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Fake accounts

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Started by Daniel at 14,May,20 11:26  other posts of Daniel
Hi guys,
unfortunately there are too many fake girls on here.
Let's collect them here.
Looks like reporting doesn't help to stop these fake accounts.

passbi2 is fake: /member.php?w=594600

I found "her" pics on chaturbate - passbi2 collected pics of several couples there and uploaded pics here.


hope this will help.
Don't waste your point for fake girls here

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New Comment

By bella! at 14,May,20 19:38 other posts of bella! 
If you feel so strongly about passbi2 , you should definitely refer the profile to the Evaluation Panel for review. Don't forget to include proof, ie links to websites, to support your allegations.
By Daniel at 15,May,20 00:47 other posts of Daniel 
when I asked passbi2, if "her" pics doesn't look exactly like these web cam pics, I got instantly blacklisted. I reported her account and also added a few pics as proof, but obiviously it doesn't help.
Maybe I have to check chaturbate more often to get a link to the real couples...
By bella! at 15,May,20 01:23 other posts of bella! 
You reported the member how? Did you click on the questionable picture(s), select the option Illeg@l/Stolen Image and provide your "proof"? If you did, it went to the Evaluation Panel and it is my understanding that reporting member receives notification when a voting member votes and provides a comment the referring member is notified of the comment. If the panel agrees that the images were borrowed from the internet, the accused profile is deleted and the reporting member receives 50 points. But if voting members did not think that the evidence provided was solid enough to delete the member, I thought that system generated notification that the referral/voting was concluded.
By Daniel at 15,May,20 02:31 other posts of Daniel 
hmm as I was already blacklisted, so I couldn't mark the specific pics - but I reported the complete account and clicked on "member posts stolen pics". Further I linked these original pics. But then nothing ever happened.
would be maybe better to make a verification test with these guys.
In the end I just try to help other guys, which might spend their points, because they think "she" is real...
By bella! at 15,May,20 03:02 other posts of bella! 
When did you do that?
By Daniel at 15,May,20 03:13 other posts of Daniel 
some weeks ago

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