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Strap-on Sex

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Started by #205645 at 07,Jan,12 08:25
How many married guys do anal sex with their wifes...I recently got a huge strap-on from the local sex store, but my wife didn't want to use it because she's not into the anal thing...during one of our bedroom sessions I forced my dick up her ass, and wow, the response I got was amazing, we now enjoy both normal and anal sex with her fucking me vice versa

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By ReallyTooSmall at 30,Sep,17 15:23 other posts of ReallyTooSmall 
My Dick is really small so I use the strap on so my wife can feel me when we fuck , if I donít where she does t feel my dick

By pornlover59 at 30,Sep,17 14:56 other posts of pornlover59 
My wife loves fucking mine and i'l ride her dick as i edge!

By #159742 at 07,Jan,12 15:35
I'm just waiting for a guy to let me fuck him with my strapon
By mikeyd270 at 08,Jan,12 02:15 other posts of mikeyd270 
Mmmmmm you can bend me over and fuck me anytime you like...

By Ablaze at 01,Mar,12 07:01 other posts of Ablaze 
Jessieleeblue, I wanna be fucked by you
I love strap-on sex

By wolfman127 at 17,Apr,13 05:41 other posts of wolfman127 
Mmm you can fuck me anytime I love a girl that will use a strap on

By #244480 at 13,Apr,13 14:27
I would love for my GF to use one on me!!!
By #376670 at 15,Apr,13 08:45
Buy her one, love using mine to get my own way . Thing is now I want to see him take real think about how much she may enjoy it !!!
By wolfman127 at 17,Apr,13 05:41 other posts of wolfman127 
You can use yours on me anytime I love a girl with a strap on

By #358284 at 12,Apr,13 08:49
I'm not into anal sex, but I would love to find a woman that owns a large selection of Large Strap On Dildos that would like to plunder my faggot throat hole with ever larger strap ons!!

By biguy69 at 01,Mar,12 07:00 other posts of biguy69 
My wife fucks me with a strapon and i love it! I also love to give her a blowjob when shes wearing it

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