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In the minority as 'cut or 'uncut' 28,Nov,19 16:09


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I've always been quite confident with my average cock in gym locker rooms and showers. Quite enjoyed the days of gang showers where you could see others, and be seen.

By new2day at 05,Sep,22 14:09
Opposite to me, I'm circumcised and it's fairly rare in the UK, maybe 10%. Never really bothered me looking different, and I didn't get teased at school either. Have noticed people like to take a discrete look when they can at gym locker rooms.

By new2day at 02,May,22 11:56
I'm usually around 3-3.5" when flaccid, but can go down to 2" when cold or after exercise.

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Nice, I do the same

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There's no requirement to pull back foreskins at clubs. Circumcision is fairly rare in the UK, so most of the men I see are uncut and vary in length of foreskin. No issue if you want to pull it back, just don't draw attention to yourself!

Best part is enjoying the freedom of the sun and breeze on your entire body with other like minded people.

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We all like to look, always fun to see other cocks no matter if you're straight, gay or bi. Probably not something many will admit to enjoying, but I think it's just human nature to look.

By new2day at 04,Aug,21 12:17
I'm a 1 or 2, no loose skin unless I'm cold!

By new2day at 04,Aug,21 12:01
Low and loose as someone has already said. Mine is high and tight, the scar about an inch from the glans and very little loose skin... hence the name.

By new2day at 28,Jul,21 12:11
You have a loose circumcision with some skin to cover the glans. I'm cut more tightly, not much free movement.

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Indeed, the camera does lie! I've always considered myself average, so it's good to share pics and be seen.

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Most gyms have shower cubicles now, so it's rare to see anyone naked. I grew up using the gang style showers and everyone was far more relaxed about being nude back then.

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I went to a state comprehensive boys school. Only when I started playing sports more regularly at 16 did I see more guys with foreskins in the showers.

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Usually 2-3 inches

Can go even smaller when cold

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I'm circumcised, I don't have any foreskin, it's just the shaft skin bunched up when I'm cold and shriveled.

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I'm a grower, many see my small shriveled cock at the gym or nude beach

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Mine gets quite small when I'm cold, stressed or after exercise. I'm often this size when at nude beaches or naturist clubs, doesn't bother me at all... it grows.

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Yes, its a safe space, never any issues with size at clubs, I love it.

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That's true, slap on the SPF50 on those sensitive bits

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Impressive growth

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Because why not, being straight doesn't mean you can't appreciate a good cock pic, plus it's fun to share pics and chat.

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I'm a little over 5.5" circumference mid-shaft, and over 6 at the base.

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I was circumcised when I was a boy, around 4 I think. The scar is quite flat and not that visible unless I've been sunbathing when there is a noticable colour change

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Same here, when I was about 4 years old. Friends I saw at junior school were also cut, didn't see a foreskin until I went to big school at 12. I find a lot of people look as it's unusual to be circumcised in UK

By new2day at 27,Sep,20 13:05
There are quite a few styles and variations, I find it interesting to see although it's not as common in UK. I find my shaft tans darker up to my scar... it is a different type of skin which normally lives under a foreskin and away from the sun

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Sometimes I take pics when I wake with morning wood

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Here's mine

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I used my fingers and thumb to rub my glans and circumcision scar to get myself semi erect. I usually apply a lube like baby oil to make movement of my hand easier, I have a tight cut so there is no loose skin on shaft when erect. Firmly gripping my penis and sometime changing hands and movements, it's the stimulation of my glans that gets me to cum.

By new2day at 16,Sep,20 17:11
Don't really have much of a bulge to be honest, at least nothing out of the ordinary to attract attention. I have had female friends comment that they can see my glans outline when I've been wearing cycle shorts or speedos in the past.

By new2day at 16,Sep,20 17:07
I've always considered myself to be average, I'm fairly small when flaccid like most, although my cock is fairly thick when erect. So about average length, above average girth.

By new2day at 02,Aug,20 17:37
I'm cut, since I was about 4 years old so never known any different. I like how it looks, but I also like to see the variety.

Circumcision isn't that common in UK, so I like being a little different

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