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Texting a nude pic to somebody intentionally?

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Started by #13585 at 11,Mar,13 11:36
Has anybody sent a self cock pic to a family member or friend and played if off as a complete accident. If so who was it and what were their reactions?

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New Comment

By #572188 at 17,Nov,18 23:26
I sent my dick pic to my mom and said that was for a girl.She just answered gross, but I was excited knowing my mom can see my erection pic anytime she wants

By onthelose at 16,Sep,18 01:10 other posts of onthelose 
I am very paranoid about someone seeing a photo on my devices so I delete them after I post them on here. All of my friends are homophobes as are my family members.

By #566722 at 15,Sep,18 10:43
One time I was taking pics of my cock and accidentaly I sent one pic of my hard cock to my classmate.I asked her not to show it to anyone,but she showed my dick pic for a whole class.

By kingsc77 at 23,Jan,18 00:18 other posts of kingsc77 
my ex mother I law sent me a pic of her tit. ive always been in love with her. then when me an I ex broke up I got the pic for my bday from her. at the time I didn't know but in so many words she told me that at the time she was thinking about fucking me but decided it might not be a great idea. I had done some work for her an her bf yard an rom years past I knew she had dildos so wile I was working in there yard an they go to work they would leave the door open for me so u know I was putting in some hours with only a lil work being done because I was in her room looking at and taking pics of her dildos omg that was such a rush an turn on. I'm still in love with her even tho its been 5+ years ago. I still see an talk to her at times but all the sexual talk isn't there anymore I was so close to my biggest fantasy just to cum up short

By #269409 at 16,Sep,13 07:24
There's this game people play and they text you saying send the 5th photo on you're phone so i just sent one back of my cock and they weren't impressed so then i just said oh it's a joke i got the pic from the net

By malecall4 at 14,Sep,13 04:12 other posts of malecall4 
i have not got my nerve up to do that yet.

By #265525 at 01,May,13 11:39
I sent a family member a pic of what I thought was something else but when she responded who is that? I quickly realized it had sent a dick pic. Wasn't a big deal I think she liked the pic.

By #321387 at 11,Mar,13 23:43
On Christmas Eve I took pics of my cock, then a couple hours later I was taking pictures of my family together. One of my aunts wanted to see the pics to see how they came out, so I handed her my phone so she could look through the pics ( me knowing I had nudes of me in there). When she got to the pic of me holding my fat cock she screamed OH MY GOD!! She giggled too. I later found out the she also has nude pics of herself on her phone.
By #13585 at 30,Apr,13 15:52
Great story. Thanks

By #4162 at 11,Mar,13 11:46
I once showed a girl at work a nude pic of me it was among a load of holiday snaps, she said looks ok!!
By #13585 at 11,Mar,13 11:50
Thats a good idea having a nude mixed in with misc others.
By #360973 at 11,Mar,13 11:57
Or you could just make a move and show her your dick when she removes it from your pants? Just a thought
By #13585 at 11,Mar,13 12:45
True but then it wouldn't be Flashing.
By #360973 at 11,Mar,13 14:24
The fact that you mentioned family members gets to me. Fine, chat her up and then show her your cock - any&everyone's going to be unpleasantly surprised seing a dick when they aren't expecting it
By #13585 at 11,Mar,13 20:21
I mentioned family members just to keep the conversation open without passing judgement to those who have accidentally done that. Not saying thats what I would do.

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