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Started by #85268 at 13,Jul,10 10:29
Hey guys, just wondering, I'm planning to undergo a vasectomy, BUT, is a bit unsure and I supose scared in a way. Please share your experiences

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By tb1 at 29,Dec,22 14:31 other posts of tb1 
If you get a V, the odds are that you might incur prostate troubles as you get older.
By lawrenceo at 31,Dec,22 10:46 other posts of lawrenceo 
Some studies have suggested that vasectomy is associated with the increased risk of prostate cancer, however, this conclusion is not supported by all the published studies.

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Other studies don't support the connection.

If you want to learn more check it out on Google.

By lawrenceo at 29,Dec,22 11:32 other posts of lawrenceo 
I had mine at 50 and it was completely satisfactory (after the six week's wait for the no signs test).

I had many years of bareback fucking with my wife and later girl friends.

However, about 2 or 3 years ago, I could see that there was sperm in my spunk. The tubes must have renewed a partial reconnection.

By #3997 at 07,Aug,10 13:27
I am thinking of getting one too my wife is due in 5 wks and she has two kids and I only wanted one, so i am thinking about it,

By sailor at 17,Jul,10 01:13 other posts of sailor 
Had minae done after my first child.. No regrets. My nuts were sore for a few days. Got it done on a Fri, went back to work Mon.
If you are only 22 I think I would take others advice. I you ever want to father a child it'nice to know where it came from.
I f you tahink it through, tahough, iat no big deal.

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