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Nude family

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Started by Hung007 at 11,Apr,20 02:09  other posts of Hung007
Nude family ,
Random question , if you are a nude family , is it normal seeing your son or daughter or them seeing parents nude , what if one of them has a boner , any stories like that ?

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By Smoothmann at 11,Apr,20 07:58 other posts of Smoothmann 
Growing up it was common too see my parents and my sister nude in the house.Being nudists it was normal for us.
By galaxy123 at 03,Jun,20 10:29 other posts of galaxy123 
same in my family, summer on the beaches, all naked

By Hairy_boi92 at 01,Jun,20 15:00 other posts of Hairy_boi92 
My dad hasnít seen me nude since I was a boy. But recently on a trip with him we went swimming he changed in the bathroom but I changed near the beds. We swam my dad told me my chest hair looked great which made me happy. We got a little drunk and we got back to the room and I went right into the shower barely closed the door. I stripped my swim suit in the shower and rinsed. Then my dad came in and I asked if he wanted me to rinse his suit. So I opened the curtain fully exposed and rinsed it and hung it up. I ask him if he was going to shower after me. So I jumped out and grabbed a towel and he quickly showered and got out. We both dried off together. And he got dressed in the bathroom but I forgot my clothes so I went near the beds and threw a pair of boxers and then we both went to bed. It was so nice and natural being nude around each other now

By wycowboy at 11,Apr,20 22:33 other posts of wycowboy 
It wasn't all that unusual for me and my sisters to wander around the house nude or be nude in our rooms with the door open when my parents were out. I know they saw me with an erection more than once as we all saw the others masturbating at one time or another. Not a big deal at all to us.

By cumonme1 at 11,Apr,20 07:00 other posts of cumonme1 
I think it would be normal for that to happen and if your a nude family, it really should not matter.

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