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Prominant circumcision scars

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Started by #687250 at 14,Mar,23 11:41
I've always been a cut dick fan
Most specifically the ring scar that most of them have, the darker the better.
Has anyone else had a similar preference or kink?
What's your favorite style?

(I am against routine circumcision without the ability to consent.)

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New Comment

By brian at 15,Nov,23 01:40 other posts of brian 
I hate being circed

By +_dem[o]nXer_+ at 12,Nov,23 14:36 other posts of +_dem[o]nXer_+ 

By lilsoftee at 12,Nov,23 05:51 other posts of lilsoftee 

By Antonek at 05,Nov,23 03:43 other posts of Antonek 

By Soerencut at 27,Oct,23 06:42 other posts of Soerencut 

By BMWwanker at 22,Jun,23 15:28 other posts of BMWwanker 
I never even thought about the fact that there is a scar. Mine must not be noticeable.

By quint at 15,Jun,23 23:08 other posts of quint 

By edcut at 15,Jun,23 22:52 other posts of edcut 

I have a pretty big scar

By Louis at 15,Jun,23 09:38 other posts of Louis 

By thicknsmooth at 15,Jun,23 02:02 other posts of thicknsmooth 
I find a circumcision scar a turn on as well here is mine

By jocstfr at 27,Apr,23 15:05 other posts of jocstfr 
mine is brown and raised

By new2day at 27,Apr,23 13:50 other posts of new2day 
Mine is fairly faint unless I have been nude sunbathing

By Zizicirconci at 26,Apr,23 23:54 other posts of Zizicirconci 

By cut5x5 at 17,Mar,23 14:35 other posts of cut5x5 
My circumcision scar soft and hard.

By Nashville42 at 16,Mar,23 14:43 other posts of Nashville42 

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