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family member

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Started by #290743 at 10,Aug,12 00:23
anyone ever fuck a family member or relative before.

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By #634805 at 25,May,21 02:45
That’s sick😫

By #632721 at 22,May,21 11:58
How many of you have a family member on this site?
By #642199 at 22,May,21 17:40
Sick fuck

By #68656 at 13,Aug,12 09:11
The original poster has deleted his account which needless to say in this situation is no great loss.
By #59855 at 13,Aug,12 17:49
From Matt's Wife: Actually I think admin did it. So those that want to post **** crap..........beware!

By #290743 at 12,Aug,12 18:32
to everyone here this site means nothing to me. i was fucking with all me you. your all sick demented freaks who are going to hell. and to mysize who burned my points. screw you. those points mean nothing Im life. screw you guys Im out. gays and bi guys are trash. fuck you people. drop dead and die bitches.
By bella! at 12,Aug,12 18:52 other posts of bella! 
Ahh..... Looks like member yoursmalldick wasn't feeling the love, our love. Mysize, Mysize, he forgot to thank you for your gifts but I will. Thank you for sending gifts that were appropriate for the swine yoursmalldick is!

By #285812 at 12,Aug,12 01:53
When I first read the post, I thought nothing more

than a provocateau...upon further reading, I realized

this individual is nothing more than a, " perpetrator ".

Long term mental illness is tied to, i-n-c-e-s-t, and I do

believe this victim is in therapeutic need.

I noticed the, " perpetrator ", articulated, " ya'll ",

which leads me to say he must reside in the Southern,

US. If only I could detect his location, this animal

would be looking at 20-30 years.

By #290743 at 11,Aug,12 02:32
to all that has commented negative on this. if you don't like it then foot comment. this is a porn site. grow up idiots.
By #285812 at 11,Aug,12 03:17
By #89828 at 11,Aug,12 03:27
What the original poster fails to understand is that FUCKING YOUR S ISTER (something which he seems to be quite proud of) is against the law. Like many demented and mentally ill people, he is attempting to justify his perverted and criminal behavior by claiming to be just like everybody else. Wonder if the young girl in question is off bragging somewhere else about how thrilled she is that her b rother sexually assaulted her?
Of course, WE are idiots who need to grow up, because raping your sibling is such an intelligent and mature thing to do...
By #285812 at 11,Aug,12 03:44
I don't believe he did.....

Some people seek negative attention

Negative behavior usually gets attention the quickest

Any attention is better than some people !
By #285812 at 11,Aug,12 04:06
In reply to justlookin

By #145304 at 11,Aug,12 13:49
Look at this idiot twisting the original post to Make his point more appealing.when did the poster said **** or abuse a sibbling? **** is not my thing but just because you don't ever feel like fucking your **** doesn't mean no one else should.maybe your **** is just too ugly. How is he different than anyone else here? You're disgusted by something he likes just as a lot of ppl Would be disgusted by some of the things you like. Just the fact you're on this site Would Make some ppl think of u just as negatively as u think of the poster but I'm sure you wouldn't give a fuck about those ppl so why should the poster give a fuck about what u have to say? I can see if he woulda said has anyone ever raped their little **** but that's not what he said
By #89828 at 11,Aug,12 14:19
You seem pretty eager to defend this guy. Is there a little sibling r ape in your history, too?

The fact is, the vast majority of i ncestuous relationships are non-consensual, usually with the male sibling taking advantage of the female. That, the last I checked, is pretty much the same as r ape. Of course, he didn't USE the word R rapist ever does. As far as they are concerned, every victim actually "wanted" to be sexually violated.

That he "likes" it doesn't make it any less a crime, nor does it justify his behavior. Are you suggesting that if he "likes" to bugger corpses, shag the family cat or a bduct school k ids that's all going to get a big thumbs up from you, too? Where do you draw the line? (I'm sure, btw, that the members of your own family thank their lucky stars each day that i ncest isn't your "thing".)
Studies suggest that his victim, his own s ister, is most likely dealing with emotional and psychological damage in her later life as a result of the behavior that he "likes" so much. According to your argument, however, that's a fair price for her to pay because he enjoyed it so much...

He is "different" from everyone else here because he R APED HIS S ISTER (proudly and repeatedly...according to his post), the others just post naked pictures and talk about sex. That you can't distinguish the difference suggests that YOU may be the real idiot here...
By Ray10754 at 11,Aug,12 14:30 other posts of Ray10754 
well said!!

By #145304 at 11,Aug,12 15:01
Hmmm u seem to be a student of the subject as I suspected, looking to understand what went on in your house ? u sound as moronic as a guy going to a stripclub to pick on how aggresive some guys come on to the girls or how rowdy some get when can't come to a site like this and tell people how dirty or nasty their sexual behavior is.u can do that at church, u Would know that if u had a real social life. What my family thinks about me not turning my cock on them is their problem. Maybe I'm having pc problems but all I see on his post is him asking who had fuck a family member no who had raped one. Idiot
By #89828 at 11,Aug,12 16:49
You seem to be having cognitive (that means "thinking") problems as well as PC trouble...
I am a "student of the subject" because I spent ten years as a therapist for victims of adolescent sexual abuse...many of whom were the subjects of the type of m olestation your buddy "likes" and which you are so keen to defend. I had to learn the facts in order to be able to help them to deal with the emotional and psychological damage caused by the behavior of folks very much like your good pal yoursmalldick.
By #145304 at 11,Aug,12 17:26
Then that's're oversensitive about the subject due to that.simple. you're seeing **** just because of your experience not because the poster said he is raping anyone
By #89828 at 11,Aug,12 19:30
Um...yeah...THAT'S the point I've been trying to make all along. I am one of those "oversensitive" people when it comes to molesting your s ister. Jeezus...
(If he decides to molest his k ids, are you going to defend THAT, too?)
By #145304 at 11,Aug,12 22:52
The thing is I got no idea where **** and molest come from since I don't see that in his post.
By #89828 at 11,Aug,12 22:59
The guy says: "i tapped my sisters pussy all the time growing up." He crossed a line, and it is VERY unlikely that she was willing to participate in the "tapping" he so proudly proclaims. That would make her a victim, which equals molestation.
Another i ncest tip: Once a guy crosses that line, it is almost inevitable that he will continue to do so for the rest of his life. After the first victim moves on,or he grows tired of them, he will find a niece, nephew, son, daughter or neighborhood k id to victimize.
By #145304 at 12,Aug,12 00:15
Well Im not sure if I'm breaking news to anyone here but there are moms who fuck sons, **** who fuck sisters, dads who fuck daughters with no **** involved. Call them what u want but is a reality

By #280064 at 10,Aug,12 03:06
Yup . Me and my cuz do it when we are horny
By Bguy90 at 11,Aug,12 22:10 other posts of Bguy90 
Me and my cuz used to all the time but he doesnt like to anymore

By #59855 at 11,Aug,12 21:41
From Matt's Wife: So you have one asshole that supports you. Do you think he will be there by your side when the police come after your ass. Your IP address has been reported.

By #68656 at 10,Aug,12 18:28
By #145304 at 10,Aug,12 21:09
Hahaha u Obviously keep an eye on this post. U sound like a guy peeking over a wall at his neighbor fucking his daughter on his backyard, u insult him, yell at him, threaten him then run to your house, peek out the window and quietly start jerking off Hahahahaha

By #89828 at 10,Aug,12 21:57
John--What I fail to understand is the twisted logic which equates i ncest/c hild molestation with posting nude pictures of one's junk. That's some psychologically F'ed up crap right there...
By #68656 at 11,Aug,12 08:04
Dear Mr. JustLooking.
The convoluted and flawed rationalization certainly was both interesting and amusing.
Perhaps the two gentleman concerned should receive a visit and an admonisment from the PRF.??
By #145304 at 11,Aug,12 13:32
Ah there u are again howdy neighbor

By bella! at 10,Aug,12 00:37 other posts of bella! 
This topic is not appropriate .
By fila1305 at 10,Aug,12 22:24 other posts of fila1305 
I totally agree.

By #145304 at 10,Aug,12 01:38
Hahaha some ppl sense of place are way off. You re in a fucking porn site basically full of all kinds of deviants Obviously and u want to tell one of them his sexual topic is out of this is some fucking fancy online country club

By Ray10754 at 10,Aug,12 01:27 other posts of Ray10754 
Just another sicko!!! Take your perverted thoughts and actions elseweare

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