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By thebeewolf at 17,Jul,20 15:26
Thank you for your service. Guys like me sure appreciate it!

By thebeewolf at 01,Jul,20 10:05
I'm so glad I discovered guys like you. It's now a lifestyle. I love getting serviced by cum-addicted cock sucking guys!

By thebeewolf at 02,May,20 15:13
That, my friend, goes without saying. You can't look like a hobo or be someone who can't keep a secret.

By thebeewolf at 02,May,20 12:00
I'm a straight guy. Never been attracted to a man in my life. But one of the best things I ever did was let another guy suck my cock about 15 years ago. It's weird, yes. But if you push through that, maybe close your eyes and picture Scarlet Johansson, you will get the best fucking blowjob you have ever had. I've been getting guys to suck me on the DL ever since. You have to find the right ones. The ones who love sucking, who want nothing in return. Even better if they like sucking straight cock best. Do it.

By thebeewolf at 01,May,20 12:51
Amen, brother!

By thebeewolf at 30,Apr,20 14:05
I'm a straight guy (don't even start), but I love having other guys suck my cock. Most of them are really, really good at it. And with these guys it's like their main sexual goal. I don't need to give them anything but a mouthful of jizz. And some of them even think it's hotter to suck a straight guy's dick. These guys give amazing head and exquisite orgasms. Then they wipe their mouths and THANK ME. Fuck. I don't care how straight you are. You get over the weirdness and unzip. I've been doing it for years. More straight guys should.

By thebeewolf at 30,Apr,20 11:58
In my opinion, the OP is absolutely correct and CountryCouple is completely wrong. If a man is only sexually attracted to women that man is straight. If a woman is only sexually attracted to men, that woman is straight. This does not preclude them from doing things with their same sex. In my opinion.

As for myself, I would never kiss a man, date a man, fall in love with a man, cohabitate with a man, marry a man, etc. It's just not there. And yet I have had guys suck my cock. I won't say more about it because the OP describes the situation perfectly.

I super get it if you want to make someone's sexual orientation about their behavior and not what they feel inside. I think you're wrong, but hey live and let live. But I will say this: stop insisting that other people agree with you. It's not on them to make you comfortable with your categories. Deal with it.

By thebeewolf at 22,Mar,20 21:02
I was maybe 11 or 12. I had just gone to bed after watching Charlie's Angels on TV. I was thinking about Jaclyn Smith's lipsticked lips and rubbing the underside of my boner with the palm of my hand. Next thing you know, whoa! Sperm city. I did it every day from that day until I started getting regular pussy at 18.

By thebeewolf at 22,Mar,20 20:48
Agree, those are the obvious ones to turn to. It just seems a shame that no one has repurposed one of these specifically aimed at straight guys getting blown by other guys. Maybe I should make one myself.

By thebeewolf at 22,Mar,20 20:24
Does it worry you at all that pretty much everything you're saying is complete fiction? The president declared a national emergency just nine days ago on March 13th. Whoever is telling you something different is lying to you. Don't be just another conspiracy theory dummy. Wake up.

By thebeewolf at 22,Mar,20 20:10
I got groceries with curbside service on Friday right after work. I went home and I have not left since. I live in a small apartment by myself. I have music to play. Things to write. I did some work, too. I watched some TV and some YouTube. It's been interesting to eat only food out of my own kitchen. I have drank a lot of wine Friday and Saturday nights. Probably do the same tonight, Sunday. Then I guess...I'll go to work on Monday morning. There will be one other person in the entire building.

By thebeewolf at 22,Mar,20 20:00
You do not understand the situation. It's almost certain that hundreds of thousands of Americans will die if we do nothing. Whoever is telling you different is either lying to you or deeply misinformed.

By thebeewolf at 22,Mar,20 19:55
Guys are the best? That's an understatement. I've been with a lot of different women. Fewer than 1 in 10 could suck worth a damn. My experience with guys is exactly opposite. 9 out of 10 can deliver a great BJ experience.

Some say this is because they understand the anatomy in ways that a woman never could. Maybe that's part of it. But another factor is that the men who have sucked my cock weren't doing me a favor. They were sucking my cock because that's their whole sexual goal (at least the guys I hook up with). That brings a level of passion and enthusiasm to the job that women can't bring.

By thebeewolf at 22,Mar,20 17:10
In my opinion, a good blowjob should not take less than 15 minutes. If it is less than 15 minutes I feel like I missed out on a l of pleasure by cumming too quickly. Ideally, a blowjob can last 30 minutes. That is an intense experience. I have never had one longer than that, but I don't think making it take longer than that would enhance the experience.

By thebeewolf at 17,Dec,19 09:22
I am never silent. When by myself I can usually keep it town to a few moans and some swearing at intimate conversation levels. If I'm with someone else, that's another story. I will narrate them through the entire process from beginning to end. Especially if they're sucking me off. It will conclude with me loudly proclaiming that if they want that fucking sperm they'd better suck like they want it. I will not get quiet again until after the last squirt of seed, the last spasm of my twitching cock, subsides. Then I will giggle my ass off while they milk out the last few drops.

By thebeewolf at 15,Dec,19 17:52
Make a profile on a site like or Or both. Put pictures up. Be honest about what you want and don't want. Visit the site every day and search for guys in your zip code. Message a few. It'll happen if you want it to.

By thebeewolf at 27,Oct,19 11:07
Sure there are. I'm one. I'm not attracted to men in any way. But I've learned that if you push through the gross weirdness of having another guy go down on you, you can get the best head ever. All without the complications of having a relationship with a woman. It's been a while since I've had a "regular," but it's nice when you do.

By thebeewolf at 01,Oct,19 18:27
Fuck yeah it is. I get intense pleasure from having my penis massaged with oil and warm hands. And I have incredible orgasms.

By thebeewolf at 01,Oct,19 18:27
No, he does not want to be naked.

By thebeewolf at 30,Sep,19 21:52
He does not want anything in return.

By thebeewolf at 28,Sep,19 16:36
Fuck no, it doesn't bother me. I hope they're imagining that they're sucking my cock balls-deep. And then I hope they chat me up and describe it to me in detail. I would let him really suck it, too, if the geography was right.

I can appreciate a large or nice looking cock. But I am not attracted to men in any way. I just unzip for the ones who want to suck. I close my eyes and imagine Scarlet Johansson.

By thebeewolf at 28,Sep,19 16:21
I'd fooled around with girls since I was 14. But I never really had a solid fucking experience until my 18th birthday. I was out at a gig, doing sound for a band in Milwaukee. My girlfriend was there, which was unusual. For reasons I can't recall, I was to drive with her back to her university dorm and spend the night there.

It was a late night, but once in bed we were making out pretty heavily. We had gone to bed in our underwear, but those had been peeled away and discarded. I had the underside my hard cock thrusting up and over her clitoris. Then she reached down and shoved my cock inside her pussy.

It was very wet and very hot and it felt so good on my aching cock. But I managed to fuck her for a good long time before exploding inside her.

By thebeewolf at 26,Sep,19 18:58
Yes, a good hand job can be absolutely exquisite. I have a friend who for a few years now been giving me hand jobs. He visits me about once a week. It's very satisfying.

He find me naked on my couch. He gets down on his knees between my legs and starts touching my junk. After a minute or so he reaches for the lube. Pretty soon my cock is hard and it as well as my nutsack are super slippery.

He then massages my cock and balls with a variety of techniques until I cum. It usually takes about 15 minutes. We like watching it together to see how much seed squirts out.

Yes, hand jobs can be amazing.

By thebeewolf at 26,Sep,19 18:52
Why would anyone join a site named "show your dick" and upload pictures of their penis, be offended when other members of the site have compliments? STOP WORRYING. Anyone who is offended in that situation is a stone cold idiot.

I'm a straight guy. I love when people complement me on my photos. Hell, I love when a guy offers to suck my cock... because I say yes you can! Just because I'm not attracted to men in any way, ,but I don't refuse a hungry wet mouth.

By thebeewolf at 25,Sep,19 20:41
I've had two or three different ones over the years. The one I have right now is "ass in a can." They are all great. This one is just a little smaller than the traditional units. The one I'd really like to get is the Quickshot.

I think the real secret with all of these is how you use them. In my experience, there's a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way is to sit back (or lay on your back) and pump the Fleshlight up and down on your hard cock.

The right way is that you need to fuck it. Position it in a stationary location and fuck it with your hips going in and out. This is way better. I In fact it's so good I have to be careful not to go too deep on my thrusts lest I cum quicker than I wanted to.

By thebeewolf at 22,Sep,19 20:09
I second that choice. It's like she's got a big sign flashing over her head that says "PUT YOUR SPERM IN ME." I would die watching her suck my cock. I would swoon at the sight of her naked ass. I don't think i'd ever get tired of looking at her. Or fucking her.

By thebeewolf at 22,Sep,19 20:06
Never heard of her, but now that I see her sucking a big cock and flashing that little grin I think I see your point. She's kind of got a cute little Brit Marling thing going on there.

By thebeewolf at 16,Sep,19 21:46
The kid who rents the apartment across the hall likes to suck my dick. I let him do it almost every day. But he's begging for me to fuck him. I tell him that I really am straight and I'd likely not be able to keep it up when looking at a man's body. Then one day he texts me that he's coming over. He shows up in a mini dress, a wig, lipstick and false eyelashes, the works. I watch him strip down to panties and he starts sucking my cock. Then he asks me to fuck him. I can't resist. So I fuck him hard and deep from behind. I whisper into his ear that he is now my bitch. He answers: "finally!"

By thebeewolf at 16,Sep,19 21:36
I am on gay hookup sites like and and this site as well. I am on those sites because I am into having my dick sucked by guys who want nothing in return. My fantasy is that I end up messaging a young guy who is into sucking fat daddy types. We exchange a few messages and decide to hook up. Finally the time comes for me to give him my address. When I do, we discover that he lives in the same building. He's the young kid who just rented the apartment across the hall.

By thebeewolf at 27,Aug,19 20:39
I'd like to thank you by dropping my pants for you. But how can YOU thank ME? Hm...

By thebeewolf at 27,Aug,19 20:37,, are the ones I use.

By thebeewolf at 27,Aug,19 20:26
Never liked to show my penis in locker room style situations. It's a grower NOT a shower. But ironically when a guy wants to suck my dick I don't feel weird about him seeing a small soft size. I figure it's HIS job to make it larger. I think they're usually surprised the first time at how much bigger it gets. Never had a problem showing women because usually by the time they were going to see it I was already harder than Chinese algebra, so no worries.

By thebeewolf at 27,Aug,19 12:14
Sure. I'm a straight guy. Never been attracted to men in any way. But 15 years ago I found myself divorced and horny. I was dating, but I needed to get off more than I was with these women. I searched Craig's List to find young women who'll let you fuck them for $200. But then I saw something else. A lot of men out there who'll suck your cock for absolutely nothing in return - except a mouthful of hot seed.

It would be weird. It would be a little gross at first. But might it be worth it? The first ad I answered was a guy who wanted to stroke me off while I watched straight porn at his apartment. I emailed him and then drove over to his place. He was a masculine dude, which threw me. He sat me down on his couch, started some straight porn on his laptop for me to watch, and sat on the floor in front of me.

I dropped my shorts and sat down. He lubed up his hand and started stroking me. I was not hard at first, but I was in about a minute. He stared at my cock and whispered "nice hard cock" over and over again. I thought he was going to suck it but he never did. He just kept stroking and stroking until I couldn't hold my jizz anymore and we both watched it come squirting out.

I put my pants back on and left. Since then I've moved on to the guys who suck cock. I love that there are guys out there whose only sexual desire is to suck cock and balls and swallow sperm. I'm still not attracted to men, but I never say no to these guys. I unzip for them every chance I get and I have had the best blowjobs and orgasms imaginable.

I think of it as feeding the hungry. They get what they need, I get off really good giving it to them.

By thebeewolf at 26,Aug,19 19:48
My favorite thing to do with these kind of guys is to try not to cum for as long as possible. That way my pleasure lasts and lasts. Eventually they win and get that mouthful of hot seed. But at least I've made them earn it!

By thebeewolf at 25,Aug,19 19:49
Not so much! Because I am not a woman who stands to receive pleasure from that arrangement. I am a man who stands to receive pleasure from the opposite one! Much more interesting to me!

By thebeewolf at 18,Aug,19 12:54
Yes that's him! He should arrive for this week's massage in about 15 minutes

By thebeewolf at 18,Aug,19 12:53
I'm a giver. It's God's work, really

By thebeewolf at 18,Aug,19 12:05
No, it's not a gay site. But if you do not like looking at other men's penises and/or showing your penis to other men, this is not the site for you. Most of the "women" here are secretly men, and there's very few of them anyway. This is a site for looking at penises and showing yours to other men. Whether you're straight or bi or gay or whatever, if you like doing that, welcome! If not...well, you won't enjoy your time here.

Also, I don't consider myself gay or even bi. And I love showing my cock here. And I enjoy seeing other guys cocks too!

By thebeewolf at 18,Aug,19 11:42
You won't find me objecting to a nice deepthroating. It's fucking awesome, especially when I feel that bumping pressure of the head of my cock turning the corner at the back of your throat. But it's not everything. I do like a mid-depth head bob. Even ball sucking is a nice addition. Mix it up! But whatever you do, don't leave out that bottom-hitting deepthroat action.

By thebeewolf at 18,Aug,19 11:36
Thank you for saying what is obviously true!

By thebeewolf at 18,Aug,19 11:33
Receiving for me! It's so intense. And yet it's a nice break for my cock when getting a blowjob. Take a break from throating my dick and suck on my balls (nice) or rim my hole deep (even nicer!). Taking these intense breaks gives my cock a rest, makes things last longer, but still is super intense feeling. Please tongue my hole as deep as you can!

By thebeewolf at 18,Aug,19 11:31
I think I would lube you up and then stuff you into one end of a fleshlight sleeve. I would then stuff my cock in the other end and we could let our slippery, lubed cocks bump and slide past each other in the middle

By thebeewolf at 18,Aug,19 11:28
On behalf of all straight guys who love getting the best oral service, thank you! Me and others like me will always unzip for you. It's a win win. You get cock and a mouthful of nourishing seed, and we get all the oral pleasure you can dish out. Thank you for doing it!

By thebeewolf at 26,Jul,19 09:24

By thebeewolf at 21,Jul,19 22:57
Amen, brother!

By thebeewolf at 20,Jul,19 11:01
And I thank them! ... with every mouthful of sperm I give them.

By thebeewolf at 15,Jul,19 18:44

By thebeewolf at 14,Jul,19 17:41
I think I was about 37 or so. I had been divorced for a year or so, had been on a few dates, and then started a serious thing with a gorgeous PhD student in a nearby town. We'd take turns spending weekends at one another's places, but didn't see each other all week. She was short, like around 5'3" maybe - but not petite. She had a generous sexy ass and, to the point of this topic, enormous natural breasts.

We had been having sex for a few weeks and one evening when I was getting it on with her in her bed she suggested that I fuck her tits. "Don't you want to?" Apparently most of the men in her life did and she seemed puzzled as to why I didn't.

Well you don't need to ask me twice. I straddled her chest, laid my throbbing cock down between her breasts, and squeezed them together. She helped. I could no longer even see my penis. And I started fucking them.

So soft. So warm. And the underside of my dick was enjoying the firmness of her breastbone, too. It wasn't long before I gave her an impressive pearl necklace. She laughed. I came really hard. Such a good orgasm because it was new and kind of kinky. I still think about it.

It didn't work out between us long-term, but I'll never forget tittyfucking that gorgeous woman.

By thebeewolf at 14,Jul,19 17:32
It's just a game, love. If you're not into it, you're not into it. Some are.

By thebeewolf at 13,Jul,19 12:15
So true. i'm a straight guy. Not attracted to men in any way. But I will always unzip for a guy who's hungry for cock. If you need sperm, you can have mine...but it's self serve, so go to it!