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Started by #8995 at 14,Dec,09 08:36
do you belive you have a small medium or large dick? why? and what?s your size? are u happy with that u have?

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By DarkMax at 15,Jun,21 08:44 other posts of DarkMax 
I believe I have a medium penis. It's only 16 cm.
By Raypark at 16,Jun,21 02:47 other posts of Raypark 
The average is 13.2 cm, your much above average
By DarkMax at 16,Jun,21 13:25 other posts of DarkMax 
Thank you. But it looks short.

By Dougskrilla at 03,Jun,21 03:30 other posts of Dougskrilla 
I would say small 😔
By Raypark at 16,Jun,21 02:48 other posts of Raypark 
Look average to me which is 5.2 inches
By Dougskrilla at 16,Jun,21 09:31 other posts of Dougskrilla 
Aww thanks 😊

By Raypark at 16,Jun,21 02:53 other posts of Raypark 
The average penis is 13.2 cm or 5.2 inches, anything an inch above or under deviates from the average. The percentage of much smaller or much bigger is very small.

By lawrenceo at 27,Dec,20 11:25 other posts of lawrenceo 
I always thought of it as medium (5.5) but age changes things as does current culture; so I now call it small. Still feels good whatever.
By Raypark at 16,Jun,21 02:45 other posts of Raypark 
Average is 5.2 inches, your average

By Dalecash at 16,Jun,21 00:13 other posts of Dalecash 
I’m 7 inches / 17.5cm maybe that sits around medium

By Curvey51 at 15,Jun,21 06:18 other posts of Curvey51 
Medium - works fine but wouldn't mind being a little larger.

By bernd123 at 12,Jun,21 10:50 other posts of bernd123 
my is a small one
By whitebriefs at 15,Jun,21 05:25 other posts of whitebriefs 
Yours is great

By Kinkyguy at 13,Jun,21 16:14 other posts of Kinkyguy 

By lawrenceo at 12,Jun,21 12:48 other posts of lawrenceo 
Descriptions vary; mine is 5 ins

By doedeldi at 03,Jun,21 12:14 other posts of doedeldi 

i think medium

By tcputts at 03,Jun,21 00:21 other posts of tcputts 
Mine is a little on the larger size in both length and girth when I'm hard but more in the average range when I'm soft

By Levig21 at 01,Jun,21 18:27 other posts of Levig21 
I think I’m medium with slightly large girth.

By kupreanoff at 29,May,21 20:24 other posts of kupreanoff 
I would say on the small side for sure
By whitebriefs at 30,May,21 10:23 other posts of whitebriefs 
Yours is definitely a grower though
By kupreanoff at 30,May,21 18:32 other posts of kupreanoff 
even then it's less than 5 inches
By whitebriefs at 30,May,21 18:52 other posts of whitebriefs 
Looks fine from here!

By #643283 at 30,May,21 10:13
Mine is only 6 inches
how can I compare with dildos like these: only registered users can see external links
By whitebriefs at 30,May,21 10:23 other posts of whitebriefs 
6” is above average

By #608810 at 25,May,21 17:34
[deleted image] medium

By #630392 at 31,Jan,21 16:03

By Ayeee at 26,Jan,21 12:45 other posts of Ayeee 
I would really appreciate someone telling me straight up. I feel like I can never get a straight answer

By quint at 26,Jan,21 01:01 other posts of quint 


By shyguy1 at 25,Jan,21 23:12 other posts of shyguy1 
My cock is small

By Alfred2a at 24,Jan,21 22:27 other posts of Alfred2a 
Small, about 5.5

By Uff75 at 24,Jan,21 19:26 other posts of Uff75 
Medium, 7x6
Would like an inch. More
See my cock on Google uff75 pic

By Ollieee at 24,Jan,21 14:50 other posts of Ollieee 
Definitely small at about 4.3”, or 11 cm.
On one side I wish I was bigger, on the other I learned to kinda get off off SPH, so yeah

By Hairhair at 24,Jan,21 08:52 other posts of Hairhair 
Medium i believe

By #634661 at 23,Jan,21 18:00
I am definately small
[deleted image]

By X_Y_Z at 22,Jan,21 18:25 other posts of X_Y_Z 
I got what I got and I am happy with it

By Dev01 at 22,Jan,21 01:25 other posts of Dev01 
Micro..soft ok
--------------------------------------- added after 55 seconds

Ok it was vista then... now 10

By andrew999999999 at 05,Jan,21 21:45 other posts of andrew999999999 
I don't know what 'small medium' is, but mine is just medium.

I presume it's because of genes, I've heard that penis size is hereditary.

Already mentioned my size.

Yes, considering the size of some of the cocks I've seen online and in real life.

By nekekal at 05,Jan,21 21:28 other posts of nekekal 
Probably large. About 7 3/4 long,6 1/2 around. To me it seemed normal, but all of the woman that saw it claimed it was too big. A few refused to fuck it, but did suck the head. Of those that were willing to get fucked, most got on the top so they could control the entry, the speed and the depth of the fuck.

I leared to fuck using only the front 2/3rds of my cock so I didn't hurt their cervix. I only ever fucked one woman that could take it all into their cunt. And more I think, she seemed bottomless.

I wish it were smaller. About 6 1/2 seems perfect. Thats what I was using to fuck them with anyway. The girth was good, I I would keep that but less length would have been better.

By leopoldij at 02,Jan,21 04:15 other posts of leopoldij 

By Strongmember# at 30,Dec,20 10:02 other posts of Strongmember# 
It is relative. Clearly there is a spectrum already developing here.

I've been around some bigger men before.. which I notice for certain ethnic nationalities.. and I don't feel so big as I am smaller.

Certain places in Asia I feel rather large and get many comments to that fact.

Another good portion of women I sleep with don't comment on my size which I take to indicate their perception as medium?

From what I know of measuring studies it depends on which aspect of my shape. I would say medium for width and definitely large for length.

By Rodney801 at 30,Dec,20 02:24 other posts of Rodney801 

By hairyglasses at 28,Dec,20 03:11 other posts of hairyglasses 
I always thought I was small. Kept me shy in college and after for a while. Now, I'm told it's pretty big. I'm thinking average. The more cocks I see and play with, the more I really don't care if someone is big or small. It's really about pleasure. I do love an average guy most probably.

By Greekdick69 at 27,Dec,20 21:26 other posts of Greekdick69 
I would say I'm on the large side
17cm/6.7 inches. Pretty happy with it

By Corysumthin at 27,Dec,20 05:30 other posts of Corysumthin 
7.5” id say it’s pretty big. I’m pretty happy with it

By whitebriefs at 20,Dec,20 13:50 other posts of whitebriefs 
Just over 5” erect, between 2-3” when soft, depending how cold it is. I love having an average dick and much prefer guys with smaller ones.
By liketoedge at 20,Dec,20 16:26 other posts of liketoedge 
Same here
By whitebriefs at 20,Dec,20 17:27 other posts of whitebriefs 
Definitely the best size and you only need one hand to stimulate it. In fact I might have a quick go now!

By teetee at 17,Dec,20 15:55 other posts of teetee 

--------------------------------------- added after 849 hours

By Randyrawhole at 08,Dec,20 23:02 other posts of Randyrawhole 
Just over 5 inch hard and just over an inch when soft !
By earthy at 16,Dec,20 01:37 other posts of earthy 
Me too. About 5.5 hard, kinda small when soft. A little over an inch when its cold or if i'm nervous for whatever reason.
By Jere at 17,Dec,20 15:03 other posts of Jere 
About same size.

By Magnus_Phallus at 15,Dec,20 11:44 other posts of Magnus_Phallus 
I’m large
Never met anyone bigger
I’m this big:
[deleted image]
By X_Y_Z at 15,Dec,20 18:22 other posts of X_Y_Z 
I always wonder if sex is hard to do with that kind of size....I am average
By Magnus_Phallus at 16,Dec,20 02:05 other posts of Magnus_Phallus 
Hard for me or hard for my partners?
By X_Y_Z at 16,Dec,20 19:20 other posts of X_Y_Z 
either way I suppose
By Magnus_Phallus at 17,Dec,20 09:41 other posts of Magnus_Phallus 
For me it’s never been difficult
It has proven challenging for many partners

By 0-00 at 16,Dec,20 15:45 other posts of 0-00 
Saw these articles recently which reveal a few interesting things... penis size being one of them.

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

By galaxy123 at 16,Dec,20 13:02 other posts of galaxy123 
I think mine is small soft.

about 2.5 in
And average hard.


By maxhendrix at 15,Dec,20 20:54 other posts of maxhendrix 
I think my cock is tiny because is alwaus been smallest than other it is 3,6 in fully erected. I'm not happy about it because it's also very ugly, two time curved, very strange. That's my fully erected very ugly eh?

By #616580 at 15,Dec,20 09:54
[deleted image]

Im on the smaller side of average I think

By KingSparks at 12,Dec,20 18:01 other posts of KingSparks 
I'm going to have to say large. 8 inches and no complaints.

By reichs23 at 11,Dec,20 21:13 other posts of reichs23 
Tiny lol... Check out my pics!

By lawrenceo at 11,Dec,20 09:37 other posts of lawrenceo 

5.5; works well; no problems

By leopoldij at 09,Dec,20 20:28 other posts of leopoldij 

By bil47 at 07,Dec,20 14:49 other posts of bil47 

By #551147 at 07,Dec,20 15:02
Nom nom nom

Oh sorry! Got carried away there...
By bil47 at 07,Dec,20 15:33 other posts of bil47 
My plump little cock loves being "serviced" by a talented cocksucker!

By whitebriefs at 08,Dec,20 23:32 other posts of whitebriefs 
To me that’s the perfect cock

By Smallshavedcock at 08,Dec,20 21:08 other posts of Smallshavedcock 

By submissivemartyn at 07,Dec,20 06:43 other posts of submissivemartyn 


By joesg at 16,Feb,15 19:15 other posts of joesg 
Small 6 hard. 1 to 4soft but thick

By #478298 at 25,Jan,15 14:11
you be the judge

[deleted image]
By basque9 at 12,Feb,15 13:37 other posts of basque9 
Buddy you have a very long shaft with good girth that tapers nicely to your cock head!

By #188764 at 12,Feb,15 13:00
Medium-small. It's 5" on a good day, and I like it just fine. (I enjoy sucking a smaller-sized cock too.)

By basque9 at 11,Feb,15 20:33 other posts of basque9 
[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 16 hours

I forgot to say it is Extra large at 9 x 7 3/4 inches.

By routemaster at 05,Feb,15 19:38 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 12 seconds

Judge for yourself
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

[deleted image]

By pinkpan12 at 23,Jan,15 10:30 other posts of pinkpan12 
I consider mine as small: mainly due tu girth...
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

Am I right?

By _Theonething at 13,Nov,14 21:55 other posts of _Theonething 
What do you think?

By johnwish at 08,Jan,15 10:22 other posts of johnwish 

By Mrbigdoc at 22,Jan,15 14:29 other posts of Mrbigdoc 
Looks good, I thnk I need to taste and then I would let you know.

By #93 at 21,Jan,15 15:54
Medium. The reason why is I was born that way! I'm happy with its size.

By leopoldij at 21,Jan,15 05:00 other posts of leopoldij 
Small. ...

By #457014 at 05,Apr,14 01:55
[deleted image]
Where do I fit in guys?
--------------------------------------- added after 21 minutes

Measures 7.4" long by 5.5" girth. Always felt like it was medium, but am beginning to believe it qualifies as large, certainly not huge though. Either way, I'm very happy with it, and so are my partners. Just curious whay the internet has to say...
By #481651 at 08,Jan,15 20:43
U and I are in the minority bro!! Most guys seem too b small on here!
Urs is large like mine!
☺ 😆 Awesome pic

By #477982 at 02,Jan,15 10:24
[deleted image]

large medium - about 7" stiff, but pretty thick, and I just love it to bits. Regularly
By #481651 at 08,Jan,15 20:41
Not a bad size tehe ^.^

By metalraven13 at 13,Nov,14 17:53 other posts of metalraven13 
[deleted image]

I would say it's medium.
By #481651 at 08,Jan,15 20:40
Hottt!! ☺ smooth!

By #481651 at 08,Jan,15 20:36
I'm medium to large tehe..
But u tell me ^.^
Kik me if u like: ttkdboy

By bluemn7 at 08,Jan,15 18:43 other posts of bluemn7 

By Texas979 at 08,Jan,15 18:24 other posts of Texas979 
I would say mine is in the medium range. Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think

By #481653 at 07,Jan,15 23:30
At 6" I would say average, and a nice handful.

By #480703 at 07,Jan,15 22:58
[deleted image]

Average size

By #337858 at 06,Jan,15 23:23
Medium/Average. Just under 6"

By #121361 at 06,Jan,15 18:20
To short for Championship but ok for the Fight in a nasty Hole [deleted image]

By gazlittlewilly at 04,Jan,15 18:49 other posts of gazlittlewilly 
I'd call mine small.
It's 4.5" x 4.5" when hard.
But I'm more than happy with it

By firefox553 at 04,Jan,15 18:40 other posts of firefox553 
Photo of a penile from Dan76
I'm average at 6.5

By cazzoduro69 at 03,Jan,15 14:37 other posts of cazzoduro69 

i think medium

By boc at 03,Jan,15 13:29 other posts of boc 


By #50954 at 01,Jan,15 17:30
Large here about 6.5-7"

By #206678 at 31,Dec,14 21:17
Small when flaccid and average when erect

By Texas979 at 18,Nov,14 17:49 other posts of Texas979 
I think I am average (medium)... It is about 6 1/2 to 6 3/4 hard

By #383442 at 18,Nov,14 17:00
I feel like I'm small.

By #475905 at 16,Nov,14 16:01
I am small.. But yummy
By iowaguy at 16,Nov,14 16:15 other posts of iowaguy 
No I don't agree. You are not small, but agree you look very yummy.
By #475905 at 16,Nov,14 16:16
By iowaguy at 17,Nov,14 23:30 other posts of iowaguy 
Your cock is gorgeous. Very suckable, and fuckable.

By #378916 at 17,Nov,14 15:19
Low side of average

By iowaguy at 16,Nov,14 16:12 other posts of iowaguy 

--------------------------------------- added after 27 seconds

I would say medium.

By #448585 at 09,Apr,14 18:19
[deleted image]
You be the judge!
By 3fdfd at 09,Aug,14 07:53 other posts of 3fdfd 

By #457775 at 16,Nov,14 15:23
definetly large!

By jayman73 at 13,Nov,14 21:32 other posts of jayman73 

I would say medium.
By 3fdfd at 16,Nov,14 03:47 other posts of 3fdfd 
maybe - but it's a damn beautiful cock - especially that head of yours

By #337858 at 14,Nov,14 20:22
Average. Just under 6"

[deleted image]
By 3fdfd at 16,Nov,14 03:45 other posts of 3fdfd 
maybe "average" in length- but you have a really nice head on your cock

By #471978 at 14,Nov,14 19:12
Large I'm told
[deleted image]

By #225670 at 13,Nov,14 02:41
i think mines a medium

By #323075 at 21,Aug,14 03:21
[deleted image]

By Jamie_Smith at 16,Aug,14 22:57 other posts of Jamie_Smith 

By #352380 at 16,Aug,14 21:47
I think... large

By #453604 at 16,Aug,14 10:57
Surely really doesn't matter, it's what you can do with that counts!

By #376946 at 15,Aug,14 22:13
Nearly 9" think it`s small

By #60441 at 14,Aug,14 23:38
No one has ever complained

[deleted image]

By newwt10 at 14,Aug,14 22:42 other posts of newwt10 
Medium, but fat!!

By stl06 at 10,Apr,14 05:23 other posts of stl06 
Idk medium I think. Either way I am happy with it, works well for me

By gabriel at 20,Mar,14 09:06 other posts of gabriel 
Photo of a power tool from gabriel medium
By shyguy29 at 09,Apr,14 17:16 other posts of shyguy29 
No, you're HOT

By #289712 at 09,Apr,14 17:10
[deleted image]. Medium..

By _avg_ at 30,Mar,14 20:51 other posts of _avg_ 


By #446733 at 30,Mar,14 18:10
[deleted image]mall

By #449344 at 15,Mar,14 23:30
I am small about almost 4 in hard I am not happy got made fun of alot
By liketoedge at 29,Mar,14 18:17 other posts of liketoedge 
Its shaped perfectly...dont let anyone make fum of that dick

By #455637 at 28,Mar,14 10:37
I have a small one does anyone like it plz let me know
By liketoedge at 29,Mar,14 18:13 other posts of liketoedge 
I think it looks good

By #455809 at 28,Mar,14 12:56
[deleted image]
on the large end of medium...
By 3fdfd at 28,Mar,14 13:06 other posts of 3fdfd 
I'd say large

By winnie at 20,Mar,14 09:00 other posts of winnie 
i know its not Large, but you tell me is it small or medium

By routemaster at 20,Mar,14 06:37 other posts of routemaster 
[deleted image]

Judge for yourself

By #350818 at 20,Mar,14 05:58
What am i?I cant decide?

By Texas979 at 15,Mar,14 03:43 other posts of Texas979 
I think I am average to small, comment and let me know what you think

By just37 at 28,May,13 18:45 other posts of just37 
[deleted image]

I think it's average.
now it's about 15 cm when hard.
although it was about 18 cm 20 kg ago ;-)
By jackthestripper at 14,Mar,14 21:51 other posts of jackthestripper 
wait, so your dick got shorter when you lost weight?

By gabriel at 14,Mar,14 16:29 other posts of gabriel 
Photo of a penile from gabrielmedium

By #218876 at 14,Mar,14 12:41
[deleted image] what do you think guys?

By #447862 at 14,Mar,14 10:59
[deleted image]

Medium-large I reckon. What do you think?
By bella! at 14,Mar,14 11:18 other posts of bella! 
Looks perfect. .....

By #335537 at 22,Aug,13 16:27

mines i think large if 9.5 inches isnt large...

[deleted image]

By kilpatrickl1 at 22,Aug,13 08:28 other posts of kilpatrickl1 
I have a large Dick over 8 inches.

By #424469 at 22,Aug,13 04:06
i guess very small [deleted image]

By #424469 at 22,Aug,13 00:34
i would say tiny

By #424469 at 21,Aug,13 23:53
u tell me [deleted image]

By xdjxx1 at 21,Aug,13 22:48 other posts of xdjxx1 
Sorry are you on about cocks or fries?

Why the need for categories?

If I'm forced into a category I go small to medium, at 5.5 hard. Doesn't make any difference to me though, I get to enjoy mine more than a couple of my more vocal and arrogant m.ates with considerably larger equipment.

By #315268 at 16,Aug,13 21:44

By Cutewilly at 16,Aug,13 19:37 other posts of Cutewilly 
I class mine as small.

By youngjpcock at 15,Aug,13 18:11 other posts of youngjpcock 

which size is this classified?

By #417547 at 13,Aug,13 22:08
I would say medium but on this site small at 5.75 in 4.5 thick

By my_cute_dick at 11,Aug,13 07:28 other posts of my_cute_dick 
proud to be small 5 inches when hard. visit my page so that you will see and let me know yor thoughts by giving comments

By #384892 at 10,Aug,13 16:20
Large 9.5"long 6"thick

By #213926 at 10,Aug,13 16:20
I'd say I'm small

[deleted image]

By #303133 at 10,Aug,13 15:06
By bella! at 10,Aug,13 15:09 other posts of bella! 
I agree with the penguin. I have learned that if you disagree with him, you will face his wrath.

By #279062 at 22,Jul,13 23:52
mines about 7 inches, you guys can decide what category i place in ;D id say medium

By Trekkk at 22,Jul,13 23:15 other posts of Trekkk 
I'm 5.5 and would say I'm short average

By liketoedge at 22,Jul,13 22:43 other posts of liketoedge 
Im medium compared to the internet but slightly larger than most of my friends.

By #384280 at 22,Jul,13 20:25
this is my cock for you!
you yourself decide which category it belongs in.
[deleted image]

By #384280 at 22,Jul,13 20:05
I am 6"
average for you, but still a good one as per Indian standard.

By #191523 at 22,Jul,13 20:03
I'd say on the smaller end of medium, about 5.5 inches fully hard

By #391428 at 03,Jun,13 21:12
Average? Medium maybe.
By 3fdfd at 22,Jul,13 11:35 other posts of 3fdfd 
more than "average"

By #398905 at 04,Jun,13 02:05

By #143764 at 03,Jun,13 20:34
Medium maybe small anyone can confirm that for me?

By Odin_york_pa at 03,Jun,13 13:50 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
34 with a 6 incher. I wouldn't want it any longer, never have a problem fitting it ALL in any hole. Wouldn't mind just a tad thicker though, but happy with it nonetheless.

By Bendy at 02,Jun,13 09:03 other posts of Bendy 
Large and flimsy... Lol

By #386505 at 02,Jun,13 06:58
could be medium?

[deleted image]

By aormus at 01,Jun,13 02:23 other posts of aormus 
I think it's large


By #376946 at 31,May,13 06:38
8,7 and happy about it

By WristThick at 29,May,13 02:00 other posts of WristThick 
Can this be called anything less than large?

By #383951 at 17,May,13 20:19
[deleted image]
By #346960 at 28,May,13 21:47

By #384963 at 27,May,13 03:51
[deleted image] small

Small and needs some action

By #394343 at 22,May,13 02:58
9.5" length
6" girth

I'd say that's large

By #394118 at 21,May,13 17:42
Small but I want a 9 or 10 inch in my bum now and to share with my gf
By #394343 at 22,May,13 02:57
I've got one (;

By #368616 at 19,May,13 22:08
I'm small to average I think, hard its 6 inch long and 4.5 wide - is that thin? Soft its anything up to 4 inches, but usually it shrinks if out in public!! I like my shape and way it looks but would like to be longer and wider.

By #391693 at 18,May,13 01:10
i dont know you tell me. Im happy i like my head, but i think it could be larger

By #368616 at 19,May,13 22:05
Doesn't need to be bigger mate, it's perfect!

By #262541 at 18,May,13 20:00
mine is this
and im happy about it
dunno if its large though ? anny ideas ?
[deleted image]
By #368616 at 19,May,13 22:02
Just looked at your pics, it's med to large in my view!! Great bellend though!!

By #44497 at 19,May,13 10:26
This is so boring ! Is this what it's all about ?

By rsmithtn at 19,May,13 10:07 other posts of rsmithtn 
Mine is 7 Ѕ " and 5 ј" girth so I'd say it is... small?

By #376327 at 19,May,13 01:39
I have a 5 1/2 in dick

By Peeweebeefed at 19,May,13 01:00 other posts of Peeweebeefed 
I guess 8" and above is on the large size

By #321642 at 18,May,13 07:02
I'm about 7in what is that considered??

By #291618 at 18,May,13 05:57
Medium and proud

By puli88 at 18,May,13 05:53 other posts of puli88 
Medium but Im happy.

By #85576 at 18,May,13 04:13

By ord at 18,May,13 03:43 other posts of ord 
[deleted image]

I don't exactly know how big i am. But i like my cock. I think its pretty thick but its not that long. So maybe it's medium?

By #352657 at 13,May,13 12:06
They say it's large

[deleted image]
By #368616 at 17,May,13 16:02
Its got a great shape to it!!!! & the size is impressive!!

By smiley at 13,May,13 13:25 other posts of smiley 
I think mine is average, I and happy with that, but would prefer it to be a bit longer?

By #262091 at 08,May,13 02:12
I have a medium sized cock, it's not too big and it's not small. Or what do you think?

[deleted image]
By #368616 at 13,May,13 11:11
Looks pretty big (wide) to me

By #323075 at 06,May,13 04:58
I belive mine is medium. My size is 6" when hard! I'm happy withmit because it looks nice and works always well!

[deleted image]

By #382114 at 04,May,13 04:37
[deleted image]
I would love to hear ur take...
By #384963 at 05,May,13 04:05
[deleted image] small

By #1047 at 03,May,13 13:40
i use to think i was medium but now i know i am samll

By #384963 at 03,May,13 00:46
I'm 5.5 but not that thick, and being a bigger guy I wish for more

By Trekkk at 19,Mar,13 18:51 other posts of Trekkk 
I'm 5.5" so I think I just scrape into average

By longnlean1207 at 19,Mar,13 06:52 other posts of longnlean1207 
I have a large penis 8.5 inch and very fat

By #323075 at 18,Mar,13 08:43
I think mine is medium.
Soft: 2 to 4"
Hard: 6"
I'm very happy with it!

By #149682 at 01,Oct,11 01:06
[deleted image]

i would say small
By BearInBriefs at 18,Mar,13 03:38 other posts of BearInBriefs 
i disagree, yours looks pretty big and really sexy

By BearInBriefs at 18,Mar,13 03:37 other posts of BearInBriefs 
mine is 6.5 inches. I think its medium and i'm very happy with what i have

By #359325 at 17,Mar,13 05:01
I'm happy with my 6" [deleted image]

By ord at 01,Jan,13 13:58 other posts of ord 
I think mine is med. what do you think?

[deleted image]

By #201155 at 01,Jan,13 13:53
I think I'm medium

[deleted image]

By #337272 at 31,Dec,12 12:49
[deleted image] What you think
By 3fdfd at 01,Jan,13 13:33 other posts of 3fdfd 
thick for sure - looks rather big

By 3fdfd at 01,Jan,13 13:28 other posts of 3fdfd 
small - mine's around 4.5" - maybe less

By winnie at 01,Jan,13 10:17 other posts of winnie 
I think it small, but maybe mrdium. What do you think

By #190275 at 20,Sep,11 09:28
Im very close to 8 inches, so maybe abit big. But not huge, abit over 6 inches round.
By 3fdfd at 20,Sep,11 12:59 other posts of 3fdfd 
I'd say you have a big dick
By #190275 at 20,Sep,11 20:19
thank you

By #50908 at 20,Sep,11 14:05
im medium at 7inches and i love it
By 3fdfd at 20,Sep,11 17:12 other posts of 3fdfd 
7" is larger than "medium" - great cock + the bonus of being uncut

By #60507 at 20,Sep,11 10:56
I think I'm medium size 7x5.5
By 3fdfd at 20,Sep,11 13:01 other posts of 3fdfd 
more on the large size than medium

By #188984 at 20,Sep,11 10:04
if I remember correctly over 6", 5.3" around. Depends on how aroused one is I think
By 3fdfd at 20,Sep,11 13:00 other posts of 3fdfd 
hardly a small dick - average to a bit larger than average - you have a great dick

By asianboy at 20,Sep,11 12:44 other posts of asianboy 
mine is short and fat... look

By #20814 at 14,Dec,09 15:17
Medium. I'm very happy with it
By #20814 at 15,Dec,09 04:45
[deleted image]
By #653 at 21,Dec,09 21:05
it is more a large size ...
By #20814 at 24,Dec,09 06:58
I like to under promise then exceed expectations
By #653 at 25,Dec,09 17:28
good tattic
By #60507 at 20,Sep,11 10:51
i'm medium too

By #144821 at 07,Aug,11 16:13
Small 5" dick here.

By vebi at 17,Jun,11 18:44 other posts of vebi 
Mine is xx small ;


But that's all i have 'n love it

By #135959 at 16,Jun,11 14:25
Small but happy

By #33669 at 26,Feb,10 14:19
i would say mine is medium 7.5inches long and girth is 6inches a thickest point, like every man i wish it was bigger, maybe more girth if any thing, always look at other guys and mines seems thin, what do you guys think?
By 3fdfd at 15,Jun,11 00:55 other posts of 3fdfd 
I think yours is large

By #7976 at 14,Jun,11 19:09
Average and perfect. It has pleasured many women during my life and worked well enough to sire two children. It's not too impressive when soft but it thickens and lengthens nicely when excited. While it might be nice to be hung like a horse all the time, I find that it's good enough to be both attractive and functional.

By #33070 at 27,Feb,10 23:48
Just about large more medium though [deleted image]
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I have many say its just right. I wouldn't mind a bit bigger and thicker

By #46787 at 27,Feb,10 17:22
I'm slightly large, according to studies. 18~19 cm (a bit more than 7"). Although according to research this is the ideal size (bigger than this can be uncomfortable to some women), I would love to have a greater cock, let's say about 20~22 cm.

Have to agree too that on this website the avarage penis size is bigger, making mine's medium, maybe.

By Vita at 27,Feb,10 17:01 other posts of Vita 

I am completely content!

By #11237 at 26,Feb,10 21:31
I a, small. but I ?ove pussy!

By PoopSmith at 26,Feb,10 02:16 other posts of PoopSmith 
A beautiful medium

By pifad at 25,Feb,10 18:41 other posts of pifad 
Medium at 6.5". I'm happy with what I have for the most part but at times would like to have about 8' and thick.

By an0nym0u5 at 21,Dec,09 21:24 other posts of an0nym0u5 
I don't know... medium I guess.. you tell me. I'm more than happy with what I got...

By #23195 at 15,Dec,09 18:55

I don't know if it's medium...
By #8995 at 19,Dec,09 12:22
i think is big, how long is it?
By #23195 at 20,Dec,09 11:48
8 inch

By bobby809 at 15,Dec,09 00:19 other posts of bobby809 
Medium, but nice.

By #1942 at 15,Dec,09 00:10
Large, I guess.

By charles at 14,Dec,09 15:55 other posts of charles 
I mean my cock is medium!

By gradurgaur at 14,Dec,09 08:40 other posts of gradurgaur 
A thing my Ccok is Medium About 16cm or 6.3 Inches...Uncut...
am werry happy About my Cock...This is One that God gave me..and Am happy with it...

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