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First week on SYC.

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Started by 61-69 at 22,Aug,13 20:15  other posts of 61-69
Well, we are overwhelmed by all the nice comments and messages we've had. A spur of the moment idea to take some pics and post them has turned into a real turn on for us both. Unfortunately it was on our last day together for a little while, so we didn't get to do all the things for the camera that we normally enjoy, but in a few weeks we'll be together again. More fantastic sex, and so, more to share!

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By steve3095 at 23,Aug,13 08:32 other posts of steve3095 
I saw your picture together. So nice. You're a great new contributor to this site.

By #124665 at 23,Aug,13 06:36
Fishing for compliments are we? Ok, you have a nice page n I'm jealous
By 61-69 at 23,Aug,13 06:59 other posts of 61-69 
Not at all, just can't reply to all the comments etc individually.
By #124665 at 23,Aug,13 07:42
Just hire Robot Workers. That's what I do Them bastards sometimes steal my women tho. God damn go go gadget peniseseses

By CreativeOne at 23,Aug,13 01:22 other posts of CreativeOne 
So glad I stopped by your page ! Really great shots and truly look forward to seeing more of your fantastic pics ! Oh and so nice to see couples sharing a page here !

By #101633 at 23,Aug,13 00:32
cannot wait!

By sinanff47 at 22,Aug,13 20:48 other posts of sinanff47 
We will look forward to seeing more of your excellent photos/Wir freuen uns darauf, mehr von Ihren ausgezeichneten Fotos.
By 61-69 at 22,Aug,13 20:50 other posts of 61-69 

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