy. One thing I feel excited about seeing is a woman injecting saline in a guy's cock. There's a series called Perfect Nurse that shows this happening and I love it. It always makes me cream. I'm not inclined to have anything to do with needles and injections otherwise, and generally the idea of having pain inflicted on me is more gratifying than actually experiencing it, but I'd love to have a female medical person handling my cock and feeling them piercing my cock with needles and injecting saline into it. The handjob that generally is the way these scenes end is something I really want to feel, with my cock all chubbed up from saline and having her bringing me to a climax.

By Wantboth at 18,May,22 05:29 other posts of Wantboth 
When my deceased wife and I got married in 1970, she worked days and I worked nights. We were both wanting as much se as we could get. One night as I headed to work, I was a little early. We met at the corner next to A big department store. We slipped into a bunch of rose bushes planted right beside the two roads, but it was dark enough we didn't think we'd get caught. We pulled our pants off and fucked standing, then laying down doggy style. We waited until traffic let up, got up, dressed, she went to our apartment, I went to work.

By Apantyhoselovr at 28,Oct,21 08:31 other posts of Apantyhoselovr 
just 3 weeks ago i was at a friends house and he had a couple there friends of his and i showed up as usual in pantyhose and heels. in his room was this m-f couple. nice kids, so he has me on his bed to suck me. the girl left a minute and i thought uh oh,,,not into it. then she came back in wearing a 8 in. thick strap on. she mounted him as he sucked me for about 10 min. then pulled out and went in the rest room. he laid beside me and told me suck my dick. i never had with a girl there, about then she comes back and looks at me and says your turn! well i got on all 4s at the end of the bed as i felt her lube me up and then enter me with that thick head she asked are you ok i said yes then she slid all in and started opping my cherry. she put her hand on my head and pushed mt head down on his dick and told me suck that cock baby while i fuck this tight ass and i started letting him enjoy the feel i was giving. i noticed the clock it was twenty minutes later she pulled out and whispered awesome fuck baby and suck too. i told the guy when she came back in to let me suck him more. when she did she sat there and talked as i sucked him and damni was damn turned on knowing shw was watching me suck him.
By steffilincoln at 07,Apr,22 19:17 other posts of steffilincoln 

By Arlo at 24,Apr,22 22:20 other posts of Arlo 
Very hot story. Made me hard as hell. I need someone to peg me.

By Greek18cm at 20,Mar,22 20:44 other posts of Greek18cm 
Forced by a girl to ruby cockhead to an other cockhead before she let me fuck her.
By leopoldij at 06,Apr,22 18:52 other posts of leopoldij 
Did you cum in her?
By Greek18cm at 20,Apr,22 16:31 other posts of Greek18cm 
Generally I dont/can't cum... But I have to admit that my cock was felt closer to cum during the time she was rubbing the two cockheads together than when I was fucking her...
By leopoldij at 20,Apr,22 18:02 other posts of leopoldij 
So you only cum by masturbation?
By Greek18cm at 20,Apr,22 18:59 other posts of Greek18cm 
Even that is a rear thing.
Usually I masterbate 1 hour or two and just stop.

If I insist in order to cum it will take me 4,5 or even 6 hours...

Ofcourse there are exceptions (we'll come ones) that I manage to cum in less than 1 hour but that's not something that happens often
By leopoldij at 20,Apr,22 19:09 other posts of leopoldij 
But can you get an orgasm without cumming or do you not have orgasms?
By Greek18cm at 20,Apr,22 19:13 other posts of Greek18cm 
Well to me orgasm and cumming seems the same.

If you mean that if a feel pleasure yeah I feel good at times...

If you mean if my cock have spasms and contracts (sory if the words are not correct) but not shooting cum then no... I no dry orgasms if you mean that, no spasms no cum no nothing.

Just a fat hard cock that you can beat as much time as you please until you bored
By leopoldij at 20,Apr,22 19:15 other posts of leopoldij 
Yeah you're right , cumming and orgasm is the same thing. I was just wondering....

Well, it takes you long time to cum but youdo feel pleasure when you're masturbating or fucking, that's nice.
By Greek18cm at 20,Apr,22 19:23 other posts of Greek18cm 
Oh I feel nice and don't care that I can't cum really.

It's girls that don't like it and I wander why is it so bad...

(And also some friends that played with my cock don't like that I can't cum)

But I feel great.
By leopoldij at 21,Apr,22 00:38 other posts of leopoldij 
It's great that you feel great. Never mind what they think.

By leopoldij at 21,Apr,22 00:39 other posts of leopoldij 
Those friends that played with your cock, are they male or female?
By Greek18cm at 21,Apr,22 20:03 other posts of Greek18cm 
Both. Usually if it is a female it stops to be a friend and becomes a girlfriend though...

But yeah there are a couple male friends, or more than a couple maybe...
By leopoldij at 21,Apr,22 21:08 other posts of leopoldij 
Cool. How long ago was it when male friends played with your cock?
By Greek18cm at 22,Apr,22 16:43 other posts of Greek18cm 
The random instances occurred about 3 or 4 years back...

But there is one friend (that I am pretty sure os gay) that every time he finds a chance makes contact with my cock.

So that was...I don't know a week ago maybe, by he did ot jack me off or something, but it was the last time someone touched my cock...
By leopoldij at 22,Apr,22 21:37 other posts of leopoldij 
Did you touch his cock too?
By Greek18cm at 24,Apr,22 16:35 other posts of Greek18cm 
No, I don't touch cocks.
Generally I don't like cocks.

Well I like to compare mine to other cocks yeah but I am not into men...

It's just I don't care if a friend wants so badly to touch or play with mine, I will not say no... Just making clear to him that this is the only thing is gona happened.
By leopoldij at 24,Apr,22 17:41 other posts of leopoldij 
Good deal. I don't like cocks either. But I've only let a guy touch me once for 1 minute. I hated it so I told him to stop. He did, but he continued masturbating until he came. Nothing happened to me.

But I do like to see cocks entering a pussy or being sucked by a woman. Because I like to see her reactions. I also like to cocks cum on a woman, on her face, mouth, pussy, etc. I've watched couples fuck live and masturbated while watching or, when possible, fucked the woman too or another woman.
By Greek18cm at 24,Apr,22 18:15 other posts of Greek18cm 
Nah not really like all those thinks.

I just, well when watching porn, if the cock is look like mine, I like watch it, like feeling it's mine that fucks the pussy or mouth etc...

Nah generally don't like cocks, just love to compare it with mine.

By bil47 at 07,Apr,22 12:15 other posts of bil47 
FMM 3-way?
By Greek18cm at 20,Apr,22 16:33 other posts of Greek18cm 
What's the FMm ??? Female male male??? If you mean that then no...

She just had that fantasy.
Her friend was gay and wanted to.
So they collaborate into making me accept and participate to ...put out my cock...

But no, there was no 3some fuck.
By Richie at 24,Apr,22 18:36 other posts of Richie 
damn if that were me I'd be so happy. I'd jerk the other guy off but nothing else

By thebeewolf at 23,Apr,22 15:55 other posts of thebeewolf 
A young couple has me come over because they want me to fuck her while he watches. She loves it. I'm loving it. He's loving it and wanking his little dick while a real man fucks his wife in front of him.

Then it turns into a pregnancy scare. I'm going to cum in her, bareback. Big load of sperm. Knock her up with twins, maybe. I'm moaning and swearing and getting closer. She's panicking and doesn't want me to cum in her. I tell them I either cum in her his mouth.

Then she starts yelling at him to get over there and lay his head on her belly so I can pull out of her and shove it in his mouth. He doesn't want to, but she makes him do it.

Finally I can't hold it any longer and I pull out of that hot, wet pussy and plunge it into his (unwilling?) mouth and squirt, squirt, squirt all that baby batter inside.

By XJacker at 21,Apr,22 22:03 other posts of XJacker 
Meeting some of the boys from my schooldays I masturbated with and hand jobbed with now as grown men.

By CAT at 21,Apr,22 12:20 other posts of CAT 

By Blade at 21,Apr,22 02:42 other posts of Blade 
Anyone into those Timestop fantasies? Thought of being able to do that, and see hot girl and just mouth fuck her is beyond.
By samsam at 21,Apr,22 08:38 other posts of samsam 
Thanks for the new wank material!

By #29033 at 18,Aug,21 14:42
Getting fucked by a big fat cock while my wife squats over me and pisses on my face.
By Timtriple at 07,Apr,22 12:58 other posts of Timtriple 
That sounds nice...I want that too..
By #29033 at 20,Apr,22 14:42
I think about this alot!

By Timtriple at 08,Apr,22 14:37 other posts of Timtriple 
I don't know if it' s so kinky, I sometimes let my wife fuck me with her hand. With the other free Hand,she masturbates my cock. It's hard to bear, but sometimes I need it.

By lovetolickyou at 07,Apr,22 07:32 other posts of lovetolickyou 
I'd like to meet a long-term jerk and suck buddy with a small cock and big puffy sack that wanted as much oral sex as I do.

By BINudist41 at 17,Mar,22 08:20 other posts of BINudist41 
Got my dick sucked on a Greyhound bus about 4 years ago. Didn't get her name. I also fingered her pussy. She was nerdy but sexy.
By german_guy at 17,Mar,22 19:15 other posts of german_guy 
that's worth riding bus

By BirdDog at 18,Mar,22 19:55 other posts of BirdDog 
Go Greyhound and Leave the Driving to Us

By leopoldij at 06,Apr,22 18:53 other posts of leopoldij 
Did you know her before?

By #658436 at 26,Mar,22 20:00
Not able to put on here without getting banned
By #666094 at 28,Mar,22 04:10
me as well

By leopoldij at 06,Apr,22 18:52 other posts of leopoldij 
Strange. What could you say and get banned?
Here, everything goes.

By Auscock21 at 05,Apr,22 23:58 other posts of Auscock21 
First time I had my asshole tongue fucked and I was sucking my first cock at the same time.

By CAT at 21,Mar,22 12:16 other posts of CAT 
I had a wine enema in a swinger’s party that I had to hold until my party partner penetrated me. When he did, I exploded and drenched him and two other guys waiting their turn with red wine. I licked all three of them. I like red wine.

By Ablaze at 20,Mar,22 20:29 other posts of Ablaze 
My kinkiest was a group sex with 7 other gays all night long, using drugs and stimulants. I enjoyed to feel my ass and mouth filled by so many dicks and loads all night long and also to fuck so much.
The strongest sensation I had - the first time blowjobs with a man, the first times anal, the first time group sex, the first time anal orgasm, the first DP. Usually when I want to do something kinky I do it when I feel ready.

By Caliboner at 18,Mar,22 14:24 other posts of Caliboner 
I was in college and had a wild GF. I met in drawing class as she was the model.
And I found her form very arousing. Which was unusual for me as I wanted to be an artist and just draw.
After class she told me I shouldn’t look at her that way. I told her I couldn’t help it and did she want to go out for a drink?
After a few drinks we went back to my place. My roommate was not there and we drank some wine and ended up fucki g with enthusiasm.
We got together now and then over a year or so.
She had this dog, an English sheep dog all shaggy full make and a total goof ball..
One night we are in my room fooling around sucking and fucking taking our time .My roommate doesn’t like the dog roaming around the house so he’s in with us.
She loved when I traded off ducking g and eating her pissy and I liked it too . I had just pulled out of her juicy cunt and was licking it when I felt the dogs tongue between my ass cheeks licking my asshole. This turned me on incredibly and I just kept licking her cunt suck I g her erect clit. The dog licking my ass and balls . Suddenly she came hard and was squirting my face and I shot mynload .. o rolled and lay beside her she loved kissing with much mouth full if her juices. The dog wa slicking my cock and her pussy alternately and we both so turned on by it.
The dog with a big hardon too and she stroking him and then me stroking him too and he dummy o my hand she licks it and then we kiss with doggy cummm.
I still get hard for both of them.

By XJacker at 17,Mar,22 10:00 other posts of XJacker 
Being hand jobbed by a guy with my cock head nestling in my wife’s naked bum crack while she’s on all fours. I guess that’s tame by some people’s standards but we have to start somewhere!

By Dick60 at 08,Nov,21 11:16 other posts of Dick60 
When me and another guy put our dick in her at the same time

By #568296 at 27,Nov,18 07:04
For some reason I fantasise about being fucked unwillingly by 20+ men. Men with huge cocks surrounding me holding me down and abusively fucking me as I cry and struggle
By grifkami at 04,Nov,21 03:11 other posts of grifkami 
Yeah tFunny. It was my ex boyfriend's boyfriends fantasy to be pinned down Is tied to the bedroom legs and arms and and plowed deep deep and hard cumming in multiple times but pulling out just before he orgasms to torture him for 12 hours until I finallor more hours until I finally
allow him to blow a huge load

By #654420 at 28,Oct,21 09:03
So, I'm gay, my experience wasn't that kinky, but I remember I was really sensitive in my penis and balls, even my underwear could cause me boners
I went to the doctor to check me, I was kinda nervous, but exited for some reason, maybe because someone was going to see my penis
So, I arrive, and knew that doctor, and that he was gay, somehow I got more exited
He told me to drop my pants and sit
He started touching, and immediately my dick went hard as a rock, he kept touching and, I don't know how, but I started feeling the orgasm getting closer, I tried to control myself, but I ended up cumming everywhere, after some awkward seconds (where he kept doing as nothing happened) he told me that nothing was wrong and I was healthy, he gave me a tissue to clean up myself, I was embarrassed, I thought he was angry at me, after I dressed up and went outside, he grabbed me from the shoulder and told me to not feel bad for what happened, and he wasn't angry or something. That last part really made me feel different, sometimes I jerkoff thinking about that moment and feeling

By #644968 at 31,Aug,21 11:20
My sons 20 yo girlfriend turns me on so hard, i have this fantasy fucking her hard

By PSerect at 15,Aug,21 20:17 other posts of PSerect 
True Story!! I was 18 and it was winter at the shore again so I went to the arcades to play air hockey. A girl came up to me and started talking a lot, very friendly and flirting. I stopped her and said I was flattered by the attention, but that I was gay. She was so cool about it and we hung out, played air hockey and drank way too much. The arcade was closing and I was too drunk to drive so she said I could hang out at her place which was very close until i sobered up. When we got the her place, her mother was sitting in the living room listening to music and singing. It was all good and instead of me sobering up they kept refilling my wine glass. At some point I remember waking up and having no idea where I was but feeling a wicked hangover. I was laying in a bed naked, on one side was the girl I met and on the other was her mother both laying there naked. I freaked! I slid out of bed and crawled to the door where I found my clothes and car keys. I quietly made my way to the front door and looked at my reflection in the mirror by the door. I was horrified! My body was covered in make up! all types of different pictures and symbols. I also found a few polaroid pics laying there of me being fucked by these two women using some giant dildos and the worse one was a pic of her mother with her hand inside my ass. I quickly opened the door and was gone. I never saw either one of those women again.
By spermkiss at 18,Aug,21 16:16 other posts of spermkiss 
Pretty amazing! And just so fantastic that it's got to be true. I totally believe you. Nobody could make up something like this.

By lovetolickyou at 27,Nov,18 07:19 other posts of lovetolickyou 
When I was in hospital emergency a couple of months ago, I had my first experience being catheterized, and being assisted by several nurses holding me while I peed. I was traumatized and horrified while it was happening, but it's become a huge turn-on to fantasize about while I'm jerking off. I find myself wanting to be taken by a woman who forces me to strip and masturbate for her and perhaps some of here friends.
By Lvphose at 09,Aug,21 07:37 other posts of Lvphose 
I thank that fantasy I’d like to experience that too!

By Lilboi at 01,Oct,19 01:37 other posts of Lilboi 
My friend and i stripped naked kissing on a bed while 4 men take turns fuxking our feet. The 4 of them take turns fucking us making us beg and moan

By Lookingtosee at 14,Jun,19 06:38 other posts of Lookingtosee 
I have been in a threesome,with a guy and a girl but would love three guys,I always fantasize about being in the middle on my knees sucking a cock while I'm fucked from behind

By #591543 at 14,Jun,19 03:20
Watching my 50yo girlfriend being fucked by 4 teenage guys 16 to 18 having all the boys fuck her and then I lick the young jiz out of her
Seeing young guys puming my girl and her sucking young cock exites me
That is a fantasy not real

By #516354 at 12,Jun,19 06:25
My ex wife(also my Mistress)used to cam our B.D.S.M sessions on an adult dating site.We met and became friends with a local guy(a Master) on there and would cam and chat with him.One evening She invited him to our house and when He arrived I was ordered by my Mistress to strip.Although He had seen me naked on cam I found it humiliating to be stood there naked (except for my cock cage and collar)in person.I was tied face down by my wrists and ankles bent over a table.The Master then had sex with my Mistress with Her humiliating me by saying things like 'He's much bigger than you'and 'He can last a lot longer than you' etc.When they had both had their orgasms my Mistress came over to me and shoved her dripping pussy in my face and ordered me to lick it clean.Once done She put her strap-on on and started to fuck me in the arse(She had used this before as well as dildos and butt plugs).The Master then shoved His cock in my mouth and told me to clean it and get it hard again.As She watched me sucking His cock my wife thought it funny and started laughing and calling me a 'sissy faggot'.Once I had got it hard He told my Mistress that He wanted to fuck my arse,so they swapped places and He gave my arse a good fucking.After He had cum in my arse I was released,cock cage removed and told to masturbate over the table whilst They watched.So I stood there cum dripping out of my arse masturbating(both laughing and making humiliating remarks at me) and when I had shot my load over the table,They ordered me to lick it all up.

Having His cock in my arse felt completely different to having the strap-on,dildos and butt pugs in there.It was warm and not cold like them for a start and seemed to move in and out differently,it was a great sensation

By knewbi at 24,Jul,18 19:08 other posts of knewbi 
An all male sex party with 8 other guys. me being the new guy they have a rule that the new guy has to suck each cock for a reasonable period of time. then each of them have to suck the new guy. Then it all breaks loose. What a memory!!
By bil47 at 24,Jul,18 19:22 other posts of bil47 
I love that there's an "initiation". Even better that it consisted of sucking eight cocks, one after the other!
By knewbi at 24,Jul,18 19:27 other posts of knewbi 
It was a wonderful day... Hard cocks everywhere. All shape and sizes. Also being the new meat there I was in high demand!!

By nolongercurious at 09,Jun,19 14:22 other posts of nolongercurious 

By bil47 at 23,Jul,18 15:59 other posts of bil47 
Role-playing a dom/sub scenario with a young gay stud. I played at being his sissy-slut slave for a couple hours of BDSM and raw sex.

By #552392 at 23,Jul,18 16:07
That's so hot. i love being the submissive as well

By nolongercurious at 09,Jun,19 14:21 other posts of nolongercurious 
I love that picture of your cock. I too love to be the submissive sissy slut.

By #566722 at 08,Sep,18 23:48
For some time I have been dreaming about my younger ****.I dream that i come in her room and saw her naked in bed masturbatin,rubbing her pussy.I would ask her is she need help and she just smiles so I come in her bed and start rubbing her pussy.Slide on finger inside her, while licking her clitoris.Start eating her pussy, my whole face between her legs and she just breathes heavily until she starts shaking uncontrollably and feels orgasm from my mouth.Then I would just leave her in her room.

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