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Started by #230283 at 30,Jan,12 11:07
I'm 22 yrs and I have just under a 6" inch cut dick. I also measured the correct way and started with the top base of my dick where my pubes are and not from the side of my dick. My girth is also average at about 5" inches around. I weight 125 pounds and am 5ft 9" tall. Prefer young average dicks 18yrs-35yrs please .......

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New Comment

By #609868 at 15,Feb,20 07:41
Hi... 19 yo & 5,9".

By Sledge at 14,Feb,20 11:45 other posts of Sledge 
I'm 35 years old and this is my 6.3" long ~ 5.4" girth cock.

By Youngitalianguy27 at 14,Feb,20 10:03 other posts of Youngitalianguy27 
27 7

By #265678 at 06,Jan,13 13:16
19 y

By #247606 at 06,Jan,13 12:09
20 years old!

By spermalove at 06,Jan,13 08:18 other posts of spermalove 
18 years old!

By cockbot3000 at 04,Jan,13 01:25 other posts of cockbot3000 
This is my 5.5" long by 5.5" around cock. I'm 26.

By yeahmen at 03,Jan,13 11:51 other posts of yeahmen 
I am 20 and my cock is 6 inches /jwzlwolggg2bpic.html

By xxx25 at 02,Jan,13 16:57 other posts of xxx25 
Photo of a schlong from xxx25

6,25 inches

By lahbr at 24,Dec,12 10:34 other posts of lahbr 
Im 30 years old, 6ft tall 141 pounds weight. My cut dick is 5.5" inch long and 4.7" in girth.

By choady69 at 24,Dec,12 01:47 other posts of choady69 
im young and horny but i like sex ,all of it...

By Narcan at 23,Dec,12 18:57 other posts of Narcan 
I like younger men because of their looks, but I have been surprised when checking out a great looking penis only to find it belonged to someone that could be my grandfather!

By #68656 at 30,Jan,12 11:22
That is an ideal size plus the correct way to measure.
However it was unfortunate to read the age bracket directive which tends to discriminate against a large percentage of members of this group.
By #153750 at 30,Jan,12 13:11
Nothing wrong with being average - just be pleased with it and use it as an instrument of love not a weapon. I agree with John S that your comment is discrimatory;however, i hope you don't mind "old" guys like me having a look and possibly leaving you a kind comment. We are not "hitting" on you - only enjoying what nature has given to you.
By Ray10754 at 30,Jan,12 13:19 other posts of Ray10754 
It is in no way discriminating, He states that he prefers to be in contact with that particular age group 18-35!!

It is his Preferance and he is intitled to it!
By #230283 at 30,Jan,12 13:30
Thank you Ray10754!!! I was waiting to actually hear someone say that, but your right, it's a preference of one's own opinion and you are intitled to do so!
By Ray10754 at 30,Jan,12 13:46 other posts of Ray10754 
No problem at all, I just try to tell it like it is!!!

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