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IS MY COCK TOO SMALL???? 26,May,11 00:45
Is my cock size alright?? 25,May,11 23:56
I get to suck my first cock soon. What should i know? 25,Aug,10 16:05
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By PoopSmith at 26,Aug,16 19:52
How about this /hyg7tpw8vdxlpic.html

By PoopSmith at 28,Apr,12 22:31

By PoopSmith at 28,Apr,12 22:31

By PoopSmith at 28,Apr,12 22:23 for me.

By PoopSmith at 05,Nov,11 19:20
Mine is 4.5cm. You barely got me beat

By PoopSmith at 04,Nov,11 20:25
Look like you hurtin for a squirtin baby /vt395su6u61opic.html

By PoopSmith at 04,Nov,11 17:56
Perfect thickness an perfect length. An all aroun 10 really. Lucky guy

By PoopSmith at 26,May,11 21:56
Thanks big guy

By PoopSmith at 26,May,11 21:55
Aww thank ya thank ya

By PoopSmith at 26,May,11 21:53
I loved that pic. Thanks alot

By PoopSmith at 26,May,11 19:48
Nothing. I know I know, I should use lube but when I was younger I had enough 4skin to where I didn't need lube and once my cock grew the habit stayed.

By PoopSmith at 26,May,11 02:16
oh i def know you do

By PoopSmith at 26,May,11 00:42
Sure. Id love to see your big cock infront of one of my pics

By PoopSmith at 26,May,11 00:09
8/10 Good show sir

By PoopSmith at 26,May,11 00:07
Its not small. Looks good to me

By PoopSmith at 25,May,11 23:57
I like the size of your cock. Nice big cock head too

By PoopSmith at 25,May,11 23:48
I have the same problem. I hate it when a new pic jumps to 50 views with no damn comments. I comment peoples pics all the time. Maybe if we got points for comments people would be commenting like crazy

By PoopSmith at 25,May,11 23:46
I touched by best friends big cock when we were 12. He was trying to measure his cock but didnt think he was hard enough and asked me to smack his cock for him so he could get nice an hard

By PoopSmith at 25,May,11 23:42
Iv only got one pic like that and it was such a turn on. Id love to have it happen again

By PoopSmith at 25,May,11 23:42
Hell yeah. I love my cock. My big balls really turn me on too

By PoopSmith at 25,May,11 01:36
Yeah iv been told the same thing /4b2pjcv6f7gypic.html

By PoopSmith at 28,Apr,11 23:18

By PoopSmith at 06,Apr,11 23:11
Shave em. Itll make your big cock look even bigger

By PoopSmith at 01,Apr,11 00:14
Oh yes. Mainly bc im a virgin bc i was always scared my cock was tiny but iv never had a bad comment. Everyone says i have a fat dick with a big ol head and that really turns me on

By PoopSmith at 25,Aug,10 20:23
One can only hope

By PoopSmith at 02,Mar,10 23:25
I do about once a day, but taking a week off is really exciting. It makes you go crazy then you just unload.

By PoopSmith at 01,Mar,10 18:12
Im cut but i think i would rather be uncut. The skin can get very tender under the head.

By PoopSmith at 01,Mar,10 18:10
Thats a good way to get a concussion.

By PoopSmith at 01,Mar,10 18:08

You tell me

By PoopSmith at 26,Feb,10 02:16
A beautiful medium

By PoopSmith at 23,Feb,10 19:06
Me next

By PoopSmith at 23,Feb,10 18:58

my first pic is my most viewed.

By PoopSmith at 23,Feb,10 18:51
Looks like a 10

By PoopSmith at 23,Feb,10 18:50
Im 20 but iv always wanted to suck an older mans dick.