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Started by #263974 at 26,Aug,12 08:03
To me a fake is a person, who steals otherís pics or upload internet pics on his/her page.
A person can have several accounts on the site. Sometimes Iíve got difficulties to learn to know this kind of person. To me he is a fake and I donít want to know him/her at all.
Many old and diamond members, who are hunting for so-called fakes, have other accounts. Thatís strange. They have the main account and I have learned to know them, but they come to the room as fakes. Why on earth do they so? Are they right persons to call someone fake, if they are using a fake account!?
Some guys say that everyone who doesnít skype is a fake! Hello! This is a CHAT site. Most of the guys here are strange to each other. They donít want to show all of them to the strange people. This site is called show your dick, not show your face! I donít show my face to everyone because I donít trust all of these guys. The people on my friend list can see my face on my page and it is enough for me. If someone calls me a fake, I donít care. Itís his/her business. But he canít be ever my friend.
This site is not our life Ė or at least my life. I suppose we all have the REAL life somewhere else as on this site. Why to make such a noise about the real and fakes?

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By licksipsuckit at 07,Nov,17 19:30 other posts of licksipsuckit 
only registered users can see external linksonly registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external linksonly registered users can see external links
lm sick of seeing this same dick on profiles, lm going to post these web dicks here for reference, when you see this dick, report it *lix*

By #208790 at 26,Aug,12 13:17
Vesse you seem to want to bring attention to yourself and if you cant take the shit why post shit about others. To me only a dickhead would want trouble on here and your in that class.
By #263974 at 26,Aug,12 13:46
You seem to support shit talking and fighting. You seem to like calling others by nasty names. That's your choice. I have never wanted trouble here. Definitely I am not the only one who is tired of this neverending fake stuff! Your style remind s me of someone(s), so I have nothing more to say to you.

By just16cm at 26,Aug,12 13:15 other posts of just16cm 
I'm a fake.

In real life, I'm a 6ft athletic black guy with a 10" dick. I just stole the pics of that skinny white dude with the fat cock, cause I didn't want to cause too much attention...

By CesenaDaBere at 26,Aug,12 09:24 other posts of CesenaDaBere 
I agree Vesse: we're strange to each other and only we can decide how to have fun, someone is too shy or simply thinks c2c is too weird.
I tried more than once to do c2c but never liked it at all so I stopped to skype, am I a fake for that? I have fun anyway on this site by myself and in real life
By #263974 at 26,Aug,12 12:12

By bella! at 26,Aug,12 10:53 other posts of bella! 
Well......I'm pretty secretive about what I'm doing when I'm on my phone an entIre lunchtime Monday through Friday. That somewhat qualifies me as beIng fake as my coworkers, peers and subordinates have no idea who I really am. In the context of the word, I am fake because I really don't allow that group of people, the ones that I interact with for the majority of my day to see the real me.

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