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Started by #135675 at 24,Apr,11 21:14
I've been thinking about shaving my balls and pubes for a while now. Check my pix and tell me if you think I should shave.
Also, how should I shave my balls? As in, should my scrotum be tight or loose, and how do I actually SHAVE the hair

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By #157516 at 28,Apr,11 19:14
whats wrong with pubic hair
By spermkiss at 01,May,11 18:04 other posts of spermkiss 
It's not that there is anything "wrong" with pubic hair, it's just that body grooming adds an interesting dimention.

I'll ask you if you get the hair on your scalp cut and/or styled? Or if you shave your face? Or if you wear a beard, whether you trim and shape up your beard? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then my next question is why grooming should stop at the neck?

By Pauli at 27,Apr,11 19:25 other posts of Pauli 
No daubts - you have to get rid of the scrab - at least arround the cock and all ballbag!

By spermkiss at 24,Apr,11 22:16 other posts of spermkiss 
Of course you should shave. Every man should shave himself completely hairless from the neck down at least once in his life, if only to see what it's like. If you don't like being hairless, it will grow back.

How do you shave your scrotum? Very carefully! Yes, it should be tight. Squeeze one testicle against the skin with one hand while shaving with the other, then move it about to a new part of the scrotum and shave that.

Or better yet, get together with a friend and shave each other. This is very erotic. Then when both of you are hairless, have sex. I promise you it will blow your mind. The skin on skin contact without hair in between is out of this world. You'll want to be hairless for the rest of your life.

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