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Tired of what do you think.... on the forum

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Started by #9834 at 25,Aug,09 01:46
We have a main page to display our pic's, but throughout the forum is the question "what do you think of my dick", WHO CARES!!! to me you are doing but wasting space on the forum, just my opinion, any one else feel the same?

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By zzick at 11,Jun,18 12:07 other posts of zzick 
You're a bit wrong , mazinga, beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.
By Mazinga at 12,Jun,18 00:05 other posts of Mazinga 
well, THAT, too!

Like I always say,
"Everything is Beautiful when you're Drunk"

By Mazinga at 11,Jun,18 10:36 other posts of Mazinga 
When someone asks me "what do you think of my dick?"
I could respond with "lemme suck it and see..."
-or- "where is it?" lol...
I'd rather just ignore that question.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This entire site is one big voice asking
"What do you think of me?" response is, Thank You ALL for sharing who/what
you are and who/what you have, in so many unique ways.
If not for you, this site can't exist.

I enjoy being visually stimulated
whenever the opportunity and the source is there.
Some things aren't my cup of tea; and some things
rock my world; and some things are Eye-Candy to me.
Overall, it's better than not receiving
any visual stimulus at all.
By bella! at 11,Jun,18 10:38 other posts of bella! 
Wonderfully stated, Mazinga!
By Mazinga at 11,Jun,18 11:12 other posts of Mazinga 
Thanks, bella!

By #556372 at 11,Jun,18 14:24
Amazing how people try to protect you by coming up with "rules" you should follow. I would think if you post your jewels here, then you want an opinion from your fellow posters (is that the correct word?). I would suggest to #9834, if you like pics over words then go to main page and stay out of the forums,,,,or skip that part.

By jackd at 04,Jul,13 10:36 other posts of jackd 
Never look at or respond to those questions.If I like it,I'll look and maybe comment.

By #164428 at 04,Oct,11 21:10
Yes, and since this deserves another bump today, here goes!

It takes up space, especially when one person posts it five different ways.
By Piper at 04,Jul,13 07:49 other posts of Piper 
An infinite amount of space here, sooo don't be hating no point

By #359325 at 02,Jul,13 17:13
I agree there should be a special forum for this type of question, same as rating cocks. Besides i don't know why they pose those rating questions when they don't rate them anyway. the person post the question then disappears.

By Piper at 02,Jul,13 09:02 other posts of Piper 
are we hating?

By chongsta at 26,Jul,12 19:03 other posts of chongsta 
perhaps there should be a seperate forum for the "rate my dick" threads?


btw mines 14"x6" on the soft...

By MoeJoe at 05,Oct,11 06:38 other posts of MoeJoe 
If one posts quality pics, then the compliments will won't need to fish for them.
By cupar at 05,Oct,11 07:12 other posts of cupar 
I assume you mean technical quality where it appears to be very low recently, very likely taken with a mobile phone.

By spermkiss at 03,Oct,11 13:19 other posts of spermkiss 
I could not agree more. It's fishing for compliments and that's very unseemly.

By #5532 at 25,Aug,09 11:45
I get tired of it but I also seldom look at those topics. Being a woman, I get a zillion chats that are: "what do you think of my cock", "do you want my cock in your pussy", "I know you want me to fuck you until you cannot take it anymore"...etc. Those I blacklist and pretty much ignore. I suppose we can never do away with classless ignorance.
By supablack at 31,Aug,09 20:54 other posts of supablack 
thats perfectly fine being a woman to check it out or if your chatting with someone and they ask you, i can respect that, but on the forum its getting old

By supablack at 31,Aug,09 20:53 other posts of supablack 
I agree, asking that on the discussion is getting old, i dont even feed into it, I totally agree with you, i am sick of it,

By #22008 at 30,Aug,09 10:34
Absolutely agree that WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MY DICK is a waste of space.Also guys who claim dick "specialities" such as "8 1/2 inch" when its clearly an average size.I think we should leave a congratulatory message for honest guys who claim tiny dicks and are genuinely TINY!Like ME!! (Well I had to try didnt I?)
By admin at 30,Aug,09 23:43 other posts of admin 
"In Shithole town average penis size is 8 inches and in their neightbour town Assville average penis size is only 5 1/2 inches. In Shithole we made polls about it and in Assville made measurements..."

By BushPilot at 30,Aug,09 20:53 other posts of BushPilot 
Agreed. However, I just ignore the question. If I were interested in commenting on anyone's photos I would do it on their photo page. In my opinion, the people who ask the question are simply looking for positive reinforcement to their psyche and attempting to get some assurance that they are accepted by others. There aren't many places where someone can ask for feedback on their genitals or sexual opinions. Perhaps the question should be left on the forum for those who choose to answer it for these people. As for the rest of us we can just be confident and comfortable about our bodies and go on to more enlightened comments and questions. At least that's my opinion and reaction to these posts.

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