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sex on the beach

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Started by #77102 at 20,Jun,10 19:24
my 64 yo gf and i got to the beach early yesterday and we were pretty much all alone. we started kissing and soon i was hard so we covered up with the blanket and fucked right there on the beach. i know some people saw us and knew what we were doing. it was also the first time we fucked without a condom and she said i must have cum a ton cause my stuff leaked out for an hour.

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By #662360 at 03,Sep,23 14:04
I had sex with my girl in a cave off a beach in Cornwall, England. We’d been on the beach, her in a bikini and me in speedo swim trunks and we’d got ourselves aroused just kissing and fondling. The beach was quite empty but we saw this cave. We went in. More fondling with my hand down inside her bikini bottom and her hand down inside my speedos. Then the inevitable happened. Her bikini bottom and my speedos came off, I was on top of her and my cock slid in. We didn’t take long till I jerked in her and filled her.

By Maxwell_93 at 03,Sep,23 13:17 other posts of Maxwell_93 
Never on the beach, but in the water and I found that difficult

By #692872 at 03,Sep,23 11:05
I meet this guy Dave on he was 65 I am 49 we have a beach called playLinda it nude beach I meet him there iwa butt naked so was I he tow chair's and 6 man tent set up under a canopy we set in the chair and madr our sniffed poppers we want in his tent he fucked my throat and finger my ass and pissed in my mouth he butt fucked me and choke me

By #500159 at 23,Oct,15 11:56
im a devotee of nude each seeing guys naked getting hot then into the sanddunes to suck any cock i can
By #485312 at 23,Oct,15 12:04
Id like to devour your cock while youre sucking some other dudes cock *lix *

By spermkiss at 23,Jun,10 17:28 other posts of spermkiss 
I've had sex at nude beaches hundreds of times, sometimes when there were people on neighboring beach towels just a few feet away. Outdoor public sex is a very liberating and exhilarating experience. Try it.

Having said that, however, I probably should address the question of whether this violates nude beach etiquette. There are those who say that at a nude beach there should be no displays of affection between people and even touching should be strictly limited. And men should never get erections. I say that depends on the nude beach.

At a family nude beach with children present I'd agree about the no displays of affection and the limited touching. Erections are another matter as they are a natural and normal occurrence. If a man is reclining on his beach towel sunning himself and minding his own business and he gets a spontaneous erection that is no big deal. So long as he does not flaunt his arousal there is no problem.

At an adult nude beach, especially a gay nude beach, where sex on the beach is de rigueur, then go with the flow and suck and fuck to your heart's content.
By #33101 at 24,Jun,10 11:59
Sounds entirely reasonable to me. Just wish I could go to that kind of beach...
By spermkiss at 24,Jun,10 16:09 other posts of spermkiss 
Come to California. Sex on the beach is regarded as a natural right here.
By #33101 at 25,Jun,10 17:37
Bet the cops don't quite share your view...
By spermkiss at 07,Jul,10 16:43 other posts of spermkiss 
Actually, sex on the beach is very much tolerated here in the San Francisco area. (Depending on the beach, of course.) There are almost never arrests for this. If the police do observe sexual activity about the most they'll do it to tell those doing it to stop. And even that doesn't happen very often. They've got their priorities in order in that they have more important things to do than bust people for sucking and fucking.

As I said in my first post, I've had sex on the beach hundreds of times.

By #43515 at 24,Jun,10 19:44
I have had Both Str8/MMF and Gay sex on nude beaches. Not the kind you bring kids too. Nothing Like getting a good hard on for anyone to look at [ if they so desire]
I'm shaved [ been shaved for over 20 years] and have Pierced cock [frenum] balls and Nipples. The rings are a attention getter. I even had a bell attached to my ball piercing

By #34282 at 24,Jun,10 19:05
The thought of getting sand stuck there, and by "there", most guys will know what I mean, has kept me from trying sex on the beach But where I live, the beaches don't have sand on them, they have rocks and pebbles

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