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Would you circumsize youre new born

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Started by #699038 at 10,Aug,23 16:41
Would you circumsize youre new born son or leave them intact now it seems to be harder to get youre children cut i was born and circumsized wished my parents had left me intact not that it plays on my mind or anything like that if i had children i would leave them intact

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By galaxy123 at 16,Aug,23 09:56 other posts of galaxy123 
My Father was circumcised as are all the men on his side of the family. My mothers side are all intact so my parents decided to wait and then when I was older we talked about it to see if I wanted to get circumcised. They explained it to me and then, to find out more they took me to see a specialist doctor. We first discussed circumcision when I was 11 and went to see the specialist when I was 12. He talked us through it and examined me to check I had easy movement and that the foreskin retracted easily allowing me to clean under it and so it would not tear when I got erections. In the end after talking it over with my parents I decided to keep it.
By #699038 at 30,Aug,23 07:19
Thats awsome that youre parents did all of that and even took you to a specialist wish my parents were bit more like youre parents
By galaxy123 at 28,Sep,23 11:26 other posts of galaxy123 
yes, I think I got lucky. It would have been easy for my mother to say, 'oh well his father is cut and so are all the men on that side so why not get him done too so he fits in.' But she didn't and persuaded my father to wait and consider it.
By #699038 at 29,Sep,23 17:32
thats good that you got lucky like that
By galaxy123 at 03,Oct,23 08:49 other posts of galaxy123 
Yes, I think I did. Thanks Mum.
By #699038 at 03,Oct,23 12:21

By phart at 28,Sep,23 11:47 other posts of phart 
of course, for sanitation reasons and health reasons.a quick google search should clear this issue up for most anyone.

less risk of urinary tract infections. A reduced risk of some sexually transmitted diseases in men. Protection against penile cancer and a lower risk of cervical cancer in female sex partners. Prevention of balanitis (inflammation of the glans) and balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans and foreskin)Nov 28, 2022
By Cody8789 at 28,Sep,23 21:50 other posts of Cody8789 
I agree with phart, he is correct on his analysis, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to do it, I would because I’m glad it was done for me and the upbringing of my child he would understand and think it was normal to have it done.
By #610414 at 28,Sep,23 22:34
I don't agree. Sanitation and health reasons don't apply unless the man is a slob. Good hygiene negates fears of sanitation and most health problems. My first and third born are boys. I had the first circumcised because, in this country, circumcision was all the rage. I didn't do that to my other boy. My husband is not circumcised and he's never had any problems, nor I with him. Then, again, he was taught how to keep himself clean at all times.
The rest of the world, except for religious reasons, does not have children circumcised. How do you put it, Phart? It's mutilation.
It's a natural and I would not circumsice a child.

By mr_blue at 30,Sep,23 17:12 other posts of mr_blue 
Can you not wash your cock properly in the modern age? Americans have been brainwashed to accept circumcision as being more healthy.... it's just another medical procedure that makes money for the doctors....if you are an adult and want a circumcision, that's absolutely your choice,but circumcision on a b@by in not a choice made by the person having it done....

By hytiger at 30,Sep,23 17:04 other posts of hytiger 
Male genital mutilation, should be banned apart from when medically necessary, do you really want your kid to look like a muslim or jew?

By Ananas2xLekker at 28,Sep,23 17:06 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Only for a medical necessity. We don't have children, but my brother has a son.
He's not even considering circumcision. Never even crossed his mind, I'm sure.

In my opinion, it's a nonsense remnant of religion and child abuse,
which to me, are both good reasons to not persist in it.

At least, no one is proposing female circumcision here.

By wycowboy at 28,Sep,23 16:49 other posts of wycowboy 
All my boys were cut, but that was the thing back then. My grandson is intact, he was born in Oregon and that is an elective procedure there so my son decided not to get it done to him. If i had them now, I wouldn't do it. I am cut too by the way.

By #693619 at 10,Aug,23 21:41
I decided not to have my son circumcised, even though I was circumcised and I like the result.

Hopefully he will be able to make that decision and have good results as an adult!

Personally I love the look of uncut cocks.
By #610414 at 11,Aug,23 13:37
I don’t know if this will help but, from guys that are uncut, and my hubby is one of them (Woody58), masturbation is much more enjoyable uncut and so is Sex. The foreskin protects the glans from irritation and there’s no need for lube during masturbation. There is a “requirement” that needs to be addressed. Personal hygiene is very, very important and should be taught early. My oldest son is cut. I listened to my Mom how inappropriate it was not to cut for health and other reasons. My youngest is not and I’m sure I did him a huge favor.
By #699038 at 11,Aug,23 16:32
They say health reasons and quote everything under the sun why to circumsize but at end of the day youre still changing part of the male anatomy that should be left alone

By #699038 at 11,Aug,23 16:33
I think he will probally thank you one day in the future

By #699038 at 15,Aug,23 05:03
By nekekal at 15,Aug,23 16:57 other posts of nekekal 

By Hardatlunch1981 at 11,Aug,23 18:45 other posts of Hardatlunch1981 
I've had four boys. None of them is circumcised.
By #699038 at 15,Aug,23 05:02
Cool as nothing like uncut how your should be intact left alone there are many stories of circumsision going horribly wrong

By nekekal at 13,Aug,23 19:44 other posts of nekekal 
Yes. I think so. My circumsized cock looks great, functions perfectly, is easy to suck and get sucked, and offers no disadvantages that I know of.
By #699038 at 15,Aug,23 05:00

By new2day at 11,Aug,23 15:37 other posts of new2day 
I don't think circumcision should be done routinely. When the person is an adult, they can decide for themselves.

By Newforeskin at 10,Aug,23 21:20 other posts of Newforeskin 
By #699038 at 11,Aug,23 09:40
Yep deff not

By #610414 at 10,Aug,23 22:26
No. I don’t think there’s a need for that.
By #699038 at 11,Aug,23 09:40
Deff shoudnt be done

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