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The BEST you ever had!

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Started by 68Hangerz at 07,Mar,12 10:58  other posts of 68Hangerz
The ABSOLUTE BEST sexual experience you ever had!!! How old were you? If there was a partner, what gender? How old was the partner, if there was one? What was it about the experience that qualified it as the best you ever had, and is it something you have ever been able to duplicate?
Though fantasies are welcome, I would appreciate if it truly is just a fantasy and has never been a reality, please indicate that it is a fantasy. I am mostly seeking honest, true experiences. But feel free to express a fantasy if you state it as such.
Just want to share the memory with you!!!

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By fatcock66 at 14,Sep,18 17:31 other posts of fatcock66 
Ah yes, Cindy... sweet Cindy... I'm sure she was a nympho. Only time I got off three times in same session. First, she blew me util I came in her mouth. Take awhile for me. Then, I got hard again in 5 minutes due to her urging, so we fucked. She liked to ride my dick, so I rolled her off and ate her out for a bit, got hard AGAIN and fucked. Came so good. She fucked again next morning. Had pussy every night for two weeks. Never again so much sex

By #547532 at 14,Sep,18 15:10
I could never pick one best I ever had sexual experience. But since me & my gay boyfriend have become lovers & not just sexual partners, the sex with him as become 1,000 times better.

By #146804 at 07,Mar,12 12:20
Probably the first time my man came on my face. I've always loved cum but for some reason past boyfriends (well boyfriend as the other couldn't keep himself hard) just wouldn't do it.

The first time my man said "I'm going to cum" during a BJ I moved him out of my mouth and stroked him with his cock pointing straight at my face. I could see how much he liked the idea and knowing he wanted it made me wild. I was shaking and moaning as each spurt of his cum landed on my face, it was an unbeatable experience.
By sickboy2314 at 07,Jul,13 18:30 other posts of sickboy2314 
Well ok reading that, I now need some alone time!

By 68Hangerz at 08,Mar,12 08:43 other posts of 68Hangerz 
Thank you, all who have posted!!! Interested in hearing more. Truly curious to hear what others remember as their best as well! Thanks again!

By ghostfuck at 08,Mar,12 01:45 other posts of ghostfuck 
Giving myself a blowjob. I was about 14 the first time I tried it. I had been fucking and sucking the neighbor for about year. I was really tall & thin 6' & 100lbs, & really flexable, so one day, I said to myself while whacking off can you suck your self. Well it was hard at first (no pun) but finally got in the right position. It was and still is the greatest blowjob I've ever had. I was doing 2 of the neighbors and myself about once a week each for about another year. Then I found new mind altering toys & women. Now I'm working on getting back in shape and giving it another try.

By slipper at 08,Mar,12 01:15 other posts of slipper 
When in High School... and, I married her! Never regretted it.

By 68Hangerz at 07,Mar,12 11:12 other posts of 68Hangerz 
I was 19, she was a little younger. I had seen her for some time and always thought her face was so pretty! Not "Model Glamorous", but simple, cute, pretty, and sexy! Her body was very well proportioned. Perky, firm yet soft titties, sweet little ass, and slightly petite.
She was the best ever because she smelled so sweet! Her pussy had a tiny "landing strip" bush. And her creamy juice was SO SWEET!
I think she was the best because we just fit so well together physically. She felt tight, but not too tight. She was always clean. Each time with her was equally as memorable, even though it only lasted about 6 months with her because I moved away, because she was always willing to try anything. She loved exhibiting herself to others for my pleasure, and explored me happily. Her enthusiasm for excitement was probably the most sexy quality, even as hot as her body was.
Now if I could just find her again to have another go with her...

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