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Fishing for Compliments on the Forum

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Started by spermkiss at 23,Mar,11 05:28  other posts of spermkiss
It seems to me that lately there has been an abundance of "What do you think of my dick?" type questions on the Forum. To my way of thinking this is more than a tad unseemly as it appears to be shamelessly fishing for compliments in an inappropriate venue. The Photo Comments area is the proper place for this. If a member has attractive genitalia (or other intimate body parts) and if he takes good photographs, then his pictures will generate an abundance of positive comments without any prompting.

The Forum is a place for the exchange of thoughts and ideas. Or if a member is sincerely seeking advice and guidance and wishes to tap the knowledge of other members, he is allowed to post a question. But it would be nice if there were a lessening of the trivial fluff questions.

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By #34386 at 23,Mar,11 13:10
You are right spermkiss, lately been lots of post like that. In most cases dont read them. Another thing is with so many pics coming its not that easy to get attention, a new pic fly from recent pics rather quickly and without points this is a free choice.

By oldbugle at 23,Mar,11 10:57 other posts of oldbugle 
I've noticed, initially to my surprise, that this site is very seasonal in it's flow,.......winter is a time for trivia and when the fools and fanciers take over as the largest group.

Fortunately, the northern hemisphere is coming out of winter now so the brainless ones will get outside and forget about SYD for a few months, thus leaving the regulars to regain the site for a while.........

But, I totally agree about the "fluff"....some days I simply look and yawn before looking at other sites that are more interesting, albeit about other subjects....

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