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Its not cheating

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Started by Greek18cm at 17,Jan,19 02:23  other posts of Greek18cm
M morey first experience was with a female cousin who visited us every summer.
One of our conversation started when we were playing with my cock and I asked if she had a boyfriend.
And a discussion started that was about thay "touching or seeing my cock is not cheating as long as there is no penetrations"
She refused to understand until she grow up some more to admit that "yes it was cheating"...
The thing is ... Is it? I mean... It was a convenient time for me

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By #559941 at 19,Jan,19 12:56
Cheating is to go back on trust on rules that are pre-set. Like playing board games.

JErking off to pictures of other females could be cheating as well as looking up woman's skirts. Cheating depends on your own point of view.

By licksipsuckit at 18,Jan,19 23:00 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l consider cheating, doing something with another person, that you wouldn't do in front of your partner or with your partners full knowledge, is cheating, would she play with your cock with her boyfriend in the room?? is she would, than that is swinging and everyone is on the same page, if she wouldn't, well she knows she is doing the wrong thing.. *lix*
By up-for-it at 19,Jan,19 03:53 other posts of up-for-it 
This is what i really meant, but it got lost in translation!
By Greek18cm at 19,Jan,19 12:37 other posts of Greek18cm 
Yeah. It seems you have a point. It is not applied to my experience but in general you are correct i think

By up-for-it at 18,Jan,19 16:45 other posts of up-for-it 
It all depends on the partners opinion.

For some just looking at someone is cheating, others have a life long relationship and both have sex with others ans not feel they are cheating

I believe every couple defines cheating in another way.

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