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Clothing in public 29,Nov,23 09:20


By juppy at 08,Dec,23 01:10
Possibly...I'm saying at first. I think the problem of sex crimes would increase dramatically. I could be wrong. But yeah, after awhile, when everyone got "used to it", there wouldn't be a problem. But there's that "transition period". Y'know?

By juppy at 08,Dec,23 00:57
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By juppy at 05,Dec,23 03:05
Here ya go.

By juppy at 05,Dec,23 03:03
Here's mine....enjoy that little pathetic soft fucker!

By juppy at 05,Dec,23 02:58
I don't know, honestly.....hey, I work in a grocery store. A couple years ago they banned the young checker gals from wearing those yoga pants, coz the sacker boys were getting major hardons from looking at them bending over in the carts to get the groceries out. Those pants have slowly worked their way back in the system. But it doesnt matter....coz I was back stocking dairy last week & some chick came thru asking about some yogurt and MY GOD...those pants left NOTHING to the imagination! Then, not 5 minutes later, some gal came thru with her husband, didn't ask me for anything, but she had a pair of those yoga pants on....and damn....she had to be at least 60, but I wanted to bend her over & fuck that ass so bad it wasnt even funny!

By juppy at 05,Dec,23 02:42
I'm never NOT naked at home. Main reason is because I have psoriasis. If I don't wear clothing, the flaking skin seems to be a little better. BUT, honestly....I go outside without any clothes on to do other stuff around my place. I live out in the country so not many people driving by or peeking out their windows out here. We're allowed to burn our trash out here too, so I'll go out at like 2 in the morning, totally nude, and stand out there and burn my trash. If a car drives by? what?'s dark out there....they can't see I'm nude by the little bit of light the trash fire in the barrel is giving off.

By juppy at 05,Dec,23 02:35
I keep it shaved. For one, it's just more hairs getting pulled in underwear, zippers, etc. But yeah, for two....I just like being totally nude. I shave my whole body.....well, short of my arms. People I work with are used to me having hairy arms, so I don't shave those, or my head. Everything else? BALD!!

By juppy at 05,Dec,23 02:28
In reference to Bret Michaels of POISON.

By juppy at 05,Dec,23 02:27
Not really....I thought he was a 3 hit wonder, honestly. Saw him on a show renovating RVs awhile back & thought, yeah...he hit bottom.

By juppy at 29,Nov,23 10:19
Don't get me wrong....R.A.P.E would go up like 1800%, but still.....

By juppy at 29,Nov,23 09:04
Here's the pic of those jockstrap "assless" undies.
[deleted image]

By juppy at 29,Nov,23 08:43
With me, it's just personal preference. For starters, it makes your dick look bigger....I need all the help I can get! I also don't have to worry about getting hairs caught in my underwear elastic. some have's another way of being "more nude". I love being totally nude. When I'm home, I'm not wearing anything. Totally nude....all the time. Its just so damn comfortable. If I'm being honest...I shave my entire body. By birth, I'm a bit of a hairball, so to shave it all off......oh's almost erotic to be totally smooth.

By juppy at 29,Nov,23 08:22
Usually, with me, it's Calvin Klein tighties. BUT....if I'm feeling "different", I go with Arjen Kroos jockstrap style. Yeah, there's no "butt" in those. I'll post a pic shortly....when it gets "approved". Gotta say, they're comfortable as hell tho.

By juppy at 29,Nov,23 07:47
Don't have all the lyrics, but if you're talking "hair bands" you can't leave out POISON.
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By juppy at 03,Nov,23 06:18
Hope you enjoy.
[deleted image]

By juppy at 03,Nov,23 05:22

By juppy at 03,Nov,23 04:02
I'm always naked in my home. Different reason than most tho...I have psoriasis & it generally makes a rash on the upper part of my ass...just below belt line. Not wearing clothes helps it to not be as inflamed, so yeah, the minute I get home from work, those clothes are coming off and I do everything nude. Cooking, house cleaning, name it. After having several beers I'll even venture outside naked. I live out in the country, so not very many people out here to see me. Just have to listen for the occasional car coming down the road. I've even walked out to the end of my driveway totally naked on several occasions to get the mail.

By juppy at 03,Nov,23 03:23
I like it shaved. Been shaved probably 4 years now. Its just more comfortable.