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By sailor at 24,Feb,14 15:00
you be

By sailor at 24,Feb,14 06:38
Best place is a consignment shop- they don't ask ?'s, and they are cheap.

By sailor at 24,Feb,14 06:35
10 all the way babe

By sailor at 23,Dec,11 04:45
smooth and?or trimmed, sooooo much nicer, no hairs to spit out.

By sailor at 07,Jun,11 03:54
I started shaving two years ago. Should have started sooner.
I always afraid of what someone would say. First one to see was my wife. She never complained.. Then went to the doctors, they never said a word. So don;t worry about it. You are doing what so many others are doing or would like to do. Don't be ashamed of it. You are the start of a new trend.. Hard on are natural too, if you get one in the showers don't try to hide it. You don't have to flaunt it either. Your are human. Enjoy it, it good for your self esteem.

By sailor at 05,Apr,11 12:35
I dream about it too. Sometimes i get so close to trying it, and then chicken out because I worry about disease. Maybe one of these days. I love to have a nice shaved knob to fondle.And see what it is like to get a guy hard, and cum in my mouth.
Good luck you.

By sailor at 15,Mar,11 18:13
thanks for your answers. Stuff we never learned reading books and mags.
now my and i masurbate each other all the time, and have some of the best orgasms ever

By sailor at 14,Mar,11 04:23
bald is beautiful

By sailor at 27,Feb,11 07:31
It's up to you, it's your body, and yours only.
Youlook good the way you are and------ keep it smooth.. LOOKS GREAT

By sailor at 25,Dec,10 17:07
THE SITE IS CALLED SHOW YOUR DICK, so yes it would be nice to see you. Nothing to be
shy about here. Totally annonymous, fun and good good natured.
But if you just want to look, no one can stop you. ENJOY>

By sailor at 23,Dec,10 17:27
Keep it smooth or well trimmed, including the surrounding areas. Do that , and I'd suck you anytime.

By sailor at 07,Dec,10 15:42
I would much rather look at a bare pussy, as long as it is trimmed or better yet like yours, smooth, and you are in such good shape. Show it all babe.
A hairy, fat pussy would be better left covered up ora not shown at all.

By sailor at 07,Dec,10 15:30
when did you join?

By sailor at 06,Dec,10 16:40
67 here, and smooth, doesn't all work that good, but it sure enjoys trying and looking.

By sailor at 02,Dec,10 15:51
i have one

By sailor at 08,Nov,10 14:43
On the beach

By sailor at 08,Nov,10 14:42
SPANDEXPARTY.COM -- a little different, some guys put on a pretty good show.

By sailor at 08,Nov,10 14:40

By sailor at 08,Nov,10 14:38
I shave my dick, balls, butt hole. So much nicer to be smooth. Then I trim my pits, and belly , upper legs.
I only started shaving after a surgery. They shaved it all, and I liked it. It was fun having it done also. Just the timing was bad.

By sailor at 08,Nov,10 14:26

By sailor at 08,Nov,10 14:24
My opinion only, you should at least trim, maybe to a quarter inch. Or shave it all and let it grow back and see what appeals to you.

By sailor at 07,Nov,10 16:32
Would like to see you both go smooth

By sailor at 26,Oct,10 17:38
SURE, why not,if it feels good do it.

By sailor at 25,Oct,10 15:16
wow, so cool. Can we all try. Do you think your wife would mind?

By sailor at 25,Oct,10 15:12
What more can be said. Everyone loves ya. Enjoy life.

By sailor at 19,Oct,10 13:45
If you are talking swim thongs,check my page out. When I am not on the beach I like to go commando.

By sailor at 19,Oct,10 13:27
I get all I need at home. I enjoy looking at dick and pussies also, that are not at home. Always did.That's just part of my make up. I guess it is kind of a supplement,l of course it would be neat if my wife also got into it. Don't think that is gonna happen though.

By sailor at 19,Oct,10 13:22
My Doc thought i was uncut not so long ago. I think mine is the result of aging. Of course that did not add to my confidence in my urologist.

By sailor at 19,Oct,10 13:19
Of course, and I hope other will also.

By sailor at 19,Oct,10 13:17

By sailor at 19,Oct,10 13:13
/oxqdcp0k7g5ipic.html used to be guys bragged/lied how big their dick was. Is this the new age, or the result of aging? Ha ,Ha

By sailor at 19,Oct,10 13:03
That will work for me.

By sailor at 19,Oct,10 13:02
That is pretty exciting. Yes, show more.

By sailor at 19,Oct,10 13:01
Now show us some more of you. LIke the trim. Smooth is nice.Shows you off well.

By sailor at 19,Oct,10 12:58
Welcome Dan , this is a great site. You can say what you like, and everyone seems to be kind and respectful of what you say.

By sailor at 18,Oct,10 21:55
I am , but I havn't seen her before. Where are you?

By sailor at 18,Oct,10 21:53
2- 1/2 years to go.

By sailor at 18,Oct,10 21:50
Hello, I am using a pump now with the hopes that if i ever get an erection again it will be just as big as before. Had a prostatectomy a year ago. I think it did me in. The dr said to use this. So I am . It feels good to get hard. But it does not last for me. I t may be a combo of age and operation.

To answer your question, I think it may increase your girth- a little, don't think it help the length. Is if does it won't be much. That is just what I see ut it looked so unnatural, like you said, I decided to delete them.
I would not spend the money in hopes of increasing your size.

By sailor at 18,Oct,10 21:40
That's a bute, I'll swap you.

By sailor at 27,Sep,10 13:45
Go ahead and try it. I so enjoy it. I'm pumping right now. I just started pumping my balls also. It don't over pump, and hole it for too long. You can get what looks like a watery pocket, but so far vessels either. I am not trying to scare you away from it, but just be aware, your jewels are tough but also delicate.


By sailor at 26,Sep,10 04:43
I agree with the above. I had prostate surgery. I am using it hopefully to get hard again. But in using it so far y es it will get you hard in a hurry,but it does not last. I am using it to try and maintain blood cell size. Been doing this for a year now 3-4 times a week. I still can't get hard on my own. With the pump they try to sell you restricton rings that you put on after you pump up to keep the blood in your penis. They are not cheep. and don't last long.
Other than that , for me , it still feels good to get hard, but as far far as having sex with it , good luck.I took some pics of me with it , and now have deleted them, they just don't look good. My girth increased, but sure did not look natural. Be happy with what you have.

By sailor at 20,Sep,10 21:32
Count me in.

By sailor at 20,Sep,10 21:29
Still working on it . I have the same problem. It's on my bucket list though.

By sailor at 12,Aug,10 05:28
that works for me

By sailor at 27,Jul,10 15:21
I'm in the same boat as you. It just tusual, unplanned, but time is running out.I'm looking on craigs list and here taao find a partner. safety and disease are my biggest fears and of course i don't won't to loose a wife either.
I am open to suggestions.

By sailor at 17,Jul,10 01:16
Your decision. Try it you might like it . If not it grows back. Just do it. I like smooth.

By sailor at 17,Jul,10 01:13
Had minae done after my first child.. No regrets. My nuts were sore for a few days. Got it done on a Fri, went back to work Mon.
If you are only 22 I think I would take others advice. I you ever want to father a child it'nice to know where it came from.
I f you tahink it through, tahough, iat no big deal.

By sailor at 04,Jul,10 06:30
Not yet

By sailor at 03,Jun,10 14:28
I'd like to give it a try. Nothing wrong with you gal.

By sailor at 01,May,10 03:01
got a razor. or have electolysis done.