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Problem of this discussion-forum is:

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Started by bigone21 at 24,Apr,12 19:12  other posts of bigone21
There is no limit on starting a thread!

Everyday, everyone starts a thread on: have a look at my new pics, you like cut/uncut, how big are you, show your 8-incher, show your ass, do you like to fuck me? and whatever more of this!!

Starting a thread should cost points! 20, 50 or 100!!

Because the way it is, every thread with a meaning is followed by 30 new threads, and gets on page 2 the same day!

Admin, do someting about that!

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By #124665 at 07,Jul,13 01:12
It's because the forum should be divided into categories with sub forums.. We need a special place for stinky wrist watches and rate my Indian dick
By hardandthrobbing at 16,Jan,20 21:04 other posts of hardandthrobbing 
too funny

By #601496 at 16,Jan,20 17:33
What is a stinky wrist watch? And did JustWill have a previous account?

By #202451 at 06,Jul,13 19:06
not trying to hijack this thread, but, btw, you didn't respond to my other very reasonable question to you.. And now, I have a slight, but very reasonable digression here, to wit: If you find it reasonable that new posts should cost points, the I find it eminently reasonable that OLD POSTS from DELETED Accounts should be purged from the archive.

No offense intended ... but, seriously, a thread from a deleted poster ??? come on now.

just trying to keep it real
By bigone21 at 06,Jul,13 19:30 other posts of bigone21 
You should post that to Admin, not me...

Admin has a profile, I think it's named Admin...
By #202451 at 06,Jul,13 20:24
but my point was in response to your point that new threads should cost.
My point is if new threads should cost, then old threads should die a graceful (yet immediate) demise in order to leave,as you yourself suggest, room at the top for the Meaningful ones.
this isn;t Admin's thread
By fila1305 at 07,Jul,13 05:31 other posts of fila1305 
When a thread of a deleted member has replies from 'active' members it will stay in the archive. At least, that's what I think happens.

It's just a thought, but perhaps there could be a time-out on these threads? Let's say if nothing was added for a week or a month after the last reply the thread will follow it's initiator.

On the other hand, Admin has a lot to do and I'm not sure he has the sparetime to implement all the changes suggested in this thread. Although it would free up a little more space.
By #303133 at 07,Jul,13 09:57
Some of the threads started by "deleted" members actually contain interesting discussions. Non-deleted members sometimes enjoy adding their thoughts to them. Just because a posting member has left the site, it doesn't mean that all of the threads they started are any less valid (except, of course, for the "rate my dick" threads--which are NEVER valid and should be deleted as soon as they are started).If a thread is not commented on, it eventually drifts down the list and ends up in Forum Limbo...where it can spend Eternity unless some one goes hunting for it and leaves a comment to revive it. It really isn't that big of a deal
By fila1305 at 08,Jul,13 16:33 other posts of fila1305 
I do agree with you, JustWill. Some of those threads are still interesting. And besides, deleting old threads won't free up that much space. It's the uploaded pics and vids that take most of the space on here. (The real pics, not the links in the forum posts.)

But wasn't this the same reason Admin added the 'I don't like this topic' button?

I do think a division into sub-categories would be nice. But if I'm not mistaken this was already suggested some time ago and I think the respond was then that it would take too much work to change the structure of the forum. So I guess this is the best we're going to get.

By #146804 at 01,May,12 04:52
A simple "you must be registered for more than a week" rule would probably stop most of the crap... maybe
By bigone21 at 06,Jul,13 19:37 other posts of bigone21 

By sinanff47 at 07,Jul,13 02:12 other posts of sinanff47 
Sounds like a good idea, in addition to the 20 points cost there is now. Admin??

By *kmadeau* at 30,Apr,12 22:53 other posts of *kmadeau* 
sorry, but here is not a place to make Science, take it easy now!

By #105042 at 25,Apr,12 18:10
Hmmm, I have an idea for the admin. I think I didnīget burned points until now. I wonder why but have met only friendly people so far.

I think that the giving or loosing points is intended to have an educational target. What about this? Anyone whoīs burning points will loose the same points he destroys?

Good things getting reward and bad manners get on the loose. Thatīs the way it could be :-)
By bigone21 at 26,Apr,12 12:21 other posts of bigone21 
from the "about points"-page:

8. You can burn points of other members who you do not like, in this case member loses 1/2 of the points you spend.
By #105042 at 29,Apr,12 21:15
sounds good. I have no idea of mathematics. I only see blue sky and hear birds whistling...they donīt care about us and I can hear god laughing about all the importance we think we have. There was a world before we came here and it will be there when we go. And we care about if our socks fit to our suits? Or if we should burn someones points here? I have nothing to burn...
By bigone21 at 30,Apr,12 18:03 other posts of bigone21 
and a short time after that, you got so mad in another thread you had to use CAPS and call other people p e d o - you know what! did the birds stop whistling??

By vebi at 26,Apr,12 00:13 other posts of vebi 

By #105042 at 25,Apr,12 17:24
bigone...really. Iīm sick of threads like rate my dick and would you fuck me or whatever as well, but please... donīt ask the admin for another filter. The more filters we get the more freedom we all will loose.

And even if stupid threads are repeating again and again - democracy for me means to let it happen. Because democracy needs discussion and I really want this. Iīm really afraid of filters and banning and excluding, I know about history and where this can lead to.

I want freedom of speech!
By bigone21 at 25,Apr,12 19:00 other posts of bigone21 
Paul_D, thanks, but i'm not asking for filters or banning or excluding OR the personal involvement of Admin on a new thread. i'm just saying: put a price on starting a new thread! and the price being points...

all kinds of behaviour on this site costs points: voting for a cock being HOT is 3 points, showing off in "this is not a banner", buying a place into the top 30 etc, etc, etc. you don't worry about your freedom of speech at that point?

yet, any anonymous fool, with no pics, and no dedication to any discussion on this site other than: "will you fuck me?" can start 30 threads a day on that subject!

so, if starting a thread on page 1 will cost 100 points, page 2 50 points, and starting a thread without paying points will get you on page 10, we've got rid of a load of crap on the first page!

that's what i meant, and i am all FOR discussion and all FOR democracy!

By slipper at 25,Apr,12 03:03 other posts of slipper 
Sorry, but I don't understand the problem.
By bella! at 25,Apr,12 17:56 other posts of bella! 
Simply stated, how many forum discussions should there be for topics such as cut or uncut, big or small what do you like, rate my dick and I will rate yours, etc.

By #5532 at 25,Apr,12 09:48
That's just the way it is. We skip right past the pointless and worn out topics. Some time ago I actually posted a facetious tops along the lines of would you eat my pussy. Most saw the humor, and many offered their thoughts about doing so. Ignore the pointless topics and enjoy the rest.
By #147052 at 25,Apr,12 09:51

By cupar at 25,Apr,12 03:14 other posts of cupar 
Nor I unless you are annoyed by the threads that beg attention to their pics that has been mentioned before. Dont see how Admin can do anything or indeed remotely interested

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