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niece caught spying on my hubby and i and her mom fucking

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Started by #244545 at 28,Oct,12 05:41
it was our nieces 21 birthday, so we took her out for drinks. well we all are a little inebriated so her and her mom r staying with us tonight, well our niece went to the bedroom and ****. my **** ,hubby and i decided to have a little fun as we do from time to time so we put in a porn vid and my hubby moved in behind and started fucking my **** doggy as i watched playing with my pussy, i get so wet watching them fuck. well i looked on the stairwell and saw my niece sitting on the top step with her hand in her panties. i smiled at her she got a little embarrased, i motioned for her to come down,by then my **** and hubby saw her coming down,my **** didnt seem surprised at all. she said she wasnt surprised at all, last week she caught her watching a homeade vid of all three of us fucking, and so they watched it together.well now shes been so obsessed about my hubys cock, should i let my hubby fuck her tight little pussy,my **** says yes,i think it will be hot.waiting for your opinion rt now shes only watching

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New Comment

By kokhard at 01,Nov,18 13:29 other posts of kokhard 
Hell I fuck my niece quite often...she lives with us so its so she luvs it too

By nothingshocking at 28,Apr,15 02:09 other posts of nothingshocking 
pic or it didn't happen
By bungeman at 31,Oct,18 16:15 other posts of bungeman 
wat will a pic prove ???

By #532415 at 31,Oct,18 10:25
Us too, by my 24 yr. old nephew...

By oldbugle at 03,Apr,13 14:26 other posts of oldbugle 
Is this real?......

........Or just the warped fantasy of yet another psycho?
By licksipsuckit at 19,Jun,18 05:50 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l'll put my money on the psycho.. just writing it to see what kind of reaction he could get from a bunch of pent up sexless people with a PC quality about them lol, *lix*

By #301770 at 07,Nov,12 19:02
the males are made to have sex with females . relative or not doesnt matter. but two males having sex it is against nature and against our basic instinct MENTAL ILLNESS ,
By bella! at 07,Nov,12 19:15 other posts of bella! 
"the males are made to have sex with females . relative or not doesn't matter.but two males having sex is against nature and against our basic instinct...."

Well I am happy to be an American. It is against OUR laws to have sexual relations with family members. If I lived in a country where "men" shared your fucked up attitude and sense of entitlement, I would rather be dead.
By Ray10754 at 07,Nov,12 19:19 other posts of Ray10754 
BELLA! And to think he states in his profile that he is interested in both male and female,Guess he is confused!!

By Gntlmn at 08,Nov,12 15:37 other posts of Gntlmn 
BRAVO! "bella" for president

By dreamer at 30,Oct,12 03:27 other posts of dreamer 
Another one bites the dust

By #68656 at 28,Oct,12 06:29
It shows not only an appalling lack of morals and integrity but a serious breach of trust as well.
All involved parties are as bad as each other and should equally be ashamed.
By #300891 at 28,Oct,12 06:43
as with many,of these kinds of pages,the male is quite shy,only showing a fiew pics of his cock.the female is appears not to be shy at all,she seems quite happy to post pics of herself nude,full face nude,sucking cock and videos of herself be/doing all three,he then writes this shit..i suggest a change of name,from hrnycplt to hrnyprvt.
By just16cm at 28,Oct,12 16:24 other posts of just16cm 
No, he should change his name to hrnywebcrapposter

... or maybe hrnygetsdeletedsoon

By #303133 at 28,Oct,12 10:23
The human race is so fucking doomed...
By dreamer at 28,Oct,12 11:20 other posts of dreamer 
Not very nice of me to compare beautiful furry, little a nimals to people like these
By #303133 at 28,Oct,12 11:47
Shame on you, dreamer! Bunnies have more self-respect!
By dreamer at 28,Oct,12 13:00 other posts of dreamer 
They sure do

By dreamer at 28,Oct,12 07:02 other posts of dreamer 
Just like a Herd of rabbits all cosy in their warren , fucking anything and everything that moves. Fuck like rabbits like there is no tomorrow ...
By #300891 at 28,Oct,12 08:20
what are the odds,of there being no reply from this person..
By dreamer at 28,Oct,12 10:11 other posts of dreamer 

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