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Have you ever experienced pregnant pussy??

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Started by supablack at 31,Dec,09 12:48  other posts of supablack
My wife and I just found out she was pregnant, and we had sex the other night, and her pussy was so tight I felt like she was a virgin again, it felt so good my whole cock didnt even fit in her pussy, I have heard from friends that pregnant pussy is the best, and I found out for myself and really enjoyed it, any guys or girls agree to the same thing, having a hard cock go into your tight pussy, lets share!!

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By #596334 at 11,Sep,19 21:35
Yes and milk dripping breasts as she rode my cock. Then she leaned down to me so I could suck drink her milk. Sexiest thing ever.
By sweetgirl1 at 26,Sep,19 21:44 other posts of sweetgirl1 
Major fantasy of mine

By Oddmanout at 26,Sep,19 14:08 other posts of Oddmanout 
Yep! Itís the best!
By X_Y_Z at 26,Sep,19 14:46 other posts of X_Y_Z 
sure do agree on that

By Bigdaddy402 at 26,Sep,19 10:58 other posts of Bigdaddy402 
Yes and I loved it my wife and I had sex both times she was pregnant. I also fucked a friend of my wife's when she was pregnant

By cutroundhead at 17,Sep,19 02:43 other posts of cutroundhead 
I fucked my pregnant wife only a day or two before both of our children were born...very satisfying for both of us and probably relaxed her more for the births.

By Dev01 at 17,Sep,19 00:00 other posts of Dev01 
Yep 4 times but twins on one occasion there so i guess only 3 times

By phart at 16,Sep,19 22:30 other posts of phart 
I am sitting here thinking about a story a youngan could tell a theropist under hypnosis,"Ok, so here I am in this womb right? minding my own bussiness ,sucking my thumb and kicking once in a while.Then all the sudden the body around me started bobbing up and down,breathing heavy,and there is this thing that looks like a pencil eraser coming in the womb AFTER ME!,I have to wiggle over to 1 side then all the sudden that thing shot all kinds of gooey stuff all over me and in the womb with me,it was terriable doc,I am telling you.When the man at the icecream stand put my cup under that machine and that creamy stuff came out it brought all these terriable memorys back. Doc,what was that thing that kept coming in the womb after me?

By #595788 at 16,Sep,19 18:00
Shagged her for the first few weeks she was preggers, then had to settle for HJís, then wanking .... then shagging again when we managed enough sleep to get the energy to shag. Then finally back to normal!

By X_Y_Z at 16,Sep,19 17:04 other posts of X_Y_Z 
sex with my wife being pregnant was enormous
we enjoyed it both a lot

By jumbu at 15,Sep,19 23:14 other posts of jumbu 
my wife and i had sex both times when she was pregnant,we both loved it

By bigdick33 at 11,Sep,19 22:26 other posts of bigdick33 
Yes love it

By just37 at 02,Jun,13 18:07 other posts of just37 
that's more then 10 Years ago now, but yes...

after the birth of my daughter, sex wasn't was it used to be

By 67malibu at 02,Jun,13 12:34 other posts of 67malibu 
Yeah, and there is something really incredible about it

By steve3095 at 12,Apr,13 08:17 other posts of steve3095 
I'm the father of three. Sex during pregnancy is clearly fantastic for a lady. It got to a point where I was scared to come home from work. It 's a form of sexual a use of men!!!

By #48407 at 10,Sep,10 16:23
I had sex with a pregnant girl. She was single and hadn't had sex for a while & was horny all the time & she wanted some casual sex. We ended up fucking for a few weeks. The sex was amazing and she was super tight. She always had really intense orgasms.
By supablack at 02,Dec,10 13:21 other posts of supablack 
Thats the best the pussy is super tight and feels so good its great

By #102954 at 12,Sep,10 16:19
My ex wife and i fucked up until a week before she gave birth, we fucked in all positions and i continued to eat her out, after she gave birth she bottle-fed and she got mastitis, to help relieve this for her i used to suck her nipples and drink her breast milk.
By supablack at 02,Dec,10 13:20 other posts of supablack 
Thats hott, I tasted a bit of my wifes b reast milk

By #82616 at 11,Aug,10 01:07
My wife is still full of milk and that is very sexy to me especially when Im fuckin her and i get to make her tits squirt congrats btw

By cravecock at 09,Aug,10 19:48 other posts of cravecock 
My wife would get supper horny when she was pregnant, she could be doing laundry and come find me and say eat my pussy now! She would cum so hard. Than she say stick it in and fuck me hard!! As she got bigger we had to be inventive about how we could fuck, bent over the bathroom sink became the best way toward the end...

By #54859 at 08,Apr,10 23:59
Does making her pregnant count?
You guys are right. When her tits swell and her hips (butt) fills out, it's FUN!!!
By supablack at 09,Aug,10 19:08 other posts of supablack 
it could

By #20664 at 03,Apr,10 09:05
Good stuff I enjoy all pussy and that's that right. It does change, and there is no going back. Nipples get real sensitive like topspy said, and the vagina may get tight, but if she goes natural birth that will change. The one change I noticed the most was odor, the pussy smells different during pregnancy, it is not a bad thing actually it may have less odor. Kick back and enjoy supa because like I said that's that.
By supablack at 06,Apr,10 11:33 other posts of supablack 
My wife has had two children already and even before her pussy felt great around my cock and she did both natural birth, its just enjoying the different feel and tightness of her pussy while she is preg, is fun and feels great, but her pussy is amazing either way!!!

By supablack at 06,Apr,10 11:32 other posts of supablack 
Man last night my wife and I had sex and she is 18 weeks preg, and she got on top of me to ride me, and I couldn't get all of my cock in her pussy at first cause it went back to being so tight, and she had to work to get all of my cock inside her, I came so hard in her pussy, it was so tight and felt amazing!!! It felt great to cum in her pregnant pussy!!

By #47031 at 22,Jan,10 15:20
Back a few years ago I met this sexy little redhead and she was 4 months pregnant and single and very horny I fuck this woman right up till 3 days before she was due and I loved that pussy tight and somehow felt differently then any other pussy I had before or since. And never had to worry about her getting pregnant since she already was.
By #8288 at 23,Jan,10 06:18
By supablack at 23,Jan,10 11:17 other posts of supablack 
Thats hott, and yeah no worries about getting her pregnant, thats the best feeling,

By #48076 at 11,Jan,10 09:03
I'm a virgin, so of course I have never had sex with a pregnant woman, but it is one of my fantasies!
By supablack at 11,Jan,10 12:13 other posts of supablack 
Its really hott and feels really good
By #48076 at 13,Jan,10 14:22
I look forward to trying it some day!
By supablack at 22,Jan,10 10:38 other posts of supablack 
Its feels real good trust me

By #348 at 04,Jan,10 11:42
fucked my wife when she was pregnant It feels tighter and stickier that I cum so much.
By supablack at 04,Jan,10 14:38 other posts of supablack 
When my wife and i have sex it feels so good and tighter, its amazing
By #348 at 05,Jan,10 07:56
i know. Seems that the muscles got extra grip on the penis. Amazing isn't it?
By supablack at 05,Jan,10 11:54 other posts of supablack 
It does seem like it just changed just to hold it tight, i cant even get my whole cock in her anymore and I hurt her now, we will try new lube next time
By #8288 at 06,Jan,10 04:53
You might have to change/adapt to some different positions as your wife's pregnancy progresses...and also use pillows/etc to help support her body at various places to make her more comfortable. For some women, certain areas will become TOO sensitive and may even "hurt"...nipples, etc. If she is experiencing a lot of pain/discomfort, you might want to consult her OB/GYN just to make sure everything is OK and that you can continue having sex. Occasionally, for medical reasons, it might be necessary to temporarily abstain from intercourse , but I'm sure you know many other ways to still have fun . Enjoy! It is a wonderful time & experience.

Take LOTS of pics regularly during her pregnancy too....clothed/unclothed/having sex, etc. It is amazing the changes that occur over time....some of which you don't really notice until you compare past pics. It's also a great way to show your child later "where" he/she came from....well, the G/PG-rated child-appropriate pics at least.
By supablack at 06,Jan,10 12:31 other posts of supablack 
Thanks topspy, yeah we are going to the doctor on thursday to find out how everything is and to continue to have sex and everything i am looking foward to our appt tomorrow, yeah we are planning on taking plenty of pics through out her pregnacy so we can see how much she changes and everything thats the fun part and i got a new camera for christmas so that will really help alot, and of course if we cant have sex yeah there are lots of ways to continue fun which we will do, thanks for the advice appreciate it
By #22918 at 11,Jan,10 06:06
I found that as the pregnancy progressed, intercourse became more difficult. The solution was to ride her from behind and come between her buttocks. As you can imagine, this led to our first anl experience, it was great!
By supablack at 11,Jan,10 12:14 other posts of supablack 
that is great, great plan

By #8288 at 04,Jan,10 03:42
I don't think it "felt" any different, except as others have said about the additional emotional and physical bond. That was a turn-on by itself, and of course the larger tits and nipples....
I think pregnant women are VERY sexy...
By supablack at 04,Jan,10 10:39 other posts of supablack 
Thank you topsy...pregnant women are very sexy it is so hott having sex with my wife knowing she is pregnant, she told me the other day that my penis hurts her now and we will have to get some lube, my cock doesnt even fit all the way in her pussy anymore , but it feels so good, love her tits are starting toget bigger and nipples, such a turn on

By #1995 at 01,Jan,10 02:57
Yes, we have had 3 kids so very much enjoyed pregnant pussy. Loved the bigger tits too and even more when they were full of milk
By supablack at 01,Jan,10 12:50 other posts of supablack 
yeah her tits are starting to grow already

By supablack at 01,Jan,10 12:50 other posts of supablack 
yeah her tits are starting to grow already

By slipper at 31,Dec,09 18:48 other posts of slipper 
Yes. Wasn't particularly different, in my experience.

Congrats, though!
By supablack at 01,Jan,10 12:49 other posts of supablack 
Thank you

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