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Wanking to porn bad or good?

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Started by #230124 at 06,May,12 03:04
Well the thing is that I was talking with an old friend. We got to talking about sex and porn. Then he told me something I didn't thing could be true! He said "I have never had a wank over a porn vid" well it got down to that he just had not done it. Some how? I thing all on this site has?
Just looking to know your thoughts on this.

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By cruz69696969 at 11,Aug,18 20:49 other posts of cruz69696969 
Hey my gf said she never masterbated in her life. She was 55. I thought that sounded impossible. Never caught herand she really didn't know what she was ding. So anything is possible

By onthelose at 27,Dec,17 16:56 other posts of onthelose 
Anyone who thinks porn is real, has other more serious problems!!! For some of us porn is all we have. I do think you become jaded after a while when watching porn a lot. What difference does it make if you cant get hard any other way if you don't have a regular sex partner. I for one would love to have so much sex I wouldn't need porn. We aren't all gods gift you know.

By oldbugle at 27,Dec,17 11:30 other posts of oldbugle 
Well we all need some 'inspiration' or stimulation to get erect from time to time, however, there is a danger in that sex is extremely conditioning and many people will be unaware that they are having their psychological identity changed until it's too late or at least far advanced.

....There's a big emotional/psycic element to sex that is not well understood in western you are aroused and erect your own fantasies and thoughts are far better to orgasm too.

By Big_Balled_Artist at 26,Dec,17 10:11 other posts of Big_Balled_Artist 
Kind of Bad,it's proven that porn is one of the strongest addiction (and trust me I know about addictions) and since the brain thinks it's real sex, the motivation on getting laid goes down, leading to erectile distinction on real sex and sometime depression. Also someone with addictive personnalities(like me) will tend to Always get bored of "soft porn" so will move to some more hardcore porn and trust me I'm still traumatized of some things I saw online. Please stick to your fantasms and SYD and try to get in touch with a real person, porn is not worth it

By lawrenceo at 26,Dec,17 08:14 other posts of lawrenceo 
How would we know from this reported conversation. At best we would need to see his face when he is saying that.

By leopoldij at 22,Dec,17 16:56 other posts of leopoldij 
--------------------------------------- added after 116 hours

mistake: bad, very bad.

By spermkiss at 22,Jun,12 14:57 other posts of spermkiss 
ALL WANKING IS GOOD! There is no such thing as bad wanking. Partnered sex might be the best, but it's not always available. When it's not it's perfectly normal and healthy for a guy to keep the systems "up and running" and the "juices flowing" by pleasuring himself. The more often the better.

By slipper at 07,May,12 01:02 other posts of slipper 
Your friend is just trying to brag, from the way you present his comment. Bring on the PORN!!!

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