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So, I just find it interesting that all the liquor stores by me in Orlando have declared themselves an essential business and are remaining open, and nobody is stopping them. They have lines out the door. Even our local home brew supply store has declared themselves an essential business, as there is a stay at home order by Orange County.

For those in other parts of America are all the liquor stores staying open as well? How about those outside America?

I just get my beer at Publix, a local grocery store.

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British slang for a mad or eccentric person.

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Well today Wednesday October 3rd, 2018 is my 45th birthday.

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Hey JustWill, here's my attempt for best serial killer face. What do you think, or am I still too cute?

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12 miles from where Mickey Mouse lives.

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I was 12. It was the summer of 1986, right before I entered junior high.

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I have a T-Mobile pay as you go plan, with unlimited everything, and I pay $65 a month.

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Yes, a great American tradition.

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Cheers, b.rother

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Here, Here. Good for them.

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Happy Anniversary

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What is your favorite yogurt? Kind and/or brand?

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No more McDonald's Orange drink. They have Fanta Orange Soda, but you know it's just not the same thing.

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Do real women on this site like to be called slut or whore? It seems very offensive to me. It also seems like a sign of a fake when they ask to be called that. So I ask the real women out there to comment.

By jayman73 at 28,Apr,18 21:57
Yes, I remember you. Welcome back.

By jayman73 at 28,Apr,18 21:56
How big of a bottle of beer do you think you can hold in your hand and drink, before having to pour it in a glass?

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Dick Size 6 inches
Shoe Size 14 US
I wish it was reversed actually.

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I have 1,349 photos posted.

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Sounds fair to me. Not sure how She will give you your reward. You may need to come to the United States, to Lancaster to collect your prize.

By jayman73 at 15,Mar,18 21:46
How about two pussy pics and a Kex Bar?

By jayman73 at 14,Mar,18 22:19
It is so sad that Toys R Us is closing. For the past 40 some years, I grew up with such fond memories of that place. Well the world go on, of course it will. However, it may just be a little less fun and magical.

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The irony is this thread has the least amount of drama I have seen in a long while in the forum. I guess nothing brings people together then discussing who to eat first during a disaster.

By jayman73 at 08,Mar,18 14:34
Maybe this can be a special edition of Tv's "Survivor". Have a big competition, and instead of being voted off the Island, the person is eaten.

By jayman73 at 08,Mar,18 14:28
Wow, who would have thought I would get hairy enough to have to be shaved before being served for dinner. How about me offering sexual favors for not being eaten?

By jayman73 at 07,Mar,18 22:50
Eat the biggest one first, huh? Then I'm in trouble.

By jayman73 at 28,Feb,18 09:48
It's actually true. Your right, not these days. We are talking like over 50 years ago. My told me about it. In order not to clog the pool filters, they would have just the boys swim naked. Only in gym class or private practice time, and of course absolutely not during a public swim meet. And not in mixed sex gym classes.

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Welcome back!

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These days it's probably at the most five days. Usually I like to do it about every 2 days or so.

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