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Should i let suck my dick?

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Started by #315808 at 18,Jun,13 12:27
Hi all,
I am straight and have a friend who's gay. He saw my picture on this site and told me he really likes my big dick and loves to suck straight guys. Should i let him do it? Why is it you gay like to suck straight guys? Please serious answers (btw i like to get sucked by my gf a lot!).

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By lawrenceo at 14,Aug,20 05:02 other posts of lawrenceo 
Make sure that he is not going to pass on any STDs.

By Auscock21 at 11,Aug,20 12:00 other posts of Auscock21 
Definitely let him suck your cock and fuck your ass to.

By thicknsmooth at 08,Aug,20 02:52 other posts of thicknsmooth 
My wife was very close friends with a guy we went to school with that was openly gay. He was the one that told my wife before we were married just how to go about sucking my dick and giving me a great blow job. He always told her that I was really handsome. He would ask her questions about our sex life what I liked and how big was my dick did I wear underwear and comment on my noticeable bulge. I kinda liked that, so I often flirted with him as a joke. One night he was at our house partying with us as we sat around on the back deck of my house. My wife went in the house to take care of something, while he and I sitting at the table I asked him if he wanted a line. He said he would like that so we went over to my van parked in the driveway and I opened the passenger side door, as I was setting up the coke on the seat he said he would really love to suck on my cock. He said my wife had told him I had a big thick cock and he has been fantasizing about sucking me ever since. I told him he could suck it if he wants and he started feeling me up and before I knew it he was on his knees unzipping my pants and wasted no time swallowing my soft cock as I got hard in his mouth. It was one of the best blow jobs I ever had. We started something that night that lasted for years and no one ever knew.

By old70 at 07,Aug,20 16:25 other posts of old70 
You may be excited when you take your cock out for him to suck it.

By knewbi at 07,Aug,20 11:36 other posts of knewbi 
Hell yes!! ANYONE that wants to suck your cock is worth a try. And while you are at it, you might want to drop to your knees and try his just to see what all of the excitement is about. You won't be srry that you did.

By andrew999999999 at 03,Aug,20 11:34 other posts of andrew999999999 
I've let plenty of men suck my dick, but I don't know if I'd let a mate suck it. I'd probably refuse if a mate asked to suck my dick.
By Jamie at 03,Aug,20 16:39 other posts of Jamie 
I would let him

By #609706 at 25,Jan,20 23:29
LET Him suck your dick. You'll be amazed how good he will be at sucking your dick & swallowing your cum.

By #385234 at 06,Jul,13 01:21
My junior And senior year in high school my best girl friends boy friend would grab my head and shove his big cock in my mouth. After the first time I thought that would never happen again. I was wrong, boy was I wrong. E every time we were alone he was sticking his cock in my throat.I never knew when it was going to happen. And I never asked To she k him. I didn't need to. It was a young gray guys dream come true. I can't even count the number of times I was sucking his cock and talking his load . All I knew it was enjoying it and wanted more.
By Blade at 22,Oct,14 21:52 other posts of Blade 
Are you openly gay? Why would he assume you'd go along with that?

By #350818 at 16,Jul,14 06:46
When i was like 16 i exchanged blowjobs with my friend.I was straight but i remember getting so horny I was shaking.His cock was so fat i could hardly fit it in my mouth.Every once in a while I get an overwhelming urge to suck a big dick.

By #352584 at 12,Jul,13 02:03
let him then suck his
By #315808 at 14,Jul,13 07:02
he will tomorrow!
By #354201 at 16,Jul,13 03:23
Well how did it go? Did you enjoy it?

By bigone21 at 05,Jul,13 18:48 other posts of bigone21 
I think you do not have a friend that is gay, but a fantasy-mind that is (somewhat) gay!! Why do you ask me ( I'm gay): should I let him? I don't care what you do! Do or don't!

And really, the last sentence "(btw i like to get sucked by my gf a lot!)", is that put in for proofing you are 100% HETERO??
By #315808 at 14,Jul,13 07:03
i don't think you get the point. are you frustrated?
By bigone21 at 14,Jul,13 13:47 other posts of bigone21 
don't bother even about the point of your question!

you've got a nice body and uncut cock! so, maybe, let's not talk!

By mickey192 at 06,Jul,13 05:38 other posts of mickey192 
mine is always on show as i am a naturist and when people meet me they always suck my cock and play with me

By 67malibu at 05,Jul,13 19:02 other posts of 67malibu 
I don't know why, but I love to suck straight guys too. Let him suck it.

By #408184 at 05,Jul,13 17:31
I see a lot of comments about gay guys liking to suck straight men because of the taboo, or challenge. I understand how hot that is.. but it's not why I've done it in the past.

In some cases, a person just has a couple of friends they've always been curious about, or had fantasies about. I've always been easier friends with straight guys, so most of the ones I end up wanting to do that to are straight.

Just be careful - if you think your friend has feelings for you, talk about it first, or refuse. If not.. you do have a hell of a nice dick, it's understandable why he wants to suck it for you. I say go for it - in a best case scenario, you might end up with a closer friend you can talk to about anything, not to mention one who'd love to suck you off anytime .
By spermkiss at 05,Jul,13 17:57 other posts of spermkiss 
Good point. I've had quite a few straight friends over the years and with most of them eventually we ended up in bed. In no case did it spoil our friendship, quite the contrary, in each case it brought us closer together.

By mac84 at 19,Jun,13 00:58 other posts of mac84 
Let him for sure... I have let me guy friends suck me off before. Its kinda hot
By #315808 at 01,Jul,13 01:50
were you there comfortably with it?
By spermkiss at 01,Jul,13 11:28 other posts of spermkiss 
If he weren't comfortable with it he wouldn't be letting them do it. And he certainly wouldn't be saying "It's kinda hot."

So LET YOUR BUDDY DO IT. And then tell us all about it. Let us know what it was like to shoot a load of jizz into your friend's mouth. We want a blow by blow account.

By welshlad at 30,Jun,13 14:14 other posts of welshlad 
first of all how did he know it was you and second yes go for it

By ktalmipn at 29,Jun,13 15:41 other posts of ktalmipn 
You should let him im stright too but i alredy recieved a BJ from a guy and its amazing so yeah let him do it men knows what a men wants

By mywusch at 29,Jun,13 09:45 other posts of mywusch 
i understand your friend: your body (and your cock) is wonderful! if you like beeing sucked, let him do and will feel e new sensation, because a man (gay, bi or straight) knows how it feels and will give you the best pleasure!
By spermkiss at 29,Jun,13 11:58 other posts of spermkiss 
Right on! A man has a dick himself and he knows what feels good. I'm sure that there are many talented female cocksuckers out there, but many men have reported that men give better blow jobs.

By spermkiss at 28,Jun,13 16:03 other posts of spermkiss 
First of all, yes, you should let him suck your cock. This is a total win/win situation. You get the pleasure of getting your nut off and what man doesn't like that. He gets the pleasure of sucking you off, plus he gets your nice load of sperm. Beleive me, cocksuckers like both of these things. I'm a cocksucker myself so I know.

As to your second question as to why cocksuckers like to suck off straight guys, I think it's a fetish and not all cocksuckers have it. But many do, to a greater or lessor degree. There is something intriguing about sucking a straight man to climax and knowing that he wouldn't dream of recriprocrating.

Notice I said cocksuckers here and not gay men. While virtually all gay men are cocksuckers, not all cocksuckers are gay. There is a huge number of straight men who really like to suck cocks.
By #315808 at 29,Jun,13 09:05
so if you straight and like to suck cock, then you are bi right? or can you be straight AND love to suck dick?
By spermkiss at 29,Jun,13 11:54 other posts of spermkiss 
Yes, you can be straight AND love to suck dick. Many people disagree with me on this point and say that any man who likes to suck cocks has to be at least bi, if not gay.

It comes down to a question of semantics and the very complex nature of human sexuality. Very few men are so rigidly heterosexual that they could never have any kind of same sex contact under any circumstances and very few men are so rigidly homosexual that they could never have any kind of heterosexual contact under any circumstances. Considering these facts, well over ninety-five per cent of the male population would have to be called bisexual.

I think how a man lives his life and how he self identifies are far more important criteria. There are many men who identify as straight and live as straight but who never-the-less like to suck cocks. This is something that has come time and time again here on the Forum. So how many of these men are there? Undoubtedly millions worldwide.

So I'm sticking to my guns and saying that a man can be straight and still enjoy sucking cocks.

By Rocksalt at 18,Jun,13 16:05 other posts of Rocksalt 

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