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What is FAKE NEWS?

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Started by #559941 at 15,Aug,18 13:45
Is fake news the same as putting up fake pictures or something?..

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By phart at 21,Dec,18 11:40 other posts of phart 
A good start to fixing the problem is to require news sources to make their information sources known to at least a crediable group of people if not the general public so as everyone could look at where the info comes from and decide for them selves if it is crediable info or bullshit.
BUllshit comes from all sides.
If the New York post came out in the morning, "Popular tv star is gay" Folks all over the world would be like UH? but then,the tv star would be on tv trying to prove he was not,then folks would come back and post photoshopped pics of to prove he is,and the "SOURCE" of the "information" or BULLSHIT, would sit back anonomusly and watch the shit splattering on the fan and laugh.No one can hold the liar accountable for the damage done.that is the sad part.

By whatsupcocks at 21,Dec,18 07:23 other posts of whatsupcocks 
Fake Mews is like stuffing your underpants or bra.

By Andthisisme at 29,Aug,18 17:05 other posts of Andthisisme 
As far as I can tell from the people who are using the term regularly 'fake news' is any news which the person using the term does not like.
In the past when some one has disagreed with a news report there was possibly a reasoned argument or response, either verbally or written, showing just why the particular news item is untrue or misleading.
Shouting 'Fake News' has become a lazy cry for some people which avoids them having to show WHY the news is fake/untrue.
In many cases the allegation of fake news is itself misleading at best but shout something often enough and some people will start to believe it.
By #559941 at 29,Aug,18 17:08
Fake News is what turns out to be untrue which can be intentional or unintentional.
By Andthisisme at 29,Aug,18 17:14 other posts of Andthisisme 
Fake news is indeed news that is untrue.

However, the term 'Fake news' as used today is totally different, it is used by someone to try to discredit a reported piece of news that they do not like.

If we are to believe the main proponent of this term all US newspapers are full of deliberate lies from front to back and the news bulletins on the TV from start to finish.
By #559941 at 29,Aug,18 18:52
Fake news is using propaganda to invoke revolution. Nothing more..
By Andthisisme at 30,Aug,18 05:10 other posts of Andthisisme 
Does someone suggesting that if they are not reflected then the economy will nosedive count as fake news? Does someone suggesting that their opponents would restrict freedom of speech count as fake news?
Neither statement is offered with any evidence and clearly aimed at stoking fear.

By veryshyguy at 29,Aug,18 20:23 other posts of veryshyguy 
"...used by someone to try to discredit a reported piece of news that they do not like." YUP!!!
By #559941 at 30,Aug,18 00:37

By Whoknows at 29,Aug,18 18:59 other posts of Whoknows 
Here's some fake news... I'm pregnant

By Skittles at 29,Aug,18 15:37 other posts of Skittles 
CNN getting caught red handed this week... yet again. Seriously, what the fuck happened to this organization? Used to THE SOURCE for info...
By #559941 at 29,Aug,18 16:50
They were bought out by the fake dosser.. Also they are paid by DNC and George Soros.

By Skittles at 15,Aug,18 16:20 other posts of Skittles 
Majestic birds. Better than most pics here. Like for example, anything the Walrus posts.

By #562152 at 15,Aug,18 16:17
No, fake news is what you extreme right radicals call news. Fake pics is when trump shows his ass in white shorts and calls it sexy,,,not

By pifad at 15,Aug,18 16:10 other posts of pifad 
Oh, like yours?
By bella! at 15,Aug,18 16:16 other posts of bella! 
Oh, I quite enjoy his pictures of wildlife and in my opinion, they look real to me.

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