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Quality of sperm + photo

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Started by xxx25 at 05,Dec,11 13:44  other posts of xxx25
Is this sperm is good quality?

Adult Photo from xxx25

Do you have similar sperm or "one-colour"?

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New Comment

By #586702 at 14,May,19 02:51

Some of my cum shots

By #586508 at 06,May,19 21:10
Here within the last year for some reason I have developed an insane amount of force and pressure behind my cumshots. Check out my page and watch the video where I cum across the entire shower and hit the wall sounding like a gunshot

By sackman85 at 26,Apr,19 09:02 other posts of sackman85 
My cum is thick and slightly yellow. I have had my sperm quality tested and most of my sperm are deformed .
--------------------------------------- added after 128 hours

my sperm

By AussieMan187 at 24,May,18 06:12 other posts of AussieMan187 
Sperm colour is an indicator of diet & health. If it's yellowish, then your diet probably sucks. The more pearly white it is, then it indicates that your sperm count is high & you've been eating healthy, also that it would taste better. Certain foods make cum taste better, like pasta etc. Read that in a magazine...
By #539358 at 24,May,18 11:22
Not true to be honest. My sperm has always been yellowish and I eat loads of fruit and veg, drink 2lts water a day, cycle to work and keep away from processed junk food. Years ago I spoke to my doctor about it (while he was checking my foreskin ironically) and he said some menís sperm are naturally yellower than others who are white or clear, itís all about the enzymes apparently. As long as thereís no pink tinge to it thereís nothing to worry about!

By Bicockguy1 at 23,May,18 18:46 other posts of Bicockguy1 
My cum on a chair i think i got quite a good load a little bit watery sometimes thicker but still a fairly good white colour what do you think?
By #539358 at 23,May,18 18:49
Much whiter than mine, my sperm has always been a creamy yellow colour

By #539358 at 21,May,18 13:49

--------------------------------------- added after 39 seconds

Thick sperm that dribbles out, nice and creamy coloured too
By #532695 at 21,May,18 20:21
As I've aged, my semen has gotten less white and a little thinner, and it doesn't shoot out anymore. But I still have pretty good volume.

By shavedsmoothbud at 14,Apr,18 19:20 other posts of shavedsmoothbud 

By #539358 at 14,Apr,18 19:14
A load spurted over my briefs
--------------------------------------- added after 32 seconds

By CountryCouple54 at 28,Mar,18 11:33 other posts of CountryCouple54 

By #539358 at 26,Mar,18 09:43
My load has always been thick and creamy, with a slight yellow tinge to it. Apparently it tastes nice though!

By jazdragon61 at 31,Jul,17 19:47 other posts of jazdragon61 
a nice creamy load

By Dreamtraveler84 at 01,Mar,17 04:26 other posts of Dreamtraveler84 

My white creamy load.....

By nudedude125 at 01,Mar,17 01:50 other posts of nudedude125 
I love to CUM and take pictures or video it as it happens.

By #496814 at 31,Aug,16 03:43
If you have a ****, it must be ok.

By leopoldij at 31,Aug,16 03:13 other posts of leopoldij 
You need to go to the lab

By leopoldij at 23,May,14 11:49 other posts of leopoldij 
Very bad quality . It evaporated....
By licksipsuckit at 30,Aug,16 00:20 other posts of licksipsuckit 
lol, incredible disappearing come shots, someone must have licked them up *lix*
By leopoldij at 30,Aug,16 14:28 other posts of leopoldij 
He was worried about the quality of his sperm....

By Lenatur at 30,Aug,16 01:46 other posts of Lenatur 

By Lenatur at 30,Aug,16 01:45 other posts of Lenatur 
Check the Quality

By bella! at 29,Aug,16 21:14 other posts of bella! 
If you want to see some dense, I mean really thick, looking like Tapioca pudding ejaculate, watch Andthisisme's videos. He's really vocal, too!

By #500604 at 29,Aug,16 18:14
My thick white sperm

By #446733 at 23,May,14 07:51

By bungeman at 22,May,14 07:06 other posts of bungeman 
ohh I thought all semen was green as mine is

By jack_coolero at 22,May,14 06:59 other posts of jack_coolero 

By #167701 at 28,Dec,13 12:50
In '93 I briefly worked in the gay porn industry--no I wasn't an actor. My dick is too average for that. Anyway, we used to have the actors eat lots and lots of celery. There's something in the fiberous make up of the vegetable that make cum thicker and whiter. The directors insisted on it as it makes it show up better on film. I tried it until I was sick of celery and it does work. I don't care about the texture of my cum to eat so much celery, though.
By bella! at 28,Dec,13 12:52 other posts of bella! 
Oh, another layer of you has been peeled away.......

By oldbugle at 15,Oct,13 04:33 other posts of oldbugle 
Actually this is semen, not "sperm" see your sperm you need to have either bionic vision or a well set up microscope and carefully prepared semen sample......

Semen is dependant on a whole list of variables so it constantly changes appearance and consituents from day to day according to environmental conditions and your activities etc. If you live in a laboratory, or a farmyard, then there is a much better chance of seminal consistency.
By sinanff47 at 27,Dec,13 22:47 other posts of sinanff47 
Mr. 'oldbugle'. If you check, you can see that 'xxx25' is from the Czech Republic. If you translate 'semen' into Czech, you get 'sperma', the same as translating 'sperm'. Therefore easy to understand his English usage.

By xme at 26,Dec,13 15:42 other posts of xme 


By xxx25 at 08,Dec,11 04:08 other posts of xxx25 
Ohhh... O see thats Yours sperms are white. And mine is mixed by white and liquid. Whats the problem? Food? Sport?
By guyukk at 14,Oct,13 13:54 other posts of guyukk 
it might be down to how much you jerk off! if i dont wank for a couple of days (rare!) it is thick and creamy. when i wank every day or more it tends to be more clear watery with some cream mixed in ;-)

By cumaddik at 14,Oct,13 13:00 other posts of cumaddik 
Here's my delicious creamy sperm

By #102374 at 30,Dec,12 15:25

By welshlad at 10,Mar,12 06:02 other posts of welshlad 

By langloot at 01,Jan,12 00:19 other posts of langloot 
Mine is nice white streams of joy!

By stickyknickers at 01,Jan,12 00:13 other posts of stickyknickers 
Here's mine

By Dutchman at 30,Dec,11 18:53 other posts of Dutchman 
mine is juicy and fluid

By xxx25 at 12,Dec,11 10:40 other posts of xxx25 
But I have such a sperm with each ejaculation (every 3-4 days). I guess I have to do semen analysis.

By cupar at 10,Dec,11 08:57 other posts of cupar 
My varies. this is one when it was thick

By mywusch at 08,Dec,11 11:27 other posts of mywusch 
see mine

By 0-00 at 06,Dec,11 16:19 other posts of 0-00 

By lahbr at 06,Dec,11 10:32 other posts of lahbr 

By slipper at 05,Dec,11 16:48 other posts of slipper 
Mine, like most men's varies in color and consistency from time to time... and, in amount too, of course.

By Ray10754 at 05,Dec,11 14:05 other posts of Ray10754 
Here is mine

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