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Started by #417718 at 04,Aug,13 15:13
Firstly,please forgive me if this topic has been discussed before.

Have any of you ever been with a transsexual?

I personally haven't,but constantly fantasize about it.

Truth is,whenever I lust after cock,the cock itself usually is attached to a beautiful transsexual/shemale.

Bailey Jay in particular,is anybody here familiar with her?

Anyway,I think she is fucking hot!

I only wish her cock was a little longer and thicker.

Ya see,my problem is,if you'd consider it a problem,is that,even though I crave cock and cum,I'm not attracted to men.

So,the only solution,is to find a hot transsexual lady to be with,which in my area of living,is most likely impossible.

I'm content with the fantasy though,I don't absolutely have to have the reality.

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By onthelose at 27,Dec,18 16:50 other posts of onthelose 
We had a couple of crossdressers that always came into our store. They were the most unlikely people to be dressed that way. Sorry but they were butt ugly and the most unfeminine people I have ever come into contact with. I guess its just hard to look female when you are the football linemen type. We may have had others who were more passable but I don't know for sure because they looked that good.

By Stepheni57 at 27,Dec,18 16:15 other posts of Stepheni57 
Being a part time crossdresser. I have been with ts's and other cds. Only difference i found out is the breast. Some of the cd,s I've played with actuallu look female. Like you i was that way when younger. Now if i can't hook up with a trans then a cd is the very next option. My girlfriend doesn't seem to care which one joins us. As long as there is a cock and a nice looking woman.

By knewbi at 27,Dec,18 12:00 other posts of knewbi 
Unfortunately I have not had that pleasure. Sure as hell would like to some day. I had the opportunity once a number of years ago when one came to my store and started a light flirt session but some employees came into the office and I dealt with their issue and when I turned back to suggest a get together she had gone. That was my only chance so dar. But there is always hope.

By jsmythe73 at 23,Dec,18 23:15 other posts of jsmythe73 
Fantasy is just that, fantasy! Just go with what gets you hard!! I have gotten off the Bailey, more times than I can count, but don't have any desire to be with a guy! She's a girl, with a penis, and she's just delightful!! Hazel Tucker is also really delightful! Don't get caught up in some irrational fears, and just like, what you like, in private, or with someone that you love. Who cares what anyone else thinks or says?

By #574744 at 21,Dec,18 21:14
trans here too

By #336208 at 05,Aug,13 19:21
Transexual Here, check my page out
By #417718 at 06,Aug,13 02:19
It's nice to meet you,TamiaMichelle.
You have an attractive cock btw.

By ChocolateDevine at 07,Aug,13 14:08 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
You're gorgeous!

By #102053 at 06,Aug,13 15:38
Been lucky enough to have some fun with some TS's. loved the experience, my idea of heaven!!!!

By #343754 at 05,Aug,13 00:28
Hey Wayne, Bailey Jay is one of my faves too! I also know what you mean about the attraction of a hot,fem tranny. I don't know how I can meet up with one but if I did, I think my curious phase would end
By #417718 at 05,Aug,13 00:42
Hello Itrain

All I got to say is,bravo,in regards to Bailey's surgeon

He/she did a bang up job.

I find it most difficult,to find a tranny that actually look's 100% female,from the waist up,I mean.

And that's what appeals to me sexually,a woman whom "looks" like a woman,but has a huge honkin cock and a set of buffalo sized balls.

Unfortunately though,most trannys that I've seen,still have that manly face,at least to some extent.
Bailey Jay doesn't.

P.S. It appears that we both have similar sized cocks.
By #343754 at 05,Aug,13 18:35
Yes it appears that we have very similar tastes in trannies and similar personal equipment too Kimber James also comes to mind as a Tgurl I would love to spend some time with
By #417718 at 06,Aug,13 02:15
I'd never heard of her,until just now,I checked out a few of her websites,Ms. James has got some very nice sized boobs,among other things.

Anyway,I live in a very bad location,in regards to hooking up with any t-girls.
I may as well be living in the bible-belt.

By #384280 at 05,Aug,13 02:56
I don't know if the topic has already been discussed or not, but hell yeah, Bailey Jay is so f'king hot.

By bella! at 04,Aug,13 18:48 other posts of bella! 
Hey Wayne, no need to apologize. I'm not sure if you noticed, at the top of the Discussion Forum page is a search bar. Select a key word, key it in and search. Sometimes a similar topic can be found and all you would need to do is add your comment/thought and it brings that topic back to the top of the forum. There are many interesting and relevant topics that are aching to be revived and on the upside, reviving a retired thread doesn't cost 20 points.
By #417718 at 04,Aug,13 23:41
Thanks for the heads up,Bella.

I feel like a complete idiot now.

Anyway,it's nice to meet you.

I visited your personal page and truly enjoyed your pics.


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