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Has anyone seen his/her pop's cock..i have

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Started by #274575 at 18,Sep,12 15:28
saw my fathers cock accidentaly,it was huge and just like mine ,rather i should say my cock looks like his....

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By #532415 at 19,Sep,18 06:00
I've seen it soft, limp, even saw him cum while fucking my Mom...

By wycowboy at 17,Sep,18 15:22 other posts of wycowboy 
I saw it many times. When you go to the same gym and hunt and fish together, staying in a small camper, it's bound to happen. It was never a big deal.

By poolboy886 at 16,Sep,18 06:12 other posts of poolboy886 
Numerous times. Looked big to me then. Hes uncircumcised, unlike me.

By #566722 at 15,Sep,18 15:11
I saw mine father's too when we were in the sauna.Also he saw my cock as well.
By #563464 at 16,Sep,18 03:08
Could you please stop being a troll and resurrecting the darkest threads on the site?

By aussie at 16,Sep,18 02:37 other posts of aussie 
I saw my father naked a lot growing up, once or twice with a hard on. He had a nice cock and I thought it was huge when I was a boy. Now I know it is Very much like my own.

By GloriD at 14,Dec,17 22:40 other posts of GloriD 
yeah it's nothing special but I really take after my mom's side of the family

By 3fdfd at 14,Dec,17 19:04 other posts of 3fdfd 
I would think that most guys while growing up would have seen their Dad's dick at some point. My Dad was very large - something I did NOT inherit - and uncut. I only saw him soft and his dick was pretty damn big even soft.

By #270555 at 14,Dec,17 18:43
i saw my dads dick once more his ball sack from behind i woke up to my mom spread legs in air and he was pounding her she moaning like crazy never forget that moment

By milkout69 at 03,Jan,14 09:02 other posts of milkout69 
Accidentally when I was a **** a saw my father fucking my mother in the bathroom. I've never been able to forget! wow

By #424204 at 30,Dec,13 03:22
I aw my dads dick back in 95 or 96. We were at a bar and I went into the restroom and he followed me in. As we stood there pissing, of course we glanced at each others dicks. Then back at the bar he told a lady he was talking to that his dick was bigger than mine. Then in 09 at my sisters picnic we both ended up in a restroom again. We were both really feeling good. We were standing there, side b side pissing together. I kept staring at his big dick in amazement. His cockhead was so perfect sitting on his dick. All the sudden I asked if I could take a hold of it. It was like holding the perfect cock. It was about 4" in length and about 5" in girth. By no means do our cocks look the same. More info if you like.
By milkout69 at 03,Jan,14 08:56 other posts of milkout69 
I would like more information

By swvsucker at 03,Jan,14 06:49 other posts of swvsucker 
Yes I saw it quite a bit growing up. When I was a **** and teen he wasn't shy about walking around naked. After he fucked my mom he would come walking out naked with it still rock hard and glistening with their cum to go to the bathroom and clean up.

I didn't get my dick genes from him. He is about 8 inches long, probably 6 inches around and uncut.

By uncutone69 at 03,Jan,14 04:01 other posts of uncutone69 
I've seen it a few times. Mine is bigger.

By Arexa at 29,Dec,13 23:56 other posts of Arexa 
Unfortunately I have. My father is a sicko, and he used to run around naked after showers. My mother cracks jokes and says being with him was like "being poked with a thumb"...

By matster at 29,Dec,13 16:14 other posts of matster 
Yeah ive seen my dadssev alot thicker than mine big balls and about seven inches long with a big juicy cock head a hanging there ad i walked in on mum and dad in bath togethes r mum had kbushy black cunt with pink perky nipples the sweeping small tits

By bigman1956 at 27,Sep,12 17:18 other posts of bigman1956 
I saw my fathers cock several times when I was living at home. We only had one bathroom.

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