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By skyking at 31,Jul,20 09:51
Well said!! The variety has always amazed me. The tastes,textures,color,
are a pleasent surprise.

By skyking at 11,Jul,20 02:14
RECEIVING. fascinating how each man has a different taste,texture,....and amount. I love the milky nectar!!!

By skyking at 13,May,20 15:44
I will think of him every year when I put up the aluminum pole for Festivus!!
For the rest of us!! RIP

By skyking at 10,Apr,20 10:15
" The Story of "O" " I love this book.

By skyking at 22,Nov,19 19:23
. Playalinda beach...#13...Titusville/Canaveral area,it is a great nude beach,on all counts!!

By skyking at 04,Sep,19 10:04
Many Transgender M/F have breast implants without any hormones. After1 year of hormones...I became unable to ejaculate any semen. Orgasms,yes...when I'm penetrated ....not like before the hormones...waves of pleasure from deep inside. Rubbing my penis can cause orgasm also....yet no cum. There IS a great deal of clear juice(precum?).... that flows out during the excitement phase...even while flaccid. A clitoral penis I suppose.

By skyking at 29,Aug,19 11:11
I agree with your comment 100% .It is a beautiful thing!

By skyking at 29,Aug,19 11:07
of course....whatever he wants!!

By skyking at 29,Aug,19 11:04
I would trade mine for a pussy with big inner lips....ANYTIME!!

By skyking at 16,Dec,17 10:33
at 13 year old neighbor used vaseline for lube...and broke me in.......I have no idea how many times he fucked me that summer......and I do still remember well. I remember how wet and sticky I would be all day whenever he humped me.......and shocked when I finally saw the stuff squirt out of him.......and realized he was putting it in me !!

By skyking at 16,Dec,17 10:22 took 6 months or so of masturbating before the first clear juice........getting thick and white fast after that.

By skyking at 18,Nov,17 21:03
I have always been a just has been the natural way of bonding. Right from puberty...every buddy has fucked me without any question or hesitation.

By skyking at 15,Sep,16 09:50
I too agree with this moment !!...FULL erection , twitching motion , head engorged........and the thrill of "How much is he going to keep squirting ?!!!!! "

By skyking at 03,Sep,16 13:41
thanks!! I hook them together when I "tuck"

By skyking at 28,Aug,16 10:12
here is mine...

By skyking at 28,Aug,16 10:08
these girls are magnificent !! Truly..they are teats..fully developed for breast feeding . Very erotic on such full breasts .

By skyking at 23,May,16 15:06
do you like my plump glans ?

By skyking at 04,Nov,15 08:22
a tampon after insemination....keeps it all in !!

By skyking at 19,Aug,15 11:19
All the time ! Sometimes..answering an email with an erotic message......with no erection at gushes out . MOST often though ,is with penetration ..extra rigid and long, the girth not as important ,for multiple hands,or erection .