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How and by who u Cut? UnCut can comment too

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Started by #19000 at 03,Oct,09 01:34
hi all, first we all know penis, there are who cut / circumcise and the one who not cut / un circumcised. im not arguing cut n uncut. i just curious the cut one.
if u cut or know some1 else who cut, can u tell us in this site,
when u get cut? what age?
in where? place, hospital or something else?
by who u get cut? doctor or paramedics? male or female? how old is he/she?
how u cut> by using what technique? i know there are several way to get cut? using knife/laser/ring/ or other way?
and if u not cut or if u uncut, maybe u know some1 who cut, u can post too.
and if u uncut, (IF u get cut, what do u want? refer to my questions. when, where, who, how u will be cut) its just questions im not asking u to get cut.
just wanna share n thx before

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New Comment

By zeik28 at 03,Dec,17 04:32 other posts of zeik28 
I was first cut at age 56 in UK using Guided Forceps method. The result was High/Lose and untidy. Went to specialist [] clinic at age 66 for cosmetic revision where a Low/Tight result was achieved by Sleeve Resection.

The first cut retained 50% of the inner foreskin nerves and stimulation, was fantastic for sex and masturbating but looked like an off cut from a butcher's slab

The second cut took away all remnants off the inner foreskin, pulling the Shaft skin up to attach just 5mm below the flare of my Glans. The arousal result is that achieving orgasm is like setting off on a marathon; oh yes,and it needs plenty of lube. BUT, if like me you are something of extrovert, it looks great when erect (my opinion).

If any of you seriously consider going in for a circumcision my heartfelt advise is to discuss a High/Tight result with your "cutter" so as to retain your glorious Inner Foreskin. The Sleeve Resection method would give you a most pleasing aesthetic result but may only be available from specialist surgeon. (Google "Dr Al Ali" if you have trouble locating one))

And lastly, do get the Frenulum "banjo string" fully excised.

Go for it ... you know you want to.

By superstudme at 01,Dec,17 17:29 other posts of superstudme 
I too was cut at birth as were most boys in Australia when I was born. The Dr usually did not even ask & just cut the new son.

By mravg2u at 01,Jan,17 07:57 other posts of mravg2u 
Cut at birth Doc knew what he was doing, nice loose cut leaving some skin. Glands stay protected most of the time when flaccid easy to take care of plenty of sensitivity.

By cutroundhead at 01,Jan,17 06:30 other posts of cutroundhead 
I was circumcised at age 65 after suffering from balanitis for years...dithered for ages, worried about the outcome but eventually there was no choice...result is and wanking feel better without a foreskin in the way, I think a circumcised cock looks better and more masculine and so much easier to maintain.

By pifad at 31,Dec,16 15:32 other posts of pifad 
At birth in a Catholic hospital. If I had a son he would make the choice on his own. Mutilation is wrong.

By #307565 at 30,Dec,16 18:57
Circumcised at birth. Done by a female nurse, she did mine Free hand.

By MoeJoe at 28,Jun,10 07:41 other posts of MoeJoe 
I was circumcised when I was born....don't remember it..had no choice in the matter, but it's how it is.
By 3fdfd at 21,Dec,15 22:05 other posts of 3fdfd 
probably what most American guys born between 1920 & 1980 could say

By jayman73 at 21,Dec,15 22:23 other posts of jayman73 
Ditto for me.

By slipper at 27,Jun,10 20:58 other posts of slipper 
In the US most have been cut at birth unless specifically requested NOT to be. Doctors get extra bucks for doing so, then sell the foreskins. What a racket!!!

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