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masturbating for the first time (guys)

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Started by #383614 at 02,May,13 09:24
when you masturbated for the first time and ejacluated was it painful?and how old were you at the time ? I was 13 my first time.

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By Hornycock42077 at 09,May,20 02:01 other posts of Hornycock42077 
It was definitely not painful. I had been at it maybe close to two years. I would Climax, stroking crazily till I could not take it. My dick becoming too sensitive, and a dribble of clear fluid. For maybe two or more months, I wanted to keep going, but could not. One day, I finally was able to push passed it, and came my first thick white orgasm all over myself. I was 11.

By thicknsmooth at 08,May,20 22:52 other posts of thicknsmooth 
I developed a fascination with my dick at a very young age. Around the age of 3 as I recall. I would play with it exploring and loving every single part of it. Once I reached the age of 5, I started school and there I made friends with other boys and became curious as to what their bodies and dicks were like I wondered if they played with their dicks also. I made it to the second grade and at the age of 8 I had my first experience with another boy. The whole story is in my blog. It was then I realized my dick was much bigger than any of the other boys dicks. The boy I was playing with had experience with other boys and he said my dick was to big to suck and he would only lick and suck the head just a little bit. I was 10 years old when one day I came home from school. I was alone in the house. My Mom told me to vacuum my room when I got home. I started vacuuming the room and some how I started to let the vacuum hose suck on my dick. It felt so good I could not stop I let it suck my dick till all of the sudden I felt really good and got a little dizzy as I felt some liquid coming out of my dick. At first I got scared not realizing what just happened. Then I quickly pulled the vacuum hose off my dick and had to lay down for a little bit. I remember my dick being really sensitive for a little while after. I had just learned a new love for the vacuum. I used that thing for a couple of months until my dick would no longer fit in the hose

By liketoedge at 07,May,20 14:07 other posts of liketoedge 
I was 13 and a half the first time I shot sperm but had been masturbating since I was 8 and having dry orgasms usually several times a day before I shot my first load. I had seen others and knew exactly what it was. That was a proud day and had been waiting for it to happen for a long time

By Mdtare40 at 06,May,20 20:32 other posts of Mdtare40 
I started actually playing with my dick when I was like middle school. Then learns how to cum in 8th grade. I kinda watched some porn I was like what happens if i do that with my hand and cum came out. Had to wipe it quickly and I had foreskin at the time too.

By earthy at 06,May,20 18:21 other posts of earthy 
I was 13 the first time I shot sperm. It kind of freaked me out for a little bit even though I knew what it was. I was lying naked on my bed after school one day and was like "oh shit!" But definitely not painful. It felt amazing!

By submissivemartyn at 18,Apr,20 00:30 other posts of submissivemartyn 
From the age of about 13 I used to wake up with a hard on and aching balls.Then one day there when I woke up with a hard on there was a pool of white sticky stuff on the bed which I now know was cum.Then one day this happened:

I was 14 and used to do a paper round.One day my next door neighbour asked if she could come with me(she was also 14).On the round there was a playground with a big play house,she asked if I fancied a cigarette so we went into the play house and started smoking.As we sat there and smoked I kept glancing over at her and could see her panties, which were on view, and started to get a hard on.I had had them before but did not know what to do.She noticed my hard on and asked if she could see 'it' so embarrassingly I stood up an pulled my jeans and pants down.She took hold of cock and started to rub it up and down,she did this for a few minuets and it felt really good.Then told me to do it myself and as I was masturbating she lifted up her skirt and took off panties and started to play with herself.I soon had my first orgasm, shooting my cum all over the floor and stood there red faced and embarrassed not understanding what had happened.She giggled and said it was ok and that she had spied on her older stepbrother a few times and was supposed to happen.We repeated this on several occasions and after a few months we even both got naked and she let me touch her small breasts and her pussy whilst masturbating.

By liketoedge at 04,Jan,15 15:05 other posts of liketoedge 
Those days of dry orgasms were great. I could get away with doing it almost anywhere with no mess to worry about.
By tb1 at 07,Feb,15 11:52 other posts of tb1 
me too
By liketoedge at 04,Dec,16 14:55 other posts of liketoedge 
When i was having dry orgasms 5 times a day was average for me. I was hooked on that feeling.
By lawrenceo at 17,Apr,20 02:53 other posts of lawrenceo 
At what age did you eventually produce semen?
By liketoedge at 17,Apr,20 12:58 other posts of liketoedge 
Started masturbating at 8 but I was 13 and a have the first time I shot sperm

By lawrenceo at 17,Apr,20 02:56 other posts of lawrenceo 
Once I started, I never stopped. At first I was always intrigued by my erection as, having a small cock, I was pleased to see it bigger when erect. I think at first I must have wnaked off every time I sat on the toilet.
By liketoedge at 17,Apr,20 12:57 other posts of liketoedge 
Same here, everything I say on the toilet I had to beat off for years

By Cumforme at 14,Apr,20 06:34 other posts of Cumforme 
Was 14 and had seen others guys a few times wank off and shoot this white stuff. On day a special a stranger I met in the dark , got chatting and showed me his dick and wanked off , got me hard . No idea what was going on when he shot his white stuff all over my dick . Went into a darker area in a he park when he asked if I could shoot. Had no idea what he was on about till he took my cock out and wanked me off till I got this urge to pee, told him . It was dark so noit he just get going till I felt this incredible Rush of pleasure thinking it was pee with an added dimension , being dark had no idea . Now till the first time I jacked my self off . Was getting hard on’s so one day in the bathroom I just grabbed my 14 year old cock when le it was so hard it was hurting me . Lied down on the floor , kept pulling away till I got that urge to pee again . Kept going when the pleasure feeling came back , in the light this time of course when I started to shoot what felt like gallons on the white stuff all over my stomach, even hitting my face , was the start of something special

By Wipperman at 20,Jul,18 04:26 other posts of Wipperman 
8 05:10
I remember my first orgasm at 12 i was playing with my cock but something made me carry on then this sensation started and I just kept going I couldn’t stop I remember to this day it was the most wonderful feeling my whole body was shaking in extesy towards the end of this most wonderful finding in my body but the orgasm was dry then I did it again and again then the white fluid started to come out wow it was fantastic and I’m still doing it to this day and always have fantastic orgasms , but always wish I could experience that first time again it is unforgettable

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 04:19
It felt heavenly for me my first orgasm.I was about 14 having a bath and got my hands on my little dick back then.I got hard and still playing with my hands until my first orgasm hit me and I blew my first load back then.I didn't know it was cum, I tought it was pee so I smelled it and touched it.After that day I started masturbating daily and blew so many loads.

By #550700 at 04,Jul,18 10:23
I was 12..me and about 5 cuzzins...4 girls and I guy ..all masturbated together..it was weird watching every1 cuz and them watchin me..kinda hurt

By lawrenceo at 04,Jul,18 03:00 other posts of lawrenceo 
I had my first dry orgasm at 11 and this was unexpected and surprisingly forceful. I felt more in my head than in my cock and it put me off for a while. That is until I had my first nocturnal emission. After that I thought- why waste this in a dream and forever after I was a wanker and never had another NE.

By Earlybird at 16,Apr,18 12:59 other posts of Earlybird 
I discovered masturbation & dry orgasms by accident just after my 5th birthday.

I had been getting erections for about a year, but didn't know what they were or why I got them. I was in my bedroom after a bath, and noticed that it was really hard, and felt sort of tingly. I decided to touch it. That felt really good, so I touched it some more. That felt really, really good!

I instinctively started rubbing lightly on the sweet spot below the head. Within seconds, I felt this unbelievably wonderful feeling build to such an intensity that I couldn't handle it. So I stopped rubbing. But the feelings kept getting stronger & stronger! My penis started bobbing up and down in time with these strange and extremely intense new feelings. My body started to shake & convulse uncontrollably with wave after wave of intense pleasure! I had no idea what was happening.

All of a sudden, the feelings exploded with such intensity that I screamed and nearly fell off the bed. The feelings were so intense that I nearly fainted!

I had no idea what had just happened to me, but I knew that I wanted to feel this new, unbelievably intense and wonderful feeling again right away! I was worried that it might be a one-time thing, so I started rubbing again. Within seconds, I felt the strange feelings building up.

Again, they got so intense that I could hardly stand it. But this time I kept rubbing. A few seconds later, the feelings exploded through my body. I kept on rubbing, and the feelings peaked over & over again for what seemed like a couple of minutes. Again, my body convulsed uncontrollably & I nearly fell out of bed!

These new feelings were so unbelievably intense, yet so unbelievably wonderful! I was very happy to learn that it wasn't a one-time thing, and was amazed that I could make myself feel such wonderful feelings. So I did it again...and again....and again! I gave myself 'the special feeling', as I called my orgasms back then, 10 times in a row!

I also discovered that if I kept on rubbing after the first one, I could experience as many special feelings in a row as I could handle. It often felt like one long, unbelievably intense two-minute orgasm.

I was very happy to learn that I could give myself such wonderful feelings when ever I wished, and as many times in a row as I could handle. I spent a lot of time in my bedroom after that, making the the most of my multi-orgasmic ability. I was a very happy little boy! smile

My first ejaculation happened when I was 12. I was expecting it. No pain at all, but my new "adult" orgasms were no where near as intense as my dry orgasms were!

Within a week, I lost my multi-orgasmic ability & my orgasms changed from being wildly-intense, full-body, multiple-peak, body-shakers that matched the female orgasmic response pattern to the usual single-peak male orgasmic response pattern in this graph: only registered users can see external links

I was NOT happy! Nothing I had read in any sex-ed books had mentioned anything about my orgasms changing so much (and not for the better!) once I reached puberty!
By Hrnyboy90 at 16,Apr,18 18:11 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
I remember that too from my early days before I was ejaculating that I could have multiple orgasms in a row good times haha

By PoloFields at 30,Oct,17 18:50 other posts of PoloFields 
Had to be in my early teens. Was alone in the house, so went to stepfather's stash of Playboys. Just kept rubbing as I looked and read and boom, cum.

By DarkMax at 29,Oct,17 14:05 other posts of DarkMax 
I was 3 years old

By #543844 at 29,Oct,17 13:29
I was in the tub with a bar a soap I started to rub penis got hard kept rubbing started to feel something didn't know what and yes it was alittle painful But then I came and now I cum every day I was 15 at the time

By bil47 at 29,Oct,17 10:03 other posts of bil47 
I had just turned 13, but was really naive about sex. (This was the mid-1960s.) I had returned from a month at a summer camp, where the boys in my tent showed off our morning boners a few times, but nothing further. When I got home, I eagerly accepted the invitation of three neighborhood boys to join their "sex club". We felt each other up (a first for me) and did "sword-fights" with our boners. Even some very-tentative cocksucking. There was some talk about how to make one's cock shoot sperm, but none of them did it. As soon as I got home, I went in the bathroom and tried out the technique that had been described. I grabbed my very-stiff penis a bit too tightly, but it produced a glorious wet orgasm.

By #528209 at 30,Jan,17 21:56
I discovered the joys of my penis when I was about 5. After my bath my mother would come in and check to see that I was clean and dry me off. She always used to question me about my penis, if there was any problems with it, then she would dry me off making sure it was dry. This felt good so I started to take more care in washing it. I discovered that I could push it into my body and then it would spring back out hard. I did this just before it was drying time once and my mother spent extra time checking it out because it was hard. This felt great so I always had a boner when it was drying time after that. Unfortunately this stopped within a year because I was big enough to dry myself. I did not stop creating boners though.

When I was 9 I started hanging out with two guys who were a year older. One said that they had made a “torture chamber” where they would play and invited me over. The torture chamber was a 12” wide board with a 4” hole cut into it. One of them would lie on it with his dick hanging through the hole and the other would torture him by tickling and rubbing his dick. We took turns being tortured and I was soon hooked on this.

They then showed me a “vibrator” made out of Mechano. It had an electric motor mounted on a metal plate with a gear attached to the motor. He had placed a screw with a couple of nuts on one side of the gear so that it vibrated when it ran. He then attached a metal tube about 1” in diameter to the base with tissue inside. He put his penis in it and turned it on. It was connected to a toy train transformer so you could control the speed and vibration. After he finished his friend used then it was my turn. I had no idea as to what to expect but it looked fascinating. After putting my dick in and turning it on I began to get these warm feeling all through my penis. It kept getting better and better until I shuddered then the good feeling, and the erection, disappeared. They told me I had “gone over the hill” and had to stop for a while as nothing more would happen.

I had my own Mechano set and immediately made my own vibrator but I attached a cardboard tube stuffed with tissue and it was easier on our dicks than the metal tube. We used to uses these at least once a day at his house or mine together and then I would use it alone in the evening. I was hooked an self abuse.

My family went to the cottage for the summer and I could not take my Mechano set with me. I was disappointed until the boy next door showed me how to jack off. We would do it together once or twice a week but I did it on my own two or three times a day. In the summer between grade 6 and 7 I produced my first cum. I was younger than my friends but I made sperm first. When I got back to the city I had to show my two friends but they had also started to cum too. We use to have contests to see who could shoot the furthest. I could shoot it over my head but one guy could send it 8 or 9' across the basement. In grade 9 we went to different high schools so I didn't see them as much anymore.

By Eastcostguy at 27,Jan,17 22:52 other posts of Eastcostguy 
I was 11, rubbing myself to the rhythm the twelve days of Christmas, when I felt a strange feeling in my dick , then a mess

By liketoedge at 06,Dec,16 16:07 other posts of liketoedge 
First orgasm was when I was 8 years old. I was upstairs in my bedroom changing out of my school clothes looking out the window when my older brothers friend came thought the back gate. He always came to our house after school until his parents got of work an hung out. My older **** made the football team so he came home later after pratice. Instead of coming in the house he went in the fort we had in the back yard so I was spying on him wondering what he was doing. I had a perfect view of the fort from my window. He grabs a Hustler magazine we had stashed out there, Lays down and pulls his pants down and starts stroking. I didnt know exactly what he was doing but I got a boner watching and couldnt look away. About only a minute later he came on his stomach scooped it up with his hand and flung it on the ground and pulled his pants up. Then he comes in the house. I was mesmerized. So I just asked him straight out what was that you were doing in the fort His reply was thats the best feeling in the world dont you know about that. He told me to try it, so we went to my room. We pulled down our pants and I just did what he was doing. He came again and he told me to just keep going but I keep stopping ever time the feeling got intense. I told him I was going to pee if I kept going and stopped again. After about 10 minutes of this he says let me show you and almost instantly me knees got weak, my hips started bucking and the most intense feeling.and he kept stroking for at least a couple minutes. The whole time I just kept orgasming it was so strong and lasted so long it almost hurt. I ask him many times after that to do it again. but he never did. He did tell me everybody does it but they just dont admit it. He never made it seen wrong. He told me about pubic hair,semen, penis size and told me what I had to look forward to when I was older. I was adicted to orgasms and probably had 5000 dry orgasms between the age of 8 and 13 when I finally had semen. Sorry to be so long winded but I wanted to tell the the whole story. Not just I got Jacked off by a 14 year old when I was 8. By the way it was fantastic and a great memory still

By #323075 at 14,Oct,16 00:35
I was ten! But without cum. Cumming started with 13.

By Roger_Ramjet at 13,Oct,16 23:01 other posts of Roger_Ramjet 
Around 10. My friend and I would masturbate together but didn't ejaculate. Not long after we started I was alone and started masturbating and I keep going until I ejaculated. Wasn't painful, was a bit shocking but felt really good. After that my friend and I would masturbate til we'd cum. Sometimes we'd masturbate each other to orgasm.

By #74896 at 12,Oct,16 13:30
First time I got interest for sex wit my cock I was 7-8 year.
I and a boy 2 year older had lot of fun to play with our cocks.We played doctors etc. Since he was older he show me when he wannking his cock, I I did the same but I had no cum but he had when hi was 13 (some years later).

By #475677 at 05,Sep,16 07:17
hi all , when I was 12 years old, I dressed in my mother's panties and stockings. and I masturbated in front of the mirror...it was amazing

By #511422 at 05,Sep,16 05:23
I cannot recall when I started masturbating, it was certainly before 6.
Laying on my tummy, rubbing my pecker until that nice feeling occurred... Until one day, tons of that funny stuff came out... must have been about 13 when it happened... Never stopped...

By cock#57 at 04,Sep,16 20:56 other posts of cock#57 
I dont think I knew I was ejaculating for a long time.

when I was about 13 (?) I used to lay in the shower with the water falling down on my dick and while I always knew there was a 'goal' in mind and I knew when I was done, I never knew I was cumming. Id have my eyes closed and it would wash away in the water.

I did this for years and somewhere in this time I hit puberty so I guess I started shooting cum, i just dont know when!

By #497672 at 03,Sep,16 08:29
I was about 10, coming up to 11. I was about to go to Grammar School. It was the summer holidays and I was alone at home and bored. At that time I was fed up of being embarassaed by my cock going stiff at the sight of any girl. I used to look across at the girls' cubicles to see as much as I could. My cock had gone stiff that afternoon and I noticd how nice it felt if I stroked it, so I carried on. Suddenly my knees went weak and I went dizzy. White milky ooze gused out of my cock and I noticed it smelled strongly. I went over my hands and on to the floor. I went for a piss and my cock went down. At the time I thought I would now avoid any further stiff embarassments. A week or so later I was wanking again, and again for years.

--------------------------------------- added after 20 hours

I want to add how liberating it is to be able to be free to share these experiences. I was brought up a Catholic and enjoyable though this experience was, there was also a feeling of either discomfort or guilt, as there was with wanking. Even people with less an inhibiting faith during the times of my adolescence had the same problems with being able to confide with others. Obviously, some had no problems and were able to enjoy their sexuality with others. Wat a shame we were so inhibited and sometimes guilty about what should have been an enjoyable time. It is great that on this site we can now be open and at last be able to share.

By #519017 at 30,Aug,16 18:36
I was 13. I was getting real hard erections and liked playing with my erect dick but hadn't cum. Boys at school were talking about wanking but I didn't know how to do it. Then one summer night I was laying naked on my bed playing with my dick and I got the tugging stroking action just right. I still remember thinking "hey this feels good!" Then suddenly I felt the most exquisite pleasure rising, my dick got incredibly stiff then POW! I squirted semen right up my chest. I knew straight away that I'd "wanked". Next day at school I felt a mile high!

By Hrnyboy90 at 26,Jul,16 19:19 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
When I first started masturbating I was only 8 and wasn't producing semen yet so my orgasms were dry. My first wet orgasm where I actually ejaculated i was 11 or 12. They lasted longer and felt better, I never had a painful orgasm

By cumonme1 at 26,Jul,16 08:14 other posts of cumonme1 
I was 11 a family member gave me some instruction on masturbating

By #439814 at 04,Feb,15 11:23
Assuming your question does not specify "to completion", I was introduced to dick play by an older boy when I was 8. My parents would visit his parents often and he and I would crawl under his bed. He would rub over my crotch and I his! Twas fun!

By liketoedge at 03,Feb,15 12:50 other posts of liketoedge 
I had been masturbating several times a day for 5 years before I could ejaculate. I was a professional by the time I shot cum for the first time. I probably had 5000 dry orgasms.

By pinkpan12 at 03,Feb,15 12:34 other posts of pinkpan12 
I did the first time at 11 with a teammate. I remeber I run to the toilet to see if I was going to piss. I loved it and never stop.
I ejaculated at 14. Late bloomer....

By Big_Dick34 at 31,Jan,15 17:13 other posts of Big_Dick34 
I was 11 it felt greatorghttp://showitoff.org/kr751o5zgl34pic.html][/URL]

By doedeldi at 05,Jan,15 11:11 other posts of doedeldi 
About 10-11 I had wet dreams with real cum.
I first wank and ejaculate with 13 in the bathtub.

By #137556 at 11,Jun,14 06:00
I masturbated for as long i can remember, first ejaculation probably around 13yo.
By titan4 at 17,Aug,14 21:41 other posts of titan4 
First masturbated with a neighbor a few yrs older than me.(I was 12). He shot a load but I was dry. Sure was good though. I thereafter jacked off as often as possible, and about a year later I ejaculated for the first time.

By thesevenpointfive at 17,Aug,14 15:00 other posts of thesevenpointfive 
I was around 9, would rub my self, felt really good, i am not sure the actual age i came, it may have been 12, i was off school ill, and would do it in the afternoon, when i did shoot i was not expecting it and had to get toilet paper to mop up

By liketoedge at 17,Aug,14 14:22 other posts of liketoedge 
I masturbated for 5 years before I shot for the first time. I know I had at least 5000 dry orgasms in those 5 years

By #143546 at 13,Aug,14 10:11
I was about 7-8yo, home alone... bored. Tried to find some interesting things, some action. Finally i stopped at the loundry basket and start diging there. I found moms panties... They were slightly stained on crotch, and i don´t know why i start to sniff that splotch. But i liked the scent very much... and suddenly felt strange tingle in my pants. I dropped them to my knees and my stiff willy popped out, what a surprize Then i realized - it was the scent of my moms pussy, that made my willy stiff. I touched it and it felt very nice. There i was, smelling moms panties and massaging my thingie. I dont remember, did i cum, but the feeling was extraordinary
From this day i masturbate almost every day and several times in day, if it´s possible...

By cumaddik at 04,Aug,14 11:28 other posts of cumaddik 
Other older kids showed me how to masturbate when i was around 8...i had dry orgasm...it felt so good!...i love it so much! From that very first time, i masturbated at the very least once a day, every day! I ejaculated for the first time at around 14...Loved it so much!!!! I just love masturbating

By #467291 at 19,Jul,14 19:04
I began masturbating when I was 11 and shot my first load when I was 12.

By jake1988 at 19,Jul,14 10:43 other posts of jake1988 
I discovered it at age 6, I can't remember how. I had an orgasm every time, but I can't remember how many per day.

I thought I was the only one who could do this or was the only one who had discovered what else you can do with it except pissing standing up. Felt so exclusive.

I even masturbated on ads in my parents magazines. Women who showed much skin. And feet! Womens soles gave me an incredible boost. I still can't believe it started at 6.

By #455374 at 13,Jun,14 10:02
I don't remember how old I was, somewhere between 11 and 14. I was in the shower and had an erection. I pulled back my foreskin which felt awesome and almost painfully tight. Didn't know what to do beyond that, so I kept pulling back the skin. Sure enough, I ejaculated for the first time ever. It was the best discovery I ever made

By #285354 at 13,Jun,14 07:15
I think that I was around 11. My mother had decided that it was time to talk to me about the birds and the bees. She did a terrible job. She explained that when a man and a woman have sex, the man implants a seed in the woman. Needless to say, I was surprised to see cum spew out. I looked for the seed in the cum and was baffled.

By #289712 at 06,Jun,14 15:24
Can't remember the very first time, but I do remember my first orgasm.. I was hooked! I still masturbate every day!

By Emerald at 02,Jan,14 14:31 other posts of Emerald 
I discovered orgasms all on my own when I was 7 years old. I was lying in bed pulling my foreskin back as hard as I could. I loved the feeling (still do), and often did that, only this time I used a stopwatch to see how long I could hold the skin back. Eventually, I had this shivery good feeling, and decided that was enough for now.

With the frenulum stretched taut, it did hurt a little, but I certainly didn't mind. Later, I learned other techniques that worked just as well.

Naturally, at 7, orgasms were dry. I ejaculated for the first time when I was about 12, although to begin with it was just clear fluid. I was actually a bit annoyed, as it made a mess once there was enough of it. I learned to squeeze the foreskin shut when coming, to catch the spunk inside, and then wander off to find a paper towel once the good bit was over.
By JeffinKS at 02,Jan,14 19:57 other posts of JeffinKS 
wow! loved that memory thank you for sharing this with us!

By oldbugle at 14,May,14 05:54 other posts of oldbugle 
Interesting because my experience was similar to this;....

When I was about 9 or 10 I discovered that I could not get my foreskin back when erect (I'd always had erections as long as i could remember)....I became obsessed with this and every night would pull the hood back until it 'cut' into my glans about halfway. This was painful but strangely exciting for reasons I could not work out. One night the obvious happened and the exciting sensation suddenly blossomed into the most exhquisite and thrilling climax which hooked me for life and left me dazed and shocked.

It would be another four or so years until I could 'shoot'...which happened quite suddenly when puberty hit me quickly. By then I knew what things were about and my foreskin was fully functionable.
By Emerald at 04,Jun,14 17:50 other posts of Emerald 
And that is precisely why I would have liked my skin to be tighter. Even if I didn't have orgasms before I was 7, I was certainly playing with it long before that. My skin always pulled back easily. I remember being proud of it, and only too happy to demonstrate.

It is quite remarkable how the mind does not distinguish between pain and pleasure down there, and stretching the skin can be pleasantly painful all at once. That has been a source of excitement and enjoyment ever since.

By #378916 at 28,May,14 03:20
I have been playing with myself for as long as I remember, but the first time I came I was 12 and it was awesome. I was hooked after that.

By my_cute_dick at 15,May,14 19:53 other posts of my_cute_dick 
I started masturbation when I was 9, with my playmates. I love the sensation and continued doing it. The first time I squirt cum at age 11. I moaned loud when I was near to cum then shout loud when I reached orgasm. My playmates and cousin laughed at me.

By #455630 at 15,May,14 16:04
I used to play with myself from a very early age. I wasn't hard but I used to put my thumb inside my foreskin and rub it round in a circular motion after a while I needed to stop but I hadn't cum.
I was 12 or 13 when spunk started to dribble when I wanked but I continued until I was really shooting well.
I love wanking the most I've done in a day is 7 and the last was dry it hurt in a very special way

By #204902 at 15,May,14 12:17
the first time I masturbate was around my 10th birthday! A older friend showed me how to do it!
The first time I ejaculated was only 3 months later

By #289712 at 15,May,14 11:27
At this point, I had been masturbating for a while, but I certainly remember my first orgasm! I was hooked! I obsessed! I still masturbate every day!

By #323075 at 14,May,14 00:23
For the first time I masturbated with ten. The first time I enaculated I was 13 and it was not painful, it was great

By #421761 at 03,Jan,14 09:12
I started wanking when I was 8 or 9 (great sensation) but my first cum was when I was 12 or 13 *wonderful experience*

By #390287 at 03,Jan,14 03:56
I was 11,and I kind of knew what to expect already thanks to some jerk off buddies,so it was actually a very cool experience.

By jocstfr at 03,Jan,14 02:06 other posts of jocstfr 
I was about 10 or 11 and I honestly thought that when my cock leaked precum that was the orgasm. Then one day as I rubbed my cock I started to get this feeling in my cock that I can only describe as an intense itching inside my cock that could not be satisfied without rubbing it harder and faster. As the feeling intensified my knees began to weaken and the next thing I knew my cock was uncontrollably spewing streams of hot white cum all over the bathroom sink, floor and some even got on the wall. I could not believe the amount of cum that came out of my cock and that I was not able to control it.

By #57199 at 03,Jan,14 00:23
I started wanking when i Was 10 or 11 but my first cum Was when i was12. It didnt hurt at all

By skot at 02,Jan,14 20:53 other posts of skot 
I missed out on dry orgasms so my first time I shot a heck of a lot of thick white stuff. I'd no idea what happened so it was 90% pure pleasure and 10% abject terror. Im pretty sure I had pubic hairbat the time so 13/4?

It made my legs feel wobbly and I have a vague feeling of discomfort as the cum forced itself up and out but that might have just been the shock

By #390287 at 01,Jun,13 01:42
I was 11, and it was wonderful...my cousin loved the taste too.

By Guy at 25,May,13 05:57 other posts of Guy 
I were13 .no pain i was surprised as i did not know about it since its been fun

By doedeldi at 09,May,13 11:46 other posts of doedeldi 
I was 13 or 14 and did it in the bath too. it wasnt painfull. It was interesting.

By ktalmipn at 09,May,13 00:49 other posts of ktalmipn 
at 13 and NO it wasnt painful at all yes i ejaculated

By #323075 at 06,May,13 06:28
I was about 10 and it was a great feeling without cum!

By #383614 at 02,May,13 17:04
I don't ever remember having any kind of Dry orgasm can someone please explain how it feels and what it's like.and how old were you when you were having these dry orgasms?
By dannyxboyx at 02,May,13 22:55 other posts of dannyxboyx 
Did feel any different really. People think a male orgasm is the feeling of the cum coming out, but its not...at least not in entirety. Orgasm felt like peeing almost, but much better You just get the sensation with no mess
--------------------------------------- added after 23 seconds

didn't feel***

By dannyxboyx at 02,May,13 22:53 other posts of dannyxboyx 
I began jerking off before I could cum (dry orgasm) Feels pretty much the same as far as a remember (I was 10 when I started, didnt produce cum till 11). Not painful first time...just felt like peeing almost...then sensation grew stronger the more I did it

By liketoedge at 02,May,13 13:37 other posts of liketoedge 
Firstime was 5 years before I could ejaculate and was the most incredable feeling of my life. I was instantly addicted to the feeling of orgasm. Probably 5000 dry orgasms later I ejaculated for the firstime and that was a proud day that I had been waiting for for some time. My very first orgasm was super intense and could almost be mistaken for painful but boy did I love it

By 67malibu at 02,May,13 11:10 other posts of 67malibu 
First time ejaculating, around 13, my cousin Tim and I sleeping in the floor, my hard on rubbing against his warm bare skin, I had masturbated many times before, but this night was my first orgasm.

By Odin_york_pa at 02,May,13 09:39 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
My first time with a true ejaculation, not that young boy stuff,was 12. It wasn't painful at all, was kinda used to that feeling at that point. I have had many dry orgasms by then, and was begging for the day a wet, white one happened. Though I would rather have the dry ones looking back...no mess and could do it over and over again with no "down time" lol. It was, and still is, one of the best feelings in the world.

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