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sucking off dads friends

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Started by #322251 at 23,Nov,12 01:18
Anyone ever sucked off dads friends? When i was about 20 i sucked off my dads good friend when we got shit faced in the jacuzzi he was 30 years older than me. If anyone has tell us about it.

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By #588373 at 31,May,19 00:10
if the fatger wasn't aware, does it really matter if the cockscsucked were his friends or not? It's not like they were molesting a child.
Would it have been more acceptable if his fathers friends stopped by the local ABS, stuck their cocks in a hole and the son sucked them dry there?
I think it's not a usual thing but if hiscson is a cocksucker, then any man slapping him in the mouth with some cock is going to get sucked,

By #311508 at 23,Nov,12 19:04
OMG there are some prudes in this thread. It's OK to show your junk on the internet where k-i-d-s can see it but a 20yo blows an older man and it's "inappropriate"? Your moral compass is somewhat askew I think
By #274357 at 23,Nov,12 19:14
I think you missed the point entirely joker.

What you expressed is acceptable.

Having a father allow his son to suck off his friends is somewhat different.
By slipper at 23,Nov,12 21:09 other posts of slipper 
I may have missed something in the anecdote, but I don't see any mention of the dad even being aware that this took place, let alone "allowing" or condoning it.

By #150239 at 23,Nov,12 12:56
Seems that some of us are pretty sensitive. What exactly causes anyone to be uncomfortable with a consenting young adult sucking an consenting older adult? Is it that the older adult is a friend of the younger's father? There is no kinship in that relationship. How is the subject inappropriate in an syd forum? Maybe we should relax a bit and enjoy the forum entries that interest us and simply ignore those which do not. It is true, I believe, that some entries deserve and should be rebuffed, but doing so might best be reserved for the ****, incestual or blatently offensive. I cannot imagine why the word which means "is not legal" has been deleted)
By Ray10754 at 23,Nov,12 14:41 other posts of Ray10754 
I agree with what you said! I simply stated my oppinion on the matter and asked a question,plain and simple. I by no means am being sensitive or uncomfortable. To what part on my post is not understandable??
By #150239 at 23,Nov,12 15:03
Hi Ray. I had the impression that you found this forum entry to be somehow inappropriate. The assumption then was that lacock's entry triggered within you a sense that what he was describing was inappropriate and, as such, was a behavior with which you were uncomfortable. In so far I erred in my impression, I am sorry for any offense you may have taken. I did not see lacocks behavior as being particularly off-putting and, further, have noted in the forum that with some frequency those who offer entries are unduly discouraged. I only hoped to raise a consideration for greater tolerance for our fellow participants contributions,....his and yours.
By Ray10754 at 23,Nov,12 15:14 other posts of Ray10754 
Hello Olderguy, Thanks for the reply, No offence taken at all.
By #150239 at 23,Nov,12 15:38
Great my friend. All the best.
By #274357 at 23,Nov,12 16:43
I think I understand Ray's initial post.

Whether or not any kinship was violated, there is an underlying assumption that his Father was aware about it.

That in itself, is an inappropriate topic here.

That 'underlying assumption' is simply because any responsible parent would never allow this sort of behavior.

By #150239 at 23,Nov,12 17:25
If the father was aware, I would agree that it was seriously in appropriate and akin to renting out your ****. On the other side of the issue is that there was no suggection by lacock knew about it and, further, that lacock was no longer a **** but, rather, a 20 year old man. I guess all this suggests that our assumptions on either side of the discussion are, in fact, assumptions. I also have to agree with hoybot that this has been an interesting topic with good points and counterpoints. (banned word was same as offspring)
By #274357 at 23,Nov,12 17:36
olderguy, much respect. But, if the father was NOT aware...

I would hope we can successfully argee that he is unfit as a parent which is STILL inappropriate.
By Ray10754 at 23,Nov,12 18:21 other posts of Ray10754 
An in both cenerios what dose it say about the dads friend? I mean come on, Of age or not, would you feel comfortable knowing your s o n and your male friend were engaging in sex?? And BE HONEST with your answer. I know it would make me uncomfortable and I concider my self a fairly open minded person. This is why I posted my first responce to begin with ( Some things are best left untold)Or should I use the term (Brag about)?

By #150239 at 23,Nov,12 19:37
Help me understand your point. Are you saying that if the father was not aware, that his ignorance of the matter is inappropriate? I have two adult **** who have both become fine and successful adults. But truth is, I have and had no clue as to their sexual activities, if any, when they wer 20 years old. Of course I can fully undrstand how knowing I had a friend so involve with either of them would have offended me greatly. Lacock, however, gave us no indication that his father knew of the behavior he cited. What he did tell us is that he chose to have sex with an impaired (drunk) friend of his father. That is troubling to me and I do not see in the ongoing discussion we have shared any concern about that. Seems possible to me that Lacock was the person taking inappropriate advantage. Is that also worth considering?
By Ray10754 at 23,Nov,12 19:50 other posts of Ray10754 
Well then maby we need MR Lacock to endulge more as to what happend,From what I read, they (dad, dad's friend and Mr Lacock ) were all (SHITFACED IN THE HOT TUB). I may be wrong or I may have miss read the post,If all three were not involved, Why would Dads friend be in the hot tub,shitfaced alone with him?? That brings another thought to mind,How good of a friend is he to the father?I know we dont know all the circomstances but from what I read as I stated earlier something is definatly wrong with this picture

By Ray10754 at 23,Nov,12 01:38 other posts of Ray10754 
Some things are best left untold! And this is something you feel needs to be told?

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