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can't get hard on webcam :S

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Started by #32371 at 06,Jan,10 00:05
hi guys,
i have quite a problem here...i love to show my dick on webcam but since the last couple of months i've been having problems "down there"...i mean when i'm alone watching porn i get as hard as a rock but as soon as i turn my webcam on...i litterally can't get it hard no matter how hard or fast i stroke it stays soft and the girls get annoyed and leave...i've been also having problem keeping my erections...when i get hard as soon as i stop stroking or touching my dick it starts to get can i get it hard and stay that way ? and why can't i get hard on webcam ??

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By up-for-it at 31,Jul,18 09:18 other posts of up-for-it 
Sometimes i am as hard as a rock , but as soon as i take a camera he goes soft,he just doesn't like camera's ! Even when i tell him he couldmake a lot of money

By MoeJoe at 06,Jan,10 05:38 other posts of MoeJoe 
By ktalmipn at 01,Nov,13 13:00 other posts of ktalmipn 

By CreativeOne at 01,Nov,13 20:03 other posts of CreativeOne 
Great Answer "MoeJoe" !!!

By #20814 at 07,Jan,10 11:46
As some of the others mentioned it's probably mental. When you are alone and stroking it's a private and pleasant experience. When you go online it becomes public and you may feel pressured to perform which creates anxiety. Like going to work perhaps. It's as if you are trying too hard and also distracted by the cam- not letting things flow naturally. Also, with sex of any sort it's always best to be tuned to your partner. The best sex is with partners that you are in sync with. Perhaps some of your online partners aren't your best matches sexually. As far as your dick being camera shy, it's like that for me sometimes when taking dick pics. You have to really be into it mentally and sometimes computers, cams and videomaking can seem more like like a project than a fun natural experience. You can always research this phenomenon. Keywords/phrases to search are performance anxiety and psychological aspects of sex. If you can get an erection then the problem isn't necessarily physical- your plumbing is working. It's all about the software (mind) that controls your plumbing... Sex is a complex aspect of human nature. It's not always about dick and pussy. It's mental,physical and spiritual. All three have to be in alignment to get the best results. But fret not! Take your time and use this as learning experience. Perhaps you are deeper than frivolous online sexual encounters...I don't have all the answers but I just thought that I would share some of things that came to mind based on my own experiences. On a final note real sex with a good partner is always preferable to me. The online stuff is just that-online
By #278535 at 01,Nov,13 08:01
I have same problem. Thanks for your post.

By oldbugle at 07,Jan,10 06:57 other posts of oldbugle 
That's the big problem with the penis;'s controlled by the sub-concious mind NOT the concious one. If you have troubble getting hard in a given circumstance, but not in others, then that means that your sub-concious believes it's wrong for you.

The sub-concious is non-analytical and takes littoral suggestions from our concious mind and emotions etc. You can re-program your sub-concious by careful visualization of POSITIVE events,....never, tell yourself that you "won't be soft" etc,.... ALWAYS use a positive visualization of a very firm 'extra good' erection. Graphic visualization while as relaxed as possible (autogenic training) is used by top athletes and performers, but also by quite ordinary people who need behavioural change in their lives.

As a quite separate thing, you can do regular 'kegel' type muscle excercises too as they will definately make the most of any erection that you have which can help greatly with confidence.

....As Robin Williams noted;.."God gave us a penis and a brain but only enough blood supply to run one at a time"....

By #22198 at 06,Jan,10 02:05
I have the opposite problem. I get hard just knowing someone is looking at my dick. Makes for some really awkward physicals.

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