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Started by #182000 at 24,Mar,12 12:56
if you take viagra does it make your dick even bigger longer and thicker for the time you are on the pill?

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By Dev01 at 22,Nov,17 00:27 other posts of Dev01 
Stops me from rolling out of bed.
By kebmo at 22,Nov,17 09:52 other posts of kebmo 
You know I'd have to agree with that. I have never rolled out of bed after taking Viagra. Coincidently, it also prevents me from punching windows, spending online, swearing at neighbours and vacuuming.
By Dev01 at 22,Nov,17 12:00 other posts of Dev01 

By fatcock66 at 22,Nov,17 11:27 other posts of fatcock66 
used all three kinds for ED help (viagra, cialis, etc). It DOES NOT make your cock hard, just allows better **** flow so that when excited, you will get hard and keep it longer.
Never been side effects for me except a kind of tingly feeling on my lips. Got a Rx from Dr for generic (real, not mail order) and it's like splitting a regular pill into thirds. Doesn't last as long as Cialis, but works better for me.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

without that pill, if I don't have some kind of physical stimulation, I lose the erection in only a few seconds. With it, I can do this for many minutes if I have visual or mental stimulation alone.

By onthelose at 21,Nov,17 15:23 other posts of onthelose 
I have used it in the past. A full dose caused me to get headaches and I had a blue shift in my vision. I reduced my dose buy half and it was better. Still got a slight headache. You do need to be stimulated the same way you would normally get an erection. For me it just makes it easier to stay hard longer. I don't get better erections. I have read up on the other ED pills available and Cialis seems to be the best. You take a lower dose everyday and have it in your system when you need it. As far as it only lasting until you cum, my suggestion would be to take it after you cum assuming you can get hard to start with. Helped me to recover and last longer that way.
By kebmo at 22,Nov,17 09:55 other posts of kebmo 
I've heard a lot about the headache side effect but that never bothered me. Like you, I only take a half dose because I just need a boost.

By cumjohn at 22,Nov,17 09:29 other posts of cumjohn 
Last time when i used vigra, it really helped, but it also gave me pain in the chest and headaches. But its very helpful.

By cody8789 at 21,Nov,17 23:53 other posts of cody8789 
I took viagra, and my nose got longer and harder. Lol

By kebmo at 21,Nov,17 00:55 other posts of kebmo 
No it doesn't increase the size of your penis but it keeps it rock hard for as long as you're with the person that you took it for. If you were to take it in a grocery store nothing would happen, you require stimulation and attention. I took it once when a friend was coming over and he didn't show but I didn't even get an erection because my penis wasn't being stimulated. I suppose I could have jerked off but I wanted to see what happened. Nothing.
I have taken it about ten times and I like it. I always keep it in my house but I don't use it every time, just when I feel I'll need a "boost". I take it a half hour before the action starts and I'm good for a couple of hours or until I ejaculate.

By #147052 at 26,Mar,12 10:25
I've used it but I do not like the side effects. The headaches are pretty intense.

By dave81 at 24,Mar,12 14:20 other posts of dave81 
No, it just get up to its full potential, very hard, erect and is extremely sensitive. A lower dose will act like the good old days in your 20s, get hard but go down if you get distracted. A higher dose and its hard as a rock for some time.

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