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6 Thoughts for Cocksuckers

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Started by kneelsoften at 27,Mar,12 09:20  other posts of kneelsoften
I ADMIT it I'm a cocksucker . It's that simple. From the moment I wake up in
the morning I hope that maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll be on my knees with a beautiful dick to wrap my lips around. I say it out loud to myself, several times a day "I am a cocksucker". It has helped me come to a level of self realization that I, and the cocks I serve, will enjoy.

The BEAUTY of a cock a has power over me. I can't even get a glimpse of magnificent penis without feeling my throat ache, my mouth get wet, and my knees tremble.

I CRAVE and need to serve cocks in order to be a cocksucker. Cocks define who I am. My mouth was made for cock. I need the encouragement a cock gives me when it hardens in my mouth as I suck.

I REALIZE that sucking cock is a submissive act. That hunger I feel can only be satisfied by having our mouths used to give pleasure. The more you give yourself
to serving, the more pleasure you will give.

I ALLWAYS try to be a better cocksucker. I practice taking larger and thicker cocks until I am able to experience the bliss of hugging a big dickhead with the back of my throat while a pair of full balls slap against my chin.

CUM is my reward. I treasure and savor every bit of it. It is proof that I am a good cocksucker.The wonderful aftertaste reminds me of the feeling of his cock filling my
mouth all day.

Any Comments?

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New Comment

By bil47 at 14,Apr,19 20:23 other posts of bil47 
I'm a closeted bisexual. The hetero side of my sexuality is taken care of exclusively with my wife (who isn't into anything remotely adventurous in bed). The gay side consists of much more exciting semi-anonymous encounters with men... mostly closeted bi guys like myself.
I don't get with men very often, but sometimes I have to scratch the itch. I DEFINITELY love a nice cock in my mouth... and getting reciprocation.
By SluttySarah069 at 15,Apr,19 18:21 other posts of SluttySarah069 
This is my sex life as well - I'm a Bi Cross dresser. I love my wife very much but I do like going with men for anonymous sex with me sucking their cocks and swallowing their spunk. It's a real bonus if some guys are there to fuck me at the same time I'm sucking cocks.

By JackHammer at 16,Apr,19 12:43 other posts of JackHammer 
You nailed it for me also. I've only sucked 3 cocks but I want more.

By cmsdude at 04,Sep,19 18:03 other posts of cmsdude 
This is me too. Have a good sex life with the wife, but every now and then have to satisfy my urge to suck a cock and be sucked by a guy

By cruz69696969 at 30,Aug,19 01:09 other posts of cruz69696969 
Spoken like a true lifelong committed cocksucker

By liketoedge at 15,Apr,19 11:37 other posts of liketoedge 
I've always wondered how common are closeted bi men. I think its alot more common than we know. If you are a closeted bi guy please comment

By #412105 at 18,Jul,13 03:31
its as if you were reading my mind , I am also a cocksucker , in love with the feeling of warm cum bursting in my mouth from a swollen cock ,I wish I could suck cock day in and day out, I would never get tired of pleasing men

By bigone21 at 17,Jul,13 18:34 other posts of bigone21 
@ kneelsoften: well yeah, i have a comment...

the way you make it sound is like the party is between you and my cock. after half a minute i would think: 'where do i come in'???

i'm not into raping a mouth or a throat, i'm into having fun, TOGETHER!

sure i like a fabulous blowjob, but i want it to be also about ME! like i would never forget thinking about the person that does all his best to make me feel great.

i know i have a very big cock, and after all these years, let me tell you: i don't care about the guys that can only see my cock.

sure i like worshipping, through my cock that is! NOT, seeing only my cock and NOT obeserving there is an owner attached to it!

for me, sex is a mindgame, NOT a flesh-game.

By jackd at 15,Jul,13 12:58 other posts of jackd 
I love sucking dick.Not getting it enough but I love it

By #358284 at 15,Jul,13 10:25
Aggreed 100%. My name is Rick Steele (Real Name) & I am a 100% Pure COCKSUCKER. I don't just LOVE Sucking Dicks, but I truly LIVE just to Suck Off Men's Dicks. When I look at other Men, all that I see is a potential Cock in need of being Sucked!!

By spermkiss at 27,Mar,12 14:50 other posts of spermkiss 
Alright, as one cocksucker to another here are my comments.

I agree that sucking another man's cock is the most rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying thing I can do. It's my all time favorite sex act. Getting my cock sucked is a close second, however. I like sucking better because I can do it more often. I've sucked off as many as twelve guys in one evening and I probably could have done twelve more. There is no way I could climax that many times myself.

I agree that sperm is my reward for a job well done. When a man shoots into my mouth he is giving me a thank you gift for a job well done. And it's a really nice gift, it's part of himself. I like to savor the flavor of that sperm like a connoisseur savoring the flavor of a fine wine. Then I swallow and feel good that his sperm will go down into my gut, be digested and turn into muscle tissue in my body. Part of him will become part of me. That feels really good.

I, too, am always striving to be a better cocksucker. I like to think that I have elevated cocksucking to an art form. When I am sucking cock I do not want any distractions. I want to devote my full attention to my mouth, to the cock that is in it and to the man whose cock it is. I want to be attuned to his every response to my oral service so that I can fine tune my performance to give him maximum pleasure and a totally satisfying orgasm.

I disagree that sucking another man off is a submissive act. I'm sure that part of this is because I just don't think in terms of dominance and submission. I'm just not wired that way and these are not my things. But consider this: When a man puts his cock in your mouth he is trusting you with his most treasured possession. You are in charge of bringing him to climax. You control when he will have that climax. He is giving over his sexual pleasure to you. One could easily argue that the cocksucker is dominating the suckee.

So be a cocksucker and be proud of that. Sucking cock is a very old and honorable pursuit. I hope my comments are useful.
By JeffinKS at 27,Mar,12 16:45 other posts of JeffinKS 
well said and you can suck on my cock anytime!
By spermkiss at 27,Mar,12 17:37 other posts of spermkiss 
Be glad to. I'M A COCKSUCKER!
By #146804 at 27,Mar,12 19:40
I think that's why BJs are so good. On one hand the sucker is giving a service, yielding to his desires while on the other hand the sucker is also in control of what happens (face fucking is entirely different).

Of course depending how things are the sucker can be more submissive/dominant by acting to those roles accordantly.


"Please, cum on my face, please" - submissive
"Cum all over my face, don't you dare waste a drop" - dominant

The ability of roles to change throughout the experience, if at all established, is what makes BJs such a pleasure. I would however never say that dominance and submission aren't a part of it as they run through human psychology in most aspects, even if unnoticed.
By spermkiss at 30,Mar,12 15:25 other posts of spermkiss 
Your point is well taken. You're probably right that dominance and submission run thru human psychology and affect most areas of human conduct, including sex, even if they are unnoticed.

But I'll repeat what I said earlier that they are just not my thing. To my way of thinking, sex is not a contest of wills to see who can dominate whom, but a joyful experience that both (or all, if it's a group experience) enter into for their mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

By #164428 at 28,Mar,12 06:03
I agree, at least personally, about the dom/sub issue. For me, it is an act of domination. I love sucking cock. I love having that power to edge and finally bring to climax. I love the prize at the end, too!
By kneelsoften at 14,Jul,13 19:56 other posts of kneelsoften 
I think a lot of women feel this way. As a man who loves sucking other men I see it differently and accept the essential element: need. I need cock more than cock needs my mouth, therefor I am the submissive. A man can find any hole he wants to use, a cocksucker like me knows the craving he (or she) has can on

By #358284 at 12,Apr,13 09:17
My name is Rick Steele and "I AM A 100% PURE COCKSUCKER." All feeders are welcome to feed me as they see fit. From "Verbal Abuse" to "Physically Aggressive Abuse." I am here to perform Suck Off Services for all Men who need Blowjobs. My mouth is nothing more then a Fuck Hole for your Pleasure, Feed Me!!
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

PS: I really love having my Ears grabed & Stretched out from the sides of my Head almost to the point of tearing them off, while I'm Blowing YOU!!

By bigone21 at 31,Mar,12 19:48 other posts of bigone21 
if i'm being sucked by a self-proclaimed cock-sucker, I AM in control! if this guy wants to worship my cock, i'm game! and i am dominant!

that does NOT mean that i cannot be nice to this guy that gets off on giving me the best he's got! i love him for that, and i will feed his desire as much as i can! and that will get me hot!!

for me, it's a form of roleplay: he want my cock, because it's special, i want his loving mouth because it's special! if a guy freaks out and tries to dominate my cock, the game is over!!

evryone that is also into fisting knows that the one giving it up MUST be in control!

By Hanrahan17 at 28,Mar,12 10:42 other posts of Hanrahan17 
I of course only like my cock serviced. No reciprocation. Roles changing during the act is great. I like to dictate how you're going to suck it, but I give plenty of leeway for you to do what you want also.

So please, suck this you cocksuckers. HaHa.

By #6437 at 28,Mar,12 06:01
I love being a cocksucker

By ghostfuck at 27,Mar,12 20:53 other posts of ghostfuck 
I agree cocksucking is very rewarding

By Gntlmn at 27,Mar,12 18:58 other posts of Gntlmn 
kneel before me & gaze into my "eye"....

By #147052 at 27,Mar,12 10:07
Okay, when can we get together?

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