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shemale question

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Started by #149682 at 06,Sep,12 05:54
Why do actual legit shemales barely cum?? is it the female hormones they take?

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By Skittles at 26,Oct,19 10:50 other posts of Skittles 
Bjuka, please respond with the answer mate
By bjuk at 26,Oct,19 17:35 other posts of bjuk 

By TitsNeedLove at 26,Oct,19 01:50 other posts of TitsNeedLove 
Some trans friends of mine tried to clear things up for me:

* one class of medication increases estrogen production. When taken by itself without anything else, this can INCREASE the available testosterone in the body, as the body converts back and forth between free estrogen and free testosterone. Estrogen by itself typically does not decrease testosterone much, and might not change semen production

* one class of medication reduces direct testosterone production. Bur remember that the body can convert estrogen, so to reduce overall testosterone effects on the body, more is needed than you might expect. In sufficient doses, semen production can be affected.

* one class of medication interferes with testosterone being used by the body. Semen production is usually affected. Some of the medications in this class are used for "chemical castration"

* Especially in the early stages, the stress of transition can reduce semen production (stress produces steroids)

* Because the mind / body connection can be very powerful, the dedication to transition can end up triggering hormone changes that reduce semen production, even without taking any medication

* MTF that transition later in life especially, who are likely to retain distinct male features, especially those interested in women, can end up strongly expecting that they might never have a continued sexual relationship again, feeling as if no woman will ever be interested in them. Deep belief that one will never have sex can result in decrease in semen production (the same way that semen production increases if a male anticipates having sex.)

"Shemale" is a term used mostly in porn, and often designates MTF who retain the ability to carry strong erections. A portion of MTF on hormones do retain that, but for the majority, hormones actively interfere with penis use, and so hormones are considered to be a substantial risk to a "shemale" porn career. Because of this, "shemales" (again, people likely to be in the porn industry) often tend to prefer to proceed through surgical work instead of through hormones.

MTF transgender/transsexuals who are not associated with porn would not be likely to call themselves "shemale", and would be more likely to proceed with hormones, and as described above, medications used for feminizing the body do end up reducing semen production in a lot of MTF.

By skyking at 04,Sep,19 10:04 other posts of skyking 
Many Transgender M/F have breast implants without any hormones. After1 year of hormones...I became unable to ejaculate any semen. Orgasms,yes...when I'm penetrated ....not like before the hormones...waves of pleasure from deep inside. Rubbing my penis can cause orgasm also....yet no cum. There IS a great deal of clear juice(precum?).... that flows out during the excitement phase...even while flaccid. A clitoral penis I suppose.

By #264896 at 20,Dec,12 02:38
I fantasize about she-males ... so much so I bought a strap-on harness and changeable cocks for my wife to role play the part. She was very agreeable and modeled herself by stroking her cock and asking ... "so tell me baby, am I the man of your dreams?" I even went so far as to order a penis that is capable of squirting, and when I suck 'her' off she will moan and thrust while jetting warm liquid in my mouth. It's hot beyond words, even if it's not the real thing. And the squeeze bulb holds ALOT of liquid and can squirt 8-9 good strong ropes. A lot of swallowing is required as she 'cums' in my mouth.
By #195770 at 20,Dec,12 09:47
Your wife sounds wonderful, congrats.

By ErosUrge at 20,Dec,12 00:22 other posts of ErosUrge 
hormones DO NOT affect all shemales (transgendered) people. There are many examples of this. I have been with 3 and two of those had ample amounts of cum and one very little.
Also if you go to some of the porn sites online, there are many vids of shemales cumming...and many of them shoot lots of cum.
It just depends...

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