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Hairy body or Waxed one ???? Confused

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Started by #251072 at 12,Apr,12 05:58
I started using this site after 1 year because of hairy body and was afraid to show it to public as it may be humiliating. Thinking of waxing. Any Comments ??????
And what would be your option. Waxing or as it is???

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New Comment

By Toasty at 06,Jun,19 20:46 other posts of Toasty 
If you got no problems with hair, you can stay fully natural all you like or just trim, you could try shaving just a bit first. Some people like hairy. Staying fully clean shaved can be irritating when all the hair just keeps growing back but it's up to you or your partner. Some people like hairy.

By Smoothmann at 06,Jun,19 18:24 other posts of Smoothmann 
I stay smooth shaven from my neck down.I shave in the shower every night and it keeps me smooth and stubble free.I am also thinking of going the lazer route so that it will be off my body permently.

By ucwanker at 06,Jun,19 17:12 other posts of ucwanker 
I've had my balls, cock shaft (the hairy part) and pubes waxed several times. (My massage therapist provides this service)n Interestingly having the balls done is not that painful and the hair doesn't grow back for a long time. Doing the cock and pubes however where the hair is a lot denser, can be painful, and the effect doesn't last that long.

What I resort to now is shaving the pubes (just the bottom part, not the whole area; I just trim most of it) and cock shaft as needed, maybe every other week while showering.

I let my masseur wax my balls, maybe once every three months or so.

By #360485 at 26,Dec,16 10:21
I love clean cock and balls. Since I started shaving I find I enjoy physical contact even more. It seems more sensitive and sensual..Just sayin'

By Ablaze at 19,Apr,12 18:05 other posts of Ablaze 
Waxed waxed waxed

By #187578 at 12,Apr,12 06:35
wax if I could I would wax my whole body I **** my body hair
By #251072 at 12,Apr,12 06:58
Thanks man. Your dick and hairy body seems sexy. Frankly speaking i am also scared of painful waxing as well. Any tips especially removing hair on my balls (Any cream etc)
By #187578 at 19,Apr,12 15:30
I usually shave but I've waxed before and to me it didn't hurt but according to my **** who cried getting her eye brows waxed I'm some type if circus freak
By #187578 at 19,Apr,12 15:35
And thanx

By vebi at 15,Apr,12 23:13 other posts of vebi 

By 67malibu at 12,Apr,12 13:11 other posts of 67malibu 
I like a smooth chest smooth ass smooth cock and balls best.
Product called shave- **** at walmart its clear so u can see where u shave. Ladies could probably vouch for it.

By #68656 at 12,Apr,12 07:10
There are several dipilatory creams that you can buy at the chemist which remove body hair.
By #251072 at 12,Apr,12 07:38
Somebody told me never use the creams on your dick / balls otherwise it will be damaged. Is it true have you tried any?
By Ray10754 at 12,Apr,12 07:51 other posts of Ray10754 
Useing creams and dipilatory products should be used with extream caution around the dick/balls area!!! The skin is very sencitive and you could end up with pain and burns!Follow the directions exactly and do a test area prior to doing any large areas. I have been smooth for may years and have tryed just about all the products avaialable,I still revert back to shaving,time consumeing but worth it, I am in the prosess of looking into lasor hair removal that will be permenet. At the present time I shave once a day with a quality electric shaver (about 20 min of my time) and once a week I shave with regular Dial soap and an EXtreme razor in the shower,keeps me smooth all over all the time.

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