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fake profiles

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Started by #261141 at 12,Jun,12 06:26
I was just wondering how many men and women are actually real on this site. Sure its great to see a nice big cock or a hot pussy etc but I'm pretty sure most of it is internet pictures or photo shop. If anyone wants to see if my page is real, just ask and I'll do whatever to prove it to you.

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By Mazinga at 26,Feb,18 23:27 other posts of Mazinga 
I would take a pic of myself with a piece of paper
that reads something like "" in my
very own handwriting, and place it
into my profile to show that I'm a real person. requires this method to verify new members.
It's legit, so as to weed out would-be spammers and fakes.

Other than that, I joined this site not only to show my
cock off- but also to meet any other members who might be
near my geographic location.
So far, I've meet one guy here who is an hour's drive
from me- I'm planning to host him very soon.
He and I keep in touch thru private chat.
That's about as real as I can be.
By kebmo at 27,Feb,18 03:50 other posts of kebmo 
I don't care if anyone doubts my authenticity. I am not verified nor do I feel I should be. If anyone choses to pass by my pics so be it. And for those that think the main page is for friends of Admin, I currently have four photos on it and I'm not a friend. It's because people like my photos and look at them. I joined for the same reason as you did Mazinga; I'm an exhibitionist!
By RealTitsLover at 27,Feb,18 03:54 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I'm verified, but I'm not an exhibitionist.

By #548464 at 27,Feb,18 05:15
Lol..male main page is difficult because you have much competition there..but it is a way to appeared there

By #562152 at 17,Aug,18 16:49
i was verified in my old account, one was Bella herself,,,for what???? i don't know,,,i know i'm real,,,no one else matters..

By #548464 at 27,Feb,18 05:12
When started asked that? the writing paper or writing on you..stills is not so secured
By #539433 at 27,Feb,18 06:51
Skype is way better.
By #548464 at 27,Feb,18 07:33
Exaclty..only with cam you can be sure

By admin at 27,Feb,18 08:22 other posts of admin 
Main problem with fakes here is that people love them. Personally, if I ever entered adult social sites it was only for dating and therefore I indeed did not like fakes. But when I tried to fight fakes on this site it appeared that many people love them and were against their deletion. Most of people here are not for dating, they mostly have their families that do not know they are here, and they just want some safe thrill they get from conversations and fantasies. So their main argument was "what does it matter if those are fake as long as they are fun?" It's just too common point of view, too many members have it, actually those who don't like fakes are in minority, so I gave up fighting fakes.

From my point of view, people who are for other reasons here do not specify their location, so if you are for dating here, you would not find them via "who's close to you" page. Also, you can always find out quite fast just chatting to the person if they are interested in dating or not. Just ask and in 9 out of 10 cases fakes will tell you honestly they are not for meet ups here. So just move to other members who are interested in dating. There are several members here who do this for years and as far as I know are quite content with this. Despite that this site was not intended as dating site in the first place.

As for the verification images - trolls know how to doctor such images quite easily. Actually, experienced trolls can even get other persons to make such photos for them, I've seen this happened. Yet for ordinary Joe who just want to chat and jerk off it may be too much of a hassle to make such photos. Again, this site was not made as dating site from the beginning and all kinds of people were welcome.
By #548464 at 27,Feb,18 08:36
Even dating sites can be a lot more dangerous than talking with a fake person,i heared some stories with a really bad be careful even you watch someone on cam.. Thats the majority of the site see,talk and masturbate..thats all i think is the most safe way to have fun from the web

By Boylover at 15,Apr,18 20:47 other posts of Boylover 
I´m real, but if someone doesn´t believe me, I could hardly care less. More than once became a victim of a guy pretending to be a younger boy, and sending me fake pics, though. But experience has taught me.

By *kmadeau* at 14,Jun,12 14:25 other posts of *kmadeau* 
here are a lot of Fakes and in the future will be many new FAKES! This couldn't be changed never! Fakes and especially "Super Big Dicks" Fakes but have not to be placed on Main Page without Verification! Main Page have to be place for real members only!
By #218750 at 14,Jun,12 17:48
I agree my friend!
Main page is for all of us, not for a majority of Fakes!
I NEVER can have a pic of me in the Main Page!
By *kmadeau* at 15,Jun,12 13:04 other posts of *kmadeau* 
thx my Friend!

By #215020 at 19,Jun,12 04:47
I agree with you both, only pics of verified members should be able to go on the main page.
By *kmadeau* at 19,Jun,12 11:53 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By #268466 at 15,Jun,12 13:26
Such a simple concept . Take a picture of yourself and let others look and make comments on it . I prefer the cocks and pussy that look real . Don't know why anyone would get a thrill out of taking the time to set up a fake site . I'm real and hope most of you are too . So to all the real profiles stay sexy ! And to the fakes if it ain't yours let it be .
By *kmadeau* at 15,Jun,12 14:42 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Hi Jakman!

Fakes are two big categories:

1. and the worst one "Super Big Dicks" - for points earning (enormous counts of views 10000, 20000 and more and our Admin give for that benefits!!!) Their places are only on Main Page, they are our ADMIN darlings!!!

2. people who want to stay here incognito - this ones could be accepted, their goal isn't points earning, they want to be a part of the show! lol
By admin at 15,Jun,12 15:42 other posts of admin 
I have nothing to do with what's on main page. /faq.html#mainpage

Indeed, it's always easier to blame someone else, than yourself...
By *kmadeau* at 15,Jun,12 23:58 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Dear Admin, I speak just about Fakes only (my honor to real people on the Main Page!).
I do not blame anyone else, but if someone that only Admin. It is always your responsibility if there is some Fake on the most relevant page, as it should to be M.P.!

I wrote two topics about Fakes in the Forum:

1. Now one Question from H School Physics? 02,Jun,12 17:23
2. Main Page is Full with Fakes!!! 11,May,12 23:40

My goal was to stop and remove this Fakes from M.P.
You Admin did nothing! Congratulations!
Now a question: how many points you've given for this Fakes!
All of our honorable audience here is worth your answer, thank you!

PS: all Fakes i'm speaking about were very easy to identify, I mean and by "airplane"!
Thanks for your attentions.
By #92909 at 16,Jun,12 00:03
kmade makin friends r we?
By *kmadeau* at 16,Jun,12 00:37 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Our Lord, will be my honor!

By admin at 17,Jun,12 22:34 other posts of admin 
There are report buttons on every pic and every member profile. Use them. I'm not going to look for your complains on forum. Forum is for conversations, not for reporting fakes.

I don't know why you people imagine that I can view every pic posted here or read every message. Even if I wanted, it's impossible. And I really don't.

Also, "Main Page is Full of Fakes" is a null value statement. I'm not all-mighty god to know for sure what is fake and what is not. Submit some kind of proof on every member/pic you think is fake.

And I don't give points to anyone, it's automatic, as well as rating system.

By BeauAvro at 15,Jun,12 09:06 other posts of BeauAvro 
If guys aren't man enough or women aren't strong enough to post their own pics then they are the fools when they are given positive comments on their fake pics ... must really put a dent in their self esteem to know they can never live up to what they portray!
By #146919 at 15,Jun,12 09:29
most of the women are men or have you not figured that out yet?
By BeauAvro at 16,Jun,12 01:07 other posts of BeauAvro 
NEVER look at the women so nothing for me to figure out!

By #146919 at 12,Jun,12 09:07
90% of the men are real 90% of the women are fake
By *kmadeau* at 14,Jun,12 20:25 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Not just a statement, please Mr.7inches!
It will be good when you give some recommendations here that could make things better.

By poopanana at 15,Jun,12 20:24 other posts of poopanana 
I think your spot on.

By #5532 at 12,Jun,12 10:06
Old topic. No telling really, but it is what it is and we just pick and choose which to enjoy.
By Matt52 at 12,Jun,12 10:40 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: Agreed

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