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Started by #459161 at 17,Jun,14 18:09
what is it with people wanting you to donate points all you have to do is comment on others pics you get points

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By MoeJoe at 06,Jan,18 13:28 other posts of MoeJoe 
I guess I'm a little confused by all of this shit. This is a pic posting site and I post pics. It costs me a lot of points per pic because of the volume of pics that I have.....okay fine, but why are some people amassing huge numbers of person I chanced across today has 185,000 points.....185,000 fucking points...with a small number of pics...what the fuck is that all about...what is the fucking point ? If you are not going to post pics, then why bother amassing huge numbers of points. If I post 10 pics my supply is totally depleted...but I guess I have to keep the fucking freeloaders happy with pics to look at, while they sit there beating there meat and not posting pics. Sometimes I think this is the most fucked up site......
By bella! at 06,Jan,18 13:47 other posts of bella! 
Is it just possible that the member with only a few pictures and 186,000 points bought those points?
By MoeJoe at 07,Jan,18 03:36 other posts of MoeJoe 
The person I was referring to is currently at the top of the the Excitement page as we speak...this person has 187 pics and 185,559 points. I've been a member of this site almost since it formed several years ago, when it wasn't "point" based. so I am fully aware of the initial intent of it all, but what is the intent of "buying" points and amassing such totals if you aren't posting pics....afterall it's supposed to be a PIC POSTING SITE ! Oh well I vent...I'm thinking of moving it all to flickr anyway.
By bella! at 07,Jan,18 05:12 other posts of bella! 
The member you are referring to is not only a SYC member, she is involved in the "domination game" as well as the queen of the site.

Just my opinion, SYC members will always get more attention then SYD members because we are fewer in number than SYD members. More attention means more comments, more votes and more gifts, it is the nature of the be@st.
By MoeJoe at 07,Jan,18 07:46 other posts of MoeJoe 
So I guess this is a "gamer" site as well as a pic posting site....I suppose it gives all the non-pic posters something to do in lieu of posting their own pics. as for my take on SYC, I am sure there are many legitimate women behind the postings, but I still believe that the majority of those SYC profiles are men posting pics of maybe their wives and girl friends with or without their permission, or just snatching pics from other internet sites and re-posting, whereas the vast majority of the SYD profiles are people posting their own pics. I have said this before and pissed people off, but so be it.
By bella! at 07,Jan,18 09:16 other posts of bella! 
My responses were not posted with the intention of making you angry or more angry, it was only my intention to offer you my thoughts.

I know it is possible to buy points because I do from time to time. As for the "domination game", I put it in parenthesis because it don't look at it as a game, it is just another avenue offered by admin to acquire points. If you understand the "domination game", the dominant has the opportunity to acquire additional points daily based on the actions and acrivities of their submissives. THE first top 20 SYD & SYC dominants will receive a daily 'award" that can be destroyed for points. I was just attempting to illustrate that there are multiple ways to acquire AND AMASS points.

This is my last thought and observation, the member that you refer to, she joined 10 months after you and in my opinion, 187 picturers is a very respectable number of nudes to post in an 8 year period.

By MoeJoe at 07,Jan,18 10:55 other posts of MoeJoe 
For a pic posting site, 187 pics in 8 years is not a respectable amount...not trying to piss you off, nor am I angry with you.

By #482237 at 07,Jan,18 18:10
it's true,,i loose a lot of point because i like to post lots of pics, although many are repeat because i like to play with the guys using pics,,,i usually recoup them during the night to 250 as i'm not a paying member. I think women have a big advantage as there's lots of men that will be looking for female pics
--------------------------------------- added after 11 minutes

but what really takes them is voting on all the pics sent to me,,,I usually vote "HOT" and make a comment.

By #545929 at 06,Jan,18 13:47
You only lose points if you post pics to the wrong category or if you post too many pics within a short time frame. The main page is for clear images of cock pics only.
By bella! at 06,Jan,18 14:00 other posts of bella! 
MoeJoe is speaking about something entirely different. Have you ever visited his page? He has 2,278 pictures posted.

Basically speaking, admin provides every member with "x" amount of space. If I'm not mistaken, all members can post up to 300 pictures for free. When you hit the 300 picture mark, you have the choice of editing your gallery OR "pay" for the additional space if you want to add more, by way of point payment.
By #545929 at 06,Jan,18 14:04
Ok. Didn't realize he was utilizing so much space

By Ray10754 at 17,Jun,14 18:34 other posts of Ray10754 
From what I undestand about the point system,You can only get points to a certain point after that you have to use your points in order to get more for your actions,hence the reason people donate points to others. I could be completly wrong but that is how I understand it.
By bella! at 17,Jun,14 19:13 other posts of bella! 
Yes, as a 'regular' member, I believe that your max points are 250 to 300. As a 'premium paid' member, your max points are 400 and for a 'diamond' member, your max points are 600.

Of course the point total can rise if you have members vote on your pictures or if you acquire points from admin for reporting violations.

It's fun to interact in the forum, gift people, comment and vote AND providing that your points fall below the max for the category that you are in, admin will reward you for your actions. It's a WIN, WIN!

By bella! at 17,Jun,14 18:20 other posts of bella! 
BINGO! I know, right?!

On the other hand, that is quite a generous gesture if a member gifts you points. The term donation makes it sound like 'you're' a charity case or something, gifting is a much kinder term.

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