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How Many women have you slept with in a week?

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Started by #75617 at 27,Jan,11 04:55
My roomate is better looking then me...and has a six pack...and yet i get way more pussy then week he actually cock blocked me because i had sex with a girl on monday...then a diff girl on wednesday....then on friday we were partying and we went to another house and i started fingering her on her couch...then he got up said FUCK YOU MAN and started walking home....COCKBLOCKER i would have slept with 3 in one week. so its really 2.5 for me.

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By routemaster at 30,Apr,18 01:55 other posts of routemaster 
None. I'm gay!

By Bigdaddy402 at 30,Apr,18 00:23 other posts of Bigdaddy402 

By 0-00 at 29,Apr,18 13:13 other posts of 0-00 
Two girls in a threesome and 3 in one week.

By DarkMax at 09,Sep,17 23:10 other posts of DarkMax 
By licksipsuckit at 12,Sep,17 03:25 other posts of licksipsuckit 
me too, lve never slept with a women, must make me a virgin *lix*
By leopoldij at 29,Apr,18 10:41 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes. You're a virgin. I've always known that.

By veryshyguy at 13,Sep,17 15:03 other posts of veryshyguy 
And why are you at 0? (I'm a 0 too).

By liketoedge at 29,Apr,18 00:50 other posts of liketoedge 
over 50 under 75
--------------------------------------- added after 9 hours

That is in my life. I did **** with 3 diffeent girls once in the same day. Probably 3 in a week is the most also. One of those girls i had just met that day

By anyfun at 28,Apr,18 14:11 other posts of anyfun 

By veryshyguy at 09,Sep,17 22:34 other posts of veryshyguy 
By leopoldij at 10,Sep,17 13:27 other posts of leopoldij 
This makes you a virgin?
By veryshyguy at 10,Sep,17 15:07 other posts of veryshyguy 
No, I just haven't fucked in over 17 years... I've never fucked more than 1 woman at a time in my younger years.
By leopoldij at 11,Sep,17 12:24 other posts of leopoldij 
That must be hard... Never to fuck in so many years... Didn't you have the inclination to go to a prostitute or something?
By veryshyguy at 11,Sep,17 19:27 other posts of veryshyguy 
No. A lot of emotional problems too many to explain here. I am too shy and an extreme introvert and extremely insecure and have deep seated feelings of inadequacy. That's just who I am....
By leopoldij at 11,Sep,17 19:47 other posts of leopoldij 
Sorry about that.

What if a woman approached you and said she needs a fuck. Would you fuck her?
By veryshyguy at 12,Sep,17 00:40 other posts of veryshyguy 
Probably not... I wouldn't want to disappoint her, she certainly would be able to find a better man to fuck than me.
By leopoldij at 12,Sep,17 00:42 other posts of leopoldij 
That's a bad attitude.
By veryshyguy at 12,Sep,17 13:54 other posts of veryshyguy 
I do feel that I am a nice person. I just don't engage in fucking anymore. Never really had much of sex life anyway even when I was young.

I am very sociable in small groups but extremely shy and very introverted. I am not very out going and prefer to be alone.

My step daughter was afraid when I retired back in January I would become a hermit. I'm not quite a hermit, I do have my activities that I enjoy but I prefer being by myself most of the time.

I do have a good time on this site. I feel a bit more secure in expressing myself here then I would if I was meeting the people here face to face.

The reality is women really don't see me as a potential sexual partner. (Some thing I am gay, that's okay with me). I think I turn women off and may see me as unapproachable.

I do not approach women in a sexual way, and I avoid any kind of talk that would suggest any kind of sexual interest.

It's who I am.
By leopoldij at 12,Sep,17 20:33 other posts of leopoldij 
I didn't say you're not a nice person. I'm sure you are. I'm just sorry you haven't had the opportunity to develop your sexuality.
By veryshyguy at 12,Sep,17 20:55 other posts of veryshyguy 
I'm not sure if it was the lack of opportunity or just the way my sexuality was to develop. Certainly I had a difficult time, in my teens (miserable high school experience), first year in college (I was too young for most of the women, I was only 17 and couldn't consume or buy alcohol and they wanted more mature men), the army then my first miserable marriage.

I do have to admit, I've always though that I might be asexual. I still have the thoughts and desires for women but I have difficulty acting on them.

I suffer from panic attacks when I am nervous or anxious, which happens every time I am in a sexual experience. That is just the way I am.

I have never felt comfortable when I am engage in any kind of sexual situation. I have deep seated feelings of inadequacy and have always felt inferior to other men.

It is just the way I am. Sex is not a part of my life anymore and never will be again. Besides I am getting to old to worry much about it anymore.

LIfe goes on.
By leopoldij at 13,Sep,17 13:49 other posts of leopoldij 
I see, and I certainly understand, even from personal experiences. Thanks for being open.
By veryshyguy at 13,Sep,17 15:02 other posts of veryshyguy 
Thanks for understanding! And YW!!!

By CharlieB at 12,Sep,17 01:22 other posts of CharlieB 
The most in one week? Well who could keep track? If I had to guess, my top is probably close to... 0?

I like girls, but I do poorly with them. I have more romantic experience with girls but more sexual experience with guys.

Every year since I turned 18 I've made my new years resolution to finally get with a girl, but it hasn't happened yet.

By Greek18cm at 14,May,17 12:27 other posts of Greek18cm 
I am not good at this. I am good at fucking but not good at the stes that lead to sex.

So generally i dont have this oportunities.

But due to some issiues, this week i fuck 3 girls. 2 in monday and 1 friday. But it was paid sex so i dont know if that counts for you...

I guess your thread is about how to score more... but as we say here in greece about football, the more you pay the more you score if you getting me...
By RealTitsLover at 14,May,17 12:55 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I think it's pretty obvious that the question's not about sex you paid for.

By #332336 at 14,May,17 08:32
I nailed 5 in a 24 hour period once in 2009, at the age of 62, including my wife. That same week total count was 14. Not all different women, some repeaters. I was on a roll and very horny.
By RealTitsLover at 14,May,17 12:54 other posts of RealTitsLover 
So what's the answer, how many women in a week?

Maybe it would've been less confusing if the TC's number didn't include half a person...

By #514308 at 12,Apr,17 11:40
Two in one day....

Fucked one in the morning, then the other in the evening.

Only happened once

By #521574 at 12,Apr,17 01:13
Two women at the dame time. Only happened once.

By leopoldij at 10,Apr,17 20:21 other posts of leopoldij 
Four. Alas, not at the same time.
By RealTitsLover at 10,Apr,17 20:39 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Oh, so not a fivesome, then?
By leopoldij at 11,Apr,17 03:51 other posts of leopoldij 
Did I say so? Your statement does not follow from mine.
By RealTitsLover at 11,Apr,17 16:48 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Foursome = you and three people, fivesome = you and four, and asking if it wasn't one was just a rhetorical question.
By leopoldij at 11,Apr,17 21:01 other posts of leopoldij 
Ok. You got a point.

By bella! at 09,Apr,17 13:04 other posts of bella! 
None. 👍
By RealTitsLover at 09,Apr,17 22:27 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Ever been curious about it?
By bella! at 10,Apr,17 08:49 other posts of bella! 
In all honesty, no.

Males and females are definitely wired differently. As a kĄd I thought it was funny as heck when I would see a male dog humping a leg or a stuffed anim@l. It always seemed that it was the little chihuahua or poodle that you would have to worry about. I realize that many men's sexual "needs" are really no different. Glory holes, fleshlights, "straight" guys with random hook-ups with men or women.

I imagine there are women that are sexually needy but I'm guessing that the numbers don't begin to compare with those of men.
By RealTitsLover at 10,Apr,17 13:43 other posts of RealTitsLover 
So you think people who are bi-curious at some point are usually sexually needy? I can definitely see that being pretty true for a lotta guys - though I'm sure the percentage of straight guys that are "straight" on here is way higher than elsewhere.

On the other hand, girls who are bi-curious are more often just that, curious. They're rarely just trying to hook-up with anyone. At this point, I've know as many bisexual girls in real life as straight, counting friends, girlfriends, and their girlfriends. Overall, I'd say the same percentage of both is slutty.

Some start out just wanting to make out with another girl and maybe play with or suck on her boobs, and actual sex might not appeal to them, yet. Some told me they never actually considered being with a girl at all, until they drank too much one night with a friend or roommate and experimented. Bi by morning.
By bella! at 10,Apr,17 20:49 other posts of bella! 
Sexually "needy" was my attempt at being delicate. There are a number of men who seem to be part horn dog, meaning that they would fu@k ANYTHING that they could slide their cock on or in and out of. But I don't think women have the same wiring. Many men get an instant hard on when they see an appealing cock or pussy but I am doubtful that many women have anything similar happen to them. I've seen some beautiful cocks, do you hear me, BEAUTIFUL cocks on SYD but I'm not pinching my nipples and rubbing my clit.

You make reference to a term that makes me smile and it is bi-curious. Question, how many times can a man be sucked off by another man before he considers himself bisexual?
By RealTitsLover at 10,Apr,17 23:43 other posts of RealTitsLover 
PLEASE NOTE: Technically, this only my opinion, and though no one's ever disagreed with me, I haven't mentioned it on this site before...

The answer is once. Then they're either straight if they didn't like it, or bi(sexual).

If you wanna know about me, I've never been curious. It's blatantly obvious what things turn me on or off.

On this site, I've only gotten hard from five or six girls, who I found physically attractive (tits and lips, and the shape of the body, too many overly-raunchy pics before talking sometimes turns me off) and fun to talk to, which is mostly about personality and sexuality.

By the way, did you change the wording there? Seems like you had asked if we could SEE you doing that, haha... and yeah, I heard you say 'beautiful' before repeating it. My hearing is fine, and that's the word I love hearing most about a much better pic of mine (I don't want everyone seeing that much detail), that half of those girls used. Not sure how you'd feel, but PM me if you wanna give me your opinion. My face was called "so handsome, dark and mysterious" by someone whose blogs you've posted in and said should PM you...

By leopoldij at 11,Apr,17 04:02 other posts of leopoldij 
Exactly. Any time I see a woman I'd like to fuck I get hard and want to fuck her. I get very excited by the look of beautiful wet pussies and asses and tits. And I'm not only willing to fuck but also do as much as I can to please that woman. I don't care being sucked a man. Not at all. But I love to be sucked by a woman who likes to suck and would let me eat her pussy because she likes it too. If I detect that the woman is not willing, I won't continue, it's a turn off. Are there other men like me? Sure, that's what this site is about. Are all men like me? I doubt it. Here's a woman who likes to suck my balls. And I know she likes it otherwise I would have lost interest too. /794r97zxklgdpic.html
By RealTitsLover at 11,Apr,17 14:28 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Seriously? A picture of any woman you'd like to fuck gets you hard, but you lose interest if you "detect" that the woman sucking your balls in real life might not actually like it?

Yeah, that makes sense. (sarcasm)

By spermkiss at 11,Apr,17 11:07 other posts of spermkiss 
Women? One.

Men? Dozens. Well, not exactly "slept with", I presume by that term you meant "had sex with".

By leopoldij at 11,Apr,17 04:10 other posts of leopoldij 
Two women last week

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

One likes to suck. The other doesn't but likes to fuck. One with totally shaved pussy, the other hairy. One with small tits, the other with big ones. One slim, the other on the heavy size. I'm lucky to have the possibility to fuck them both.

By Arexa at 10,Apr,17 19:13 other posts of Arexa 
In a week? 3.
By RealTitsLover at 10,Apr,17 19:40 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Awesome! Love your pics, by the way.

By kebmo at 09,Apr,17 13:29 other posts of kebmo 
By RealTitsLover at 09,Apr,17 22:17 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Very nice!

By Kwilla at 07,Apr,17 17:56 other posts of Kwilla 
Nine women. Same three three times in a week. Woke up with one-had sex before I left, at lunch a married woman (showered before at the gym) then a casino worker before she went on the swing shift. Then my steady whom I woke up with. They worked steady jobs set schedules. Easy to work all three in. Those were my days off. The other days I worked construction and had long days. Those were the best times

By RealTitsLover at 07,Apr,17 12:11 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Fuch that douchebag and his six-pack... muscles are lame, I figured that out when I was working out and turned myself off in the mirror. Girls that are into skinny guys have much better personalities, from what I've seen. (Just assuming you're not fat, I know nothing about that.)

I had a roommate like that 12 years ago, and he wouldn't talk to me after starting a fight and getting his ass kicked. Anyway, we're talking about a whole week here? I might have an unfair advantage, being an insomniac... but once, when I worked three jobs, I slept with six (hot, of course, always) girls in a week... three in a day.

Wait, yeah... no sleeping was involved.
--------------------------------------- added after 24 minutes

oops, thought I said "fuck"

By #335537 at 22,Aug,13 21:15
the most ive done was 4 but it was a trip to dominican , haha ill show you why ,

By 61-69 at 22,Aug,13 20:17 other posts of 61-69 
The term "slept" with always amuses me.
By sinanff47 at 22,Aug,13 20:44 other posts of sinanff47 
Perhaps you Brits forget where the Puritans went when you kicked them out?
By 61-69 at 22,Aug,13 20:47 other posts of 61-69 
I heard a girl on a chat show talking about "sleeping" with a guy on the bonnet of a car. Fuck, she must have been tired!

By botanic at 01,Aug,13 07:30 other posts of botanic 
3 in one day on two occasions and my record for as week is also 3 .

By #263008 at 24,May,12 00:09
6 at one time 3 at a time twice and 4 at one time and two solo. All diff women. No repeats.

Call me a lier or what ever I don't care.

I'm 26 and been with 247 women so far in my life.
By #124665 at 11,Feb,13 07:16
Yes I'm 30 and I'm at 345 women. AIDS

By bah2414 at 11,Feb,13 02:25 other posts of bah2414 
I got with 4. I took with my best friends little virginity one night. Then the next night fucked her best friend. Friday Saturday. Then on Monday I fucked a good girl friend of mine in my car after a basketball game. Then the next Thursday I popped a girls cherry at her house with her parents downstairs. She was really horny and swallowed my load then let me finger her ass. We fucked a second time later that night if we wanna countthat then 5 times

By _avg_ at 26,May,12 12:16 other posts of _avg_ 
I'm proud to say that the number of women with whom I've shared the pleasure of sex in my lifetime, or any stretch thereof, has no bearing on my personal sense of self-worth or satisfaction.
By dreamer at 26,May,12 13:30 other posts of dreamer 
Hear Hear!

By #42017 at 05,Mar,11 13:44
By *kmadeau* at 23,May,12 23:50 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Bravo, bravisimo my Friend

By #254338 at 22,May,12 12:15
That's not really cockblocked... The best cockblock is when a guy is hitting on a chick and you either swoop in and take her... Or drop the embarrassing headline like- dude... "You shouldn't be hitting on that chick with your wife back at home watching the kids"... Or "buddy... Did you get that rash looked at?"

And it was 4 in one week back in university...

By #163959 at 22,May,11 11:56
My record was the Groove cruise in Jan, & I managed 7 girls in 3 days... Multiple parties happening at once & hundreds of horny chicks wanting to get laid. I took full advantage...
By WristThick at 22,May,11 16:00 other posts of WristThick 
WTF is the Groove cruise??? And when can I go on it?

By WristThick at 21,May,11 15:33 other posts of WristThick 
4 in one day (I was stupidly promiscuous on holiday) and 6 that week. You should've seen how much I came that week

By #113591 at 29,Jan,11 12:34
I actually had 3 in about 2 hours once, that's the best I've had, hooked up with 2 of them for the next couple weeks after that.

By boc at 29,Jan,11 10:29 other posts of boc 
I am pretty good looking, have an athletic body, and I am well endowed. But I have never been very promiscuous or good at managing multiple partners. Back when I was 35, I slept with 3 women in one week. That was a record for me. The catch is that 2 of them were exes and one was my current gf.

By BushPilot at 28,Jan,11 18:08 other posts of BushPilot 
In my youth, probably five or six at one point. I was divorced, young, and AIDS was unheard of.

By hytiger at 28,Jan,11 04:31 other posts of hytiger 

By #11535 at 27,Jan,11 08:31
what exactly is being 'cock blocked' ?
By oldbugle at 27,Jan,11 09:38 other posts of oldbugle 
He explained it,'s when your mate buggers up your chat-up with a woman resulting in a failed sexual contact.

By oldbugle at 27,Jan,11 05:48 other posts of oldbugle 
I did two in one day once

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