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Oldest SYD members that jerk-off

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Started by #240000 at 12,Mar,12 14:31
What is the oldest SYD member who still jerke-off? I am 73 and do it almost everday. I hope that I can play with my dock in the grave after I die.

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New Comment

By lawrenceo at 22,Nov,17 11:20 other posts of lawrenceo 
77 and although it takes longer and is less often, I do still enjoy a play.

By like2jack at 14,Sep,17 12:35 other posts of like2jack 
73 years old here. I still enjoy a good jack off. Not as often as it was a few years ago but still feels great.

By nekekal at 13,Sep,17 02:32 other posts of nekekal 
I just turned 70 and celebrated by jerking it twice in one day. I would love some help but the wife avoids my cock like the plague so I just jerk it when I feel like it. Usually about every other day.

By talk4s at 12,Sep,17 13:42 other posts of talk4s 
I am 105 and I still do it!1

By veryshyguy at 09,Sep,17 22:38 other posts of veryshyguy 
68 still jerking off! Have a morning wank to take care of my morning erection, sometimes I have to jerk off twice for that! Then maybe once in the afternoon and of course when I go to bed a night!

By licksipsuckit at 01,Mar,17 21:20 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l hope lm still flogging at a hundred *lix*

By niceonebighead at 01,Mar,17 20:34 other posts of niceonebighead 
luv playin with my cock she likes 2 play with it 2 ever day
--------------------------------------- added after 55 seconds

im 75 she 78

By biggerdick at 01,Mar,17 17:43 other posts of biggerdick 
I'm 66, almost 67. I "cuff the carrot" nearly everyday.

By cutroundhead at 13,Feb,17 04:19 other posts of cutroundhead 
I'm 72 and still wank 3 or 4 times a week but always playing with my cock...

By chubbyloves at 12,Feb,17 14:14 other posts of chubbyloves 
Still pulling the pud at 70. It don't get as hard as it once did but still feels great when I give it a tug. Be more fun with some help

By JimmyFunBoy at 12,Mar,12 23:34 other posts of JimmyFunBoy 
I'm 71 and get several erections a day.
By chubbyloves at 12,Feb,17 14:11 other posts of chubbyloves 
love to see that, nice cock

By #510409 at 12,Feb,17 10:39
i am 67,and wank off every day and always swallow my cum.

By #518223 at 11,Feb,17 14:39
61. Still wank daily.

By 3fdfd at 11,Feb,17 12:56 other posts of 3fdfd 
I'm 74 and I don't jerk off anywhere as often as I did even a few years back ... but I still do - just not too often. I see a cock like the one Squelch has ... OK, that starts me thinking "maybe it's time for a jerk?"

By #114688 at 14,Mar,12 19:38
I'm 80 and manage a wonderful wank every other morning.
By Squelch at 14,Mar,12 20:13 other posts of Squelch 
Well DONE ol' timer!

By #175123 at 14,Mar,12 08:31
Good for you for admitting that just because one is over 60, you have to give up one of life's great pleasures. As I have found out myself, the urge for and satisfaction from sex -- even forms of sex never tried before -- does not end in old age. So what if one may not have rock hard erections anymore, as many older men complain! Keep enjoying the equipment!

By the way, I understand that a man will add years to his life if he has sex 3 or more times a week. Live long and prosper!!
By Squelch at 14,Mar,12 20:12 other posts of Squelch 
Shouldn't that be "Live long and fuck them!"

By cupar at 14,Mar,12 18:51 other posts of cupar 
Ok I confess as I jerk on past 70

By littleun at 13,Mar,12 00:41 other posts of littleun 
i have a friend 68 in federal prison. sent me a note, "man, i can least jack the old cock"

By stickyknickers at 12,Mar,12 14:56 other posts of stickyknickers 
Good for you! I hope I'm still masturbating as often as possible when I get to your age

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