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Started by #277673 at 16,Mar,13 07:03
i have seen a couple of guys on this site that have a "meatus Subincision" Just wondering y someone would do that to your favourite toy

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By paulleahy at 21,Nov,20 23:54 other posts of paulleahy 
I have no idea why a guy would do that. I felt sick looking at those pics.

By leopoldij at 22,Feb,17 12:13 other posts of leopoldij 
If you think this is bad, look at what this guy has done to his dick. Be warned: it's much much much worse:

By lickmypenis at 20,Feb,17 13:32 other posts of lickmypenis 
I have my cock subincised and im enjoy it

By #362795 at 16,Mar,13 12:05
I`m not faint-hearted or lily-livered , but that almost made me throw up . I can`t understand , why the involved medicine-man did not refuse to do the job .

By gradurgaur at 16,Mar,13 10:32 other posts of gradurgaur 
It may not be my cup A tea but i repect the person wishes to do what he or she want to her own body...
beauty can be see in manny forms..

By pifad at 16,Mar,13 09:57 other posts of pifad 
Takes all kinds. Let's not judge.

By JeffinKS at 16,Mar,13 07:49 other posts of JeffinKS 
I don't understand it either. I find it very disturbing

By #277673 at 16,Mar,13 07:40
for those who have no idea.. from Meata

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