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circumcision scars

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Started by #200855 at 03,Jan,12 03:15
I always wondered about this ..I have very visible stitch marks around my penis (I was circumcised at like 10 y/o) and i always thought the scars seemed really obvious ..I've noticed other guys with slightly similar it just a result of getting circumcised at a later age or is there some specific procedure where they use stitches ?

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By new2day at 30,Oct,20 17:39 other posts of new2day 
I was circumcised when I was a boy, around 4 I think. The scar is quite flat and not that visible unless I've been sunbathing when there is a noticable colour change

By Cockmandu at 30,Oct,20 14:13 other posts of Cockmandu 

By Naked4life at 26,Oct,20 09:48 other posts of Naked4life 

By SIRcumcised at 25,Oct,20 10:04 other posts of SIRcumcised 

I asked to keep all of the inner foreskin, i like the color change

By cutroundhead at 25,Apr,18 05:06 other posts of cutroundhead 
This is my scar...quite neat and very close to the helmet rim

By Boylover at 18,Apr,18 23:29 other posts of Boylover 
Mine. Was cut at age 27.

By #553294 at 18,Apr,18 17:54
I was cut at birth (1956). Doc gave me a loose cut & left my frenulum intact.

I can easily roll my shaft skin over the head when rock-hard:

Frenulum closeup:

Another rock-hard view:

By #442787 at 29,Jul,17 09:34
i was circumcised when i was 10 and this is the result.

By #455846 at 27,Jul,17 17:49

By #455846 at 27,Jul,17 17:48

By kebmo at 26,Jul,17 10:15 other posts of kebmo 
I think that the doctor that did mine did a good job. No stich marks, just a nice straight line.
By cutroundhead at 26,Jul,17 12:03 other posts of cutroundhead 
Yes, very neat...done at birth, I assume? Would you know if it was freehand or done with a Plastibell?
By kebmo at 26,Jul,17 20:25 other posts of kebmo 
Yes, done at birth. I'm not sure how.

By cut5x5 at 26,Jul,17 14:40 other posts of cut5x5 
My circ scar. Done with a Gomco clamp at birth. No stitches just the brown ring scar typical of the Gomco.

A better shot.

By #372855 at 26,Jul,17 07:53
I have scars

By cutroundhead at 26,Jul,17 05:49 other posts of cutroundhead 
I think mine is quite neat...close up to the helmet rim...circumcised when I was 65 (balanitis problems)...big improvement in feel and looks

By jocstfr at 03,Aug,16 21:48 other posts of jocstfr 
here's my ugly scar

By jayman73 at 03,Aug,16 10:15 other posts of jayman73 

By #337858 at 06,Mar,13 15:10
beauty marks man. I love mine, gives it character
By thicknsmooth at 02,Aug,16 23:31 other posts of thicknsmooth 
that's a beautiful cock

By #515780 at 03,Aug,16 06:19
its a beauty

By #355138 at 03,Aug,16 03:45

By malecall4 at 05,Sep,13 04:29 other posts of malecall4 

By dx1 at 26,May,13 02:03 other posts of dx1 

By #277673 at 06,Mar,13 13:02

done as infant

By #205767 at 05,Jan,12 09:46
This is my scar!
By #255813 at 06,Mar,13 11:49
how a nicley cut cock should look

By #255813 at 06,Mar,13 11:44
I have never been able to stop playing with my cock. I was circumcised at 16 yrs old but the doctor didnt cut alot of skin off and left my cock skin very loose. I can make it very small wen unaroused and I like the feeling of covering the head like uncut and letting the skin roll back. I hav recently made my own foreskin restoration device to try. I like showing how my tiny cock looks wen I do this as its something unusual and I am happy with my dick size wen it is erect

By #187350 at 03,Jan,12 07:18
check mine out- distinct ring- have had no complaints!

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